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Session 9 - Sidereal Shell Games

<ADamiani> Anyhow, Jiang had just taunted Mikiboshi (The Sea Lord) and his retinue with threats/offers of assistence/drive-by ninja'ing.
<ADamiani> Silent had just realized that all of the reptodogs on the island were the SAME reptodog.
<ADamiani> The sky had just rippled purple and orange.
<Silent_Sunset> twice!
<ADamiani> And Moment... were you in the temple?
<Moment> I'd left and was hunting reptodogs.
<ADamiani> OK.
<ADamiani> So where shall we pick up this week? Right where we left off, or when the team gets back together?
<Silent_Sunset> Well, Silent is making confused notes about all the fate stuff, waiting for the meeting time to come around (punctuality is valued highly!)
<ADamiani> Jiang, you just dropped by announced that you represented mysterious parties that chose not to be named that might be interested in cooperation
<ADamiani> Jiang, if you want to meet with the Sea Lord, you're welcome to do so.
<ADamiani> I'd like to start the game with the party together in the caves outside town, with the 1A ruins and the permanent gate to Coral.
<ADamiani> Yes, that was him. Yelling.
<Jiang> (Right. We could assume we come to an agreement, and then move on?)
<ADamiani> Um. I was just assuming you hadn't come to an agreement and moved on.... But OK, what agreement would you like?
<Jiang> Mostly, if he could arrange to get her someone quasi-private, without her immaculates, then we'll deal with her and the fleet.
<ADamiani> And how do you propose they do that?
<Jiang> I dunno. Trick with a supposed 'secret meeting' or distract her with sexy boy toys or something? He's the Sea Lord. If he can't bamboozle one Admiral, then he is a sad, sad man.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Kinda like dogs and sticks.
<Silent_Sunset> If he could have gotten her alone somewhere, she'd be dead already, right?
<Jiang> That wouldn't have taken care of the Fleet
<ADamiani> She is married, and happily so, but her husband is back on the Blessed Isle.

Platinum_Sky_Lover holds up her finger. "Someone in this little ragtag band knows Disguise of the New Face, right?"
<Silent_Sunset> well, use IC here, formulate a cunning plan in the other channel
Silent_Sunset has assumed his natural 'nothing to see here, move right along' persona and looks worried and annoyed at the same time
Platinum_Sky_Lover is on a sea rock, as you make plans, looking like a super model, clothed by nothing but sea spray.
<Silent_Sunset> "The sheer amount of tangled threads is breathtaking."
Platinum_Sky_Lover also has this incredible golden brown tan that looks great with her silver-blond hair!
Silent_Sunset sighs at the fate breach, that has deposited a rock along with its mini-ocean beside the cave entrance
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Well, being that we are Chosen of the Maidens who are far too clever for our own good, I recommend that we create the Admiral's burning desire - the perfect man she abandoned for duty to her house and to her place in the celestial heirarchy."
<ADamiani> Thunder warbles and screetches like an angry bird overhead!
Platinum_Sky_Lover looks up. She looks far too fabulous and sun kissed right now to be shat upon by a sea gull.
Silent_Sunset kung-fu's the solid rays of light assaulting him from above
<Moment> Moment leans back against the cave entrance, chuckling.
<Silent_Sunset> "Hah. Funny, but only for a time. We should put an end to that as soon as possible."
Silent_Sunset puts the papers with the patch-weaving diagrams back into his robes and puts on a mock formal face. "Soldiers, report!" His eyes twinkle.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Anyway. One of us with the Disguse of the New Face Charm can assume the appropriate form, and the proper paperwork can create a resplendant destiny that matches the lover that the Admiral left behind so many decades ago, who she never really stopped aching for. That, plus a dash of Shun The Smiling Lady from me, to make her forget the husband at home, means an easily distracted Admiral whom we can get alone.
<Moment> Moment swallowed hard when she realized the charm they were discussing, but shruged quietly. If we're killing him anyway, it's not that big a deal.
<Moment> "It seems tacticly sound," the nut brown swordgirl spoke up. "I can't think of any ohter way to get our target insecure."
Silent_Sunset nods slowly. "So devious are the lures of Serenity ... it might work, indeed."
<Silent_Sunset> "... though it requires very careful balancing of factors."
Platinum_Sky_Lover smiles, sighs, and lounges naked on the rock like some kind of siren. "We'll just need to get close enough to him to administer my Charm if we want that extra oomph. As much as I may hate to admit it, I may have to shave my head and pretend to be an Monk. Gods, what I sacrifice for destiny!"
Platinum_Sky_Lover looks at her nails. "Is this woman *always* surrounded by Immaculate bodyguards? Does she have normal elite Dragon Blooded as guards?"
<Moment> "Or can mortal Legionaries get close?" Moment adds, not sure wether or not that would help any either way.
<Silent_Sunset> "From what I heard from the islanders she keeps them with her at all times ... at least when she's here, where assassination attempts have been almost regular."
<Silent_Sunset> "A perfect circle, I gather ... using artifacts of their respective elemental resonances en masse."
<Moment> "All right," Moment speaks up.
<Moment> "We're making this far to complicated. The ship is in dock.
<Moment> "Those with strong stealth abilities board the ship and hide in the Admiral's quarters, closet, or jakes.
<Moment> "I blend in among the crew, and any other stand by on the docks as an extraction team in case things go to hell. How's that sound?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Do we even need to kill the Admiral? Why not simply blow up the ship?"
Silent_Sunset thinks for a moment. "The End comes unseen and everyone faces it alone. It certainly seems to involve less unknown factors."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "I mean, it's a 1st Age vessel. I'm sure it must be run by all sorts of sensitive crystal machinery that can easily be tampered with. It'll probably take the whole damned town with it when it explodes."
<Silent_Sunset> "It is a First Age ship, it might now be easy ... and we need the fleet ready to leave port and the admiral to order that."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Well, I offered my plan. I leave it to the Circle to decide what to do."
<Moment> "In battle, the simplest plans are often the best, because they are the most flexible when things go wrong."
<Silent_Sunset> "The qestion is, which one is more likely to reach her alone and away from witnesses. Her ship is a dangerous place to play it, but not being chosen by Venus I am no expert on the lures that would bring her into our hands ..."
<Silent_Sunset> "Brothers Jiang, Crystal ... what do you say?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Being a Chosen of Venus, neither am I. Physical combat is a much simpler thing. But I am prepared to serve if need be."
Silent_Sunset grins ... "Ahh, it is as the wise say, then: Being learned only means you know how much you don't know?"
<Jiang> "I've spoken to the Sea Lord."
<Silent_Sunset> "And?"
Jiang sits on his rock, legs crossed "He has agreed to help us seperate her from her minions. Three days hence, there will be a masked ball. With his assistance, we could substitute one of our own for her, during the ball."
<Moment> Moment brushed her brown hair away from her eyes curiously and looked.
Silent_Sunset grimaces ... "Three days!"
Jiang shrugs "Would you prefer more time?"
<Silent_Sunset> "The opposite actually ... you have seen the effects on the city - how much worse will it get after double the time?"
Jiang considers "It shouldn't leave any permanent damage, though it could be quite unsettling."
<Jiang> "It could be rescheduled for tomarrow, if neccessary."
<Silent_Sunset> "The situation looks like it is necessary to me at least ..."
Silent_Sunset ducks under a flight of yellow plants chirping like birds
Jiang nods "Then I will send a message. We will need to prepare swiftly, if we choose this route. I propose poisoning the garmets of the Admiral and her Monks, with a subtle narcotic. Some of you will, likely, need to provide distractions on the night of the ball."
Silent_Sunset looks after the plants "This is becoming absurd! This isn't the Wyld, you!". He shakes his fist at the aberration.
<Silent_Sunset> "This sounds like a good plan to me. It has style, too!"
<ADamiani> The plants bubble gleefully.
Hidden_Crystal nods in agreement and has a wary eye on the plants.
Jiang nods "Then is it agreed?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Narcotics ... subtle is the keyword so they don't get more suspicious."
<Jiang> "Yes. Quite subtle. More a loosening of inhibitations, then anything overt."
Silent_Sunset nods ... "Details pending, naturally, but it could be the perfect basis to work from."
Platinum_Sky_Lover eyes pop open wide. "Poisoning clothing! You have a creative mind, Brother Jiang!"
Jiang considers "It's a tactic that I have used quite successfully over the past few thousand years. You'd be surprised what you can poison."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Well, I suppose then, I shall have to perform."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "What houses will be present at the event?"
Silent_Sunset laughs. "If you are anything as distracting as right now, we need have no worries about that factor at least ..."
Jiang shrugs "The local lords and nobility. I am not a walking social broadsheet." He purses his lips "Perhaps some sort of dance, with random partners. Are any of you good at forging? The monks are busy being distracted, one of us presents a 'secret missive', getting her to come off to a dark corner, then we pounce on her."
<Silent_Sunset> "I have a suitable Destiny prepared already, a messenger of the All-Seeing Eye ..."
Jiang nods "We also have the entirety of the local population of socialites ready to run interferrance, if need be."
<Silent_Sunset> "Ahh, Jiang ... one more thing: Weeping Glass told you, that a servant of the Prince is leading a dead fleet in these parts, right? Could you do your" He waves his arms. "Funky spider trick to find out, whether they are within reach of *our* fleet?"
<Silent_Sunset> There's a sneaky grin on Silent's face at these words.
Jiang does the Funky Spider dance- errr, trick, and relays the information. (Yes, they are)

<ADamiani> The night comes.
<ADamiani> It is the 19th of AW.
<ADamiani> The gentry of the island and the DBs from the fleet are assembing in ludicrous finery.
<ADamiani> There's a real Bacchanal Masque-Of-The-Red-Death thing going on here.
<ADamiani> They're partying in terror while the world appears to be ending around them.
<ADamiani> WHere is everyone at the start of the ball?
<ADamiani> Mikiboshi and his retinue are sitting on a Dais, in the Oculus room Jiang saw last time (the table has been removed)
Silent_Sunset is drifting from group to group, chatting happily with the amassed nobles, a glass in his hand
<ADamiani> THe ball itself takes place across seven successively smaller rooms, the Occulus being the largest, draped Violet drapes.
Jiang lurks at the designated switch station.
<Silent_Sunset> The sealed scroll is located in a fashionable sash at his side and his attire suggests wealth and fashion sense, fitting in well with the locals.
<Silent_Sunset> In drifting around everywhere, Silent checks out where the still places and closed doors are, where the little rooms for private amusement
<ADamiani> The ball itself is not immune from the chaos engulfing the rest of the islands. Once or twice, strange glowing plasma wafts through the chamber, and the musicians are occasionally skipping like a CD player in an earthquake zone.
Jiang whispers to Crystal and Moment, voice emerging from nothing. "Be ready. As soon as PSL distracts the Monks, Sunset will bring the Admiral over her. Are you ready?"
Hidden_Crystal nods once, almost imperceptively.
<ADamiani> A handful of the officers from the fleet are already here, but only a handful... far fewer than you'd expected. Most of the local gentry has turned up, because Mikiboshi threattened to kill them if they didn't.
Platinum_Sky_Lover is the older and celebrated Gelinda Hast, one of the premiere Madam's of Nexus. On the arm of the Sea Lord, she whirls to the center of social attention like a dolphin swimming in the sea.
<ADamiani> Presently, Yolan enters, resplendant in her finery and flanked by her immaculate guards, who are laughing like a bunch of drunken schoolgirls.
Silent_Sunset displays appropriate mixture of shock and fashionable jadedness at the unusual events, talks about the fishing trade with a couple of nobles, imperceptibly watching Yolan
<ADamiani> Peleps Yolan herself wears a sour, severe expression for a good seventy seconds before cracking up.
<ADamiani> "I can't, I just can't keep a straight face." *giggle*
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> When she and the sea lord get to the center of the ball room, she whispers to the Sea Lord, who has the musicians cease playing for the moment. She announces, "Minna-San! We of the river province so *rarely* get to visit the resplendant blue waves of the West! Honor of The undefeatable Peleps Yolan, Tigress of the Waves, Righteous Oceanic Justice of the Scarlet Empress, I would like to offer... a simple folk danc
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "This is a dance we practice during the Calibration, so as to call the attentions of Heaven down upon us, during that perilous time. This... is the River Snake dance."
Platinum_Sky_Lover was wearing a voluminous silver kimono, that shook with bangles and beads. With a shrug, it drops off. Now, PSL's body is drapped in swaths of silvery silk, like water. As she nods, the band starts up, as she begins one of the River Provinces most erotic dances, a performance outlawed in Lhooksy, due to it's lasciviousness!
<ADamiani> Mikiboshi: "Is this... REALLY the best time to invoke *anything* associated with that accursed day?"
<ADamiani> "Oh. Well. Apparently so."
<ADamiani> Time stutters a little: Mikiboshi: "Is this... REALLY the best time to invoke *anything* associated with that accursed day?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> As the pipes and drums of the River Province ring out across the hall, PSL starts to unwind the silk she is wrapped in. She pirouettes between the Admiral and each of her body guards, tieing them up in soft silk (that can of course be easily discarded.)
<ADamiani> You certainly seem to have their rapt (and wrapped?) attention...
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Some people simply don't need charms, as she makes even disciplined Immaculates sweat. Her eyes offer a night of untold delights, as she comes close yet *does not touch* any of the Immaculates. We can't have them breaking any vows. And where does all the Silk come from?
<ADamiani> Intoxicated -- and fate touched-- as they are, they're easy marks.
<ADamiani> "Hmm... we MUST take you back with us to perform before the Imperial Court."
<ADamiani> "I quite insist."
<Silent_Sunset> As Gelinda Hast and her troupe begin the seductive gyrations and twistings of the Snake Dance, Silent Sunset quietly walks up to Peleps Yolan. A tap on the shoulder calls her attention to the man behind her, flashing for a brief moment the pendant of a master agent of the All-Seeing Eye for her and her alone to see. "Admiral, there is a ... situation. Can we talk?" He makes a slight gesture with his head towards the backrooms.
Platinum_Sky_Lover mutters, "I am merely a poor Nexus entertainer. Certainly, compared to the Courtesans of House Cynis, I am but a clumsy old woman." Her voice is husky, as she dances.
<ADamiani> "Mmh?" In a moment."
<ADamiani> Yolan makes a delaying motion to Sunset
Platinum_Sky_Lover is crawling on her knees, pulling on the silk that is wrapped around the Admiral's leg.
<ADamiani> The admiral puts a slender finger on Platinum's chin. "Perhaps you should leave that to us to determine?"
<Silent_Sunset> Tepet Lisano's voice is grave and filled with the gravitas of one speaking for the Realm security. "Please, it is absolutely vital. Imperial interests in the whole West and Coral in particular are endangered."
Platinum_Sky_Lover leans close to the Admiral. "As a faithful adherent to the Immaculate Faith, I would not wish to interfere with your duties. Later, after you've conducted your official business, perhaps we can discuss the various options of... patronage."
<ADamiani> She snaps her fingers and an attendant comes up.
<ADamiani> "See too it that Ms. Hast is given suitable accomodations aboard the Resplendant."
Platinum_Sky_Lover has the Admiral's neck wrappeed in Silk. At the snap to her fingers, it trails off, as she pirouettes away, and then drops down, bowing before the Dragon Blooded Mistress.
<ADamiani> The attendant salutes, and begins to usher Ms. Hast out.
<ADamiani> Yolan snaps her fingers, and her guards snap out of their stupor and to attention.
<ADamiani> She snaps her head curtly and gestures to the messenger to a more private direction.

Platinum_Sky_Lover finally runds out of silk.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Oh my. My pardons. Brother, sister?"
<ADamiani> The adjutant leers as he 'assists' Platinum towards the door rather emphatically
Platinum_Sky_Lover is now stark naked in front of her guards. Not that unusual for her Circle, but her sun-brown skin gleams with sweat. "Kindly monks, it seems as if I have lost hold of my performance clothing. if you would be... so kind... as to assist me in... recovering it?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "It is all over the place. If you could all follow me? I wouldn't want to... disrupt anyone's... moral rectictude." As she passes each Monk, a touch on the arm or the shoulder promises... delights. And, as she moves to start gathering up the silk, she bends, stretches, and displays.
Platinum_Sky_Lover is currently having 4 rather horny Immaculate Monks wrap her back up in that thin silk. "Oh. Not that way. Let's.. re-wind."

<ADamiani> OK, Silent, you and the retinue are ushered off into some private corner.
<ADamiani> The Red Room is the smallest, at the other end of the gala.
<ADamiani> It's on the other side of a convenient partitian of troops that Jiang has arrainged.
<ADamiani> Peleps Yolan looks at Silent.
Jiang stealths around the admiral, disguising himself in her shadow.
<ADamiani> Yolan and her guards notice nothing.
<ADamiani> She looks at Silent Curtly.
<ADamiani> "I certainly hope this is important, officer?"
Silent_Sunset looks into Peleps Yolan's eyes, makes a small sideways nod at the guards
<Silent_Sunset> The implication is clear, are these really allowed to hear classified information?
<ADamiani> "You may speak in front of them as you would in front of me."
<ADamiani> She looks to Silent to say something *important*
Silent_Sunset launches businesslike into his report. "Thank you, Admiral." A look at the guards - "No offense intended."
<Silent_Sunset> "The situation is this: Imperial intelligence has uncovered information, confirmed from independant sources, that inimical forces are dedicated to the damage of Realm interests in the West and Coral in particular."
<ADamiani> "And what manner of forces are these?"
<Silent_Sunset> "More specifically, a fleet manned by the undead and commanded by one of the Anathema. The Deathlord who rules over the Skullstone Archipelago, who goes by the name of the Silver Prince, has sent that fleet to strike at Coral and the Realm at once."
<Hidden_Crystal> Back in the violet room, in the middle of the crowd, Hidden Crystal starts screaming at the top of his lungs in random made-up gibberish, seemingly speaking in tongues, clawing at his face, clawing at the people unfortunate enough to be nearest him, trying to make it seem as if he is possessed.
<Damiani> "Honestly, I couldn't care less about what happens to this Gods-forsaken island. If Coral and the Prince wish to tear at eachother's throats, so be it."
Silent_Sunset flinches at the screams from outside
<Silent_Sunset> Sudden fear is in his voice. "What is this? Are they here ahead of schedule?"
<Damiani> Yolan: "No, our troops shouldn't enter the premises for at least another half hour. They're most punctual."
<Damiani> She nods to four of her companions [Earth, Water, Wood and Air] to go check it out.
<Silent_Sunset> "I meant the a .. a ... anathema."
<Damiani> INDIGO ROOM: Hidden Crystal-- People flee you in horror!
<Damiani> But Suddenly, you find yourself surrounded by four monks, performing some sort of exorcism rite!
<Damiani> They attempt to pin you to the ground!
<Damiani> Weapons are drawn!
<Damiani> RED ROOM:
Hidden_Crystal kicks and claws and struggles with the monks, still shrieking, trying to be as much of a pain and distraction as possible.
Jiang whips off his perronele and whispers "Grab onto his head, tightly!" He drops it over the immaculate's head, while reaching out and punching Yolan in the neck.(poison arrow frog venom)
<Silent_Sunset> The moment the immaculates leave the room, SS gives a small nod to where he thinks Jiang is
<Silent_Sunset> Essence blazes invisibly within his body as charms settle over him like a battlecloak
<Damiani> INDIGO ROOM: Hidden Crystal, you are pretty thoroughly restrained (8 sux) unless you want to bust out the actual kung fu.
<Silent_Sunset> Drawing the Essence of Serenity from the invisible Hali and focusing his natural stealthiness through the Shroud of the Starless Sky is a single instant. His curved daggers appear in his hands as if by sorcery and he falls upon the Fire Immaculate like a storm of blades, aimed straight at her neck - vocal cords, jugulars, arteries, their fate be split!
<Damiani> Blood. EVERYWHERE
<Damiani> Correction! No blood from Silent's strikes!
<Damiani> Blood... um, from the peronelle, and Jiang's savage mauling.
<Damiani> Since Jiang's already duplicated Yolan's form and outfit, no sweat.
<Silent_Sunset> The sign of endings burns on Silent's brow
<Silent_Sunset> his RD is complaining quite a bit
Silent_Sunset drops his RD, looks around for somewhere to hide the bodies
Jiang says "Allright. We need to disguise you as the dead monk." He kicks the unconcious Yolan "And toss her through the gate. Get a Lion to sit on her."
<Silent_Sunset> "I can't just drop in through. I need to put them *somewhere*
<Silent_Sunset> Somewhere safe would be best."
Jiang growls at one of the guards "There a secret exit to this room?"
<Damiani> Guard: "Ah... yes, but that leads to the black room... you really don't want to go there..."
<Silent_Sunset> "Jiang, how do I do the petition for a Calibration gate back down?"
Jiang growls "I don't, but I need somewhere to stow these two."
Jiang pulls out one of the forms, handing it to Silent "Fill out the blank spots."
<Silent_Sunset> "Ok, be back in a few minutes then."
Jiang tucks away the perronele
Silent_Sunset calls upon the power of his receded RD, calling down the Calibration Gate into the Red Room
<Silent_Sunset> "And Jiang, take care what with Realm troops arriving here to crash the party. You heard the admiral ..."
<Damiani> Red room: VSOOSH! The stargate has arrived!
Silent_Sunset takes Yolan and the Immaculate by the arms and drags them through
Jiang seizes the documents "Right. Hurry the hell up, whatever you're doing."
Jiang runs a hand through his.. her? hair, grumbling.
<Damiani> You make a handsome woman, Jiang. :P
Silent_Sunset is through the gate, the burning sign on his brow staring the Lions off his back

<Damiani> RED ROOM: Presently, Admiral Yolan enters, resplendant in her finery, and flanked by her Immaculate guards, who are giggling like intoxicated schoolgirls.
Platinum_Sky_Lover slides her arm into that of the admiral. "I am at your disposal, Mistress."
<Damiani> Red Room Yolan"And whom might you be?"
<Damiani> She arches an eyebrow at you sternly:
Platinum_Sky_Lover drops to her knees without missing a beat. "I was brought here, at your guard's command, after the dance. Perhaps's there has been some kind of mistake, Mistress." As her mind moves fast, she figures that her other circle mates are engaged with the Admiral's body double. Stupid, stupid, stupid!
Platinum_Sky_Lover murmurs, "As always, I live to serve. I am available to entertain you and your staff." She is not flustered at all, being the consummate professional.
<Damiani> RED ROOM: "Thank you, but I have no immediate need for a... courtesan, is it?"
Platinum_Sky_Lover gives Yolan that *smile*. "If you were not present for my performance, Resplendant Mistress... perhaps I can perform it again, for yourself and your staff. I am also skilled at conversation, playing of instruments, telling stories. What I do is more than merely physical."
Platinum_Sky_Lover sees that this Yolan is giddy, and so are the Monks who attend her. This, she can work with. "Please, make yourselves comfortable. If you wish, I shall fetch some wine."
Platinum_Sky_Lover swings her hips and flirts with her eyes, just *so*.
<Damiani> Duplicate Yolan: "Hm. Yes, see that you do."
Platinum_Sky_Lover pours wine for each of the guests, moving between each lap, touching cheeks and arms shamelessly, letting them touch her. This isn't much different from what she does with Triad types, back in Nexus.

<Damiani> INDIGO ROOM: HC is restrained by angry exorcists with weapons!
<Damiani> Water Immaculate: "He isn't responding to the invocations!"
<Damiani> INDIGO: Water Elemental: "The demon in her must be strong!"
Hidden_Crystal gasps and shudders, hissing.
<Damiani> INDIGO: Earth Immaculate: "Stay still, child!"
<Damiani> INDIGO: Wood Immaculate: "Best just to kill her, and end the suffering!"
Hidden_Crystal is still shaking, though it's lessening somewhat. The hissing, too, is weakening.
<Damiani> Wood elemental: "I'm telling you, it's the only way to be sure!"
<Damiani> Water immaculate: "Knock it off, the exorcism's working. We'll let the boss decide if something like that is necissary."
<Damiani> they begin dragging HC into the red room, for "Yolan" to inspect.
Jiang turns, stepping out into the orange room. Tapping her foot, she waits impatiently for 'her' guards to return.
<Damiani> Jiang, your guards return, bearing their prisoner.
<Damiani> They look around.
<Damiani> Earth: "What happened to the Eye officer? And where's Gurald?"
Jiang frowns "What is this?"
Jiang shakes her head "They've gone ahead. Come along. We must return to the fleet immediately." She holds up the documents meaningfully.
Jiang starts towards the far exit.
<Damiani> Jiang: They stare at you in disbelief?
<Damiani> "BUt.... Admiral, the troops will be here any moment."
Jiang turns, scowling at him "This takes precedence." She continues towards the door.
<Damiani> They look to eachother, confused.
<Damiani> Immaculates: "OK, but what shall we do with the posession victim?"
Jiang shakes his.. her.. his head. "Bring him along. We'll lock him in the hold, until he can be properly treated."
<Damiani> Peleps Yolan, with her entourage, march purposefully out of the Red room, through the intervening chambers, only to run straight into... Peleps Yolan!
Platinum_Sky_Lover represses her Caste Mark as she senses where the nearest gate is - Jiang may have already summoned the Calibration gate. She senses it - nearly on top of them! She thinks to herself, what the hell is she supposed to do with Yolan?
<Damiani> Thud!
<Damiani> Yolan:JustAddWater/Blink!
Platinum_Sky_Lover quips, "Just don't stand there, silly girl. Kiss her. She is beautiful, isn't she?"
Jiang frowns, then rubs her head "These.. disruptions are becoming ludicrous."
Platinum_Sky_Lover slides her arms around the waists of both Yolans, to see if her gambit pays off. Both of them!
Jiang gives Platinum Sky Love the Look of Death. "Aren't you supposed to be on your way to the ship?"
<Damiani> Yolan gives PSL the Look of Death: "Aren't you supposed to be fetching drinks?"
Platinum_Sky_Lover steps back, as she drapes her arms around the shoulders of stunned Immaculates. "You said distract the Immaculates. I'm distracting them. And, yes, I did promise Mistress a drink. Then, off to the ship."
<Damiani> Yolan and Yolan simultaneously slap Platinum Sky Lover.
Jiang does it with exceptional vigor, before sweeping on past the other Yolan.
<Damiani> And the other yolan sweeps past you!
<Damiani> They synchronize their haughty sniffs in the air!
Platinum_Sky_Lover is momentarily stunned! "Ladies! There's enough of me to go around!"
<Damiani> There is much muttering about the accursed time distortions that have been ravaging the island.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "You know, ladies, back at the ship, we can relax in comfort and style. Miss Left has a point."
Jiang is heading for the ship, praying fervently to the Spiders that nothing ELSE goes wrong.
Platinum_Sky_Lover knows this is the end of the world, but she's having the time of her life. She guess the left one is Jiang, due to the scowl.
<Damiani> Well, no, they're both scowling. :P
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> But no one scowls quite like Jiang.
Hidden_Crystal mentally sighs, and just continues to be pliable and not cause any further trouble. For the moment.

Silent_Sunset drags the bodies away from the Gate platform, quite happy that there is no blood. Taking the phiol with sleeping poison from his belt, he gives two drops to the unconscious Yolan to keep her there.
Silent_Sunset assigns one of the lesser ranking Lions (you know them by the emerald tresses) to guard Yolan and Gurald in one of the cells in the complex. "Your attentiveness will not be forgotten, officer."
Silent_Sunset sits down in the Lion watchroom and fills out the blanks in Jiang's calibration gate form
Silent_Sunset submits the finished form (back-dated to this morning) to the officer in charge, pointing out that apparently there was a mix up with the paperwork resulting in copies 2 through 23 being lost
<Silent_Sunset> "I did submit it regularly, but someone along the way screwed up. Look, I really don't want to make trouble for ANYONE, but it's vital to Bureau of Destiny operations that this request be processed immediately."
Silent_Sunset touches down back in the red room in a show of colorless light thrown by the portal. No one sees, no one remembers.
Silent_Sunset rips off a strip from his under-tunic and winds it around his head as a daring banderole
<Silent_Sunset> His caste mark well hidden he returns to the main party, back in his Lisano-as-noble double disguise
Silent_Sunset looks over the different rooms

<Damiani> Admiral, on the way out, you run into a couple phalanxes of your troops, that have formed a cordon around the palace.
Jiang barks at the troops "Break ranks, return to the fleet."
<Damiani> "Sir?!"
<Jiang> "Do as you're commanded, soldier. New orders."
<Damiani> "BUt... but..."
<Damiani> *sigh*
Platinum_Sky_Lover occasionally nuzzles the neck of both Yolans. She murmurs to the other Yolan, "We'll *never* be alone if this keeps up. Give your twin a hand?"
<Damiani> "Yes, sir..."
Jiang thinks, to himself "Jiang, this has got to be the stupidest thing ever. Even worse than that time with you were cat, and there were those horrible little sailor girls." He replies "Nothing could be THAT stupid, but this is pretty stupid."
Silent_Sunset gives PSL a look - anything more to do here? - then follows Jiang-Yolan outside, reasoning that PSL wouldn't be getting busy with Jiang ... right now anyway
Jiang thinks, to himself "Jiang, this has got to be the stupidest thing ever. Even worse than that time with you were a cat, and there were those horrible little sailor girls." He replies "Nothing could be THAT stupid, but this is pretty stupid." He continues down to the docks, trailing his confused bodyguard and small army
<ADamiani> OK, to recap:
<ADamiani> Jiang is taking the "posessed" HC and your retinue to the ship.
<ADamiani> Jiang has just ordered the Realm Expeditionary Force NOT to seize control of the palace and return to the ships.
Jiang thinks 'It's times like these when I wish everybody would just do what I said. It'd be so much more.. Hygenic.'
Hidden_Crystal is definitely understanding why the ancient curse "May you live in interesting times" is DEFINITELY a curse and NOT a blessing in disguise, as some have said.
Silent_Sunset walks along in Yolan's wake, wondering about that hallucination he had back in the violet room, featuring multiple Yolans
Platinum_Sky_Lover rides along, and see what happens! Hopefully, some people will get some orgasms out of this literal cluster fuck.

<ADamiani> So here's what's going to happen:
<ADamiani> Yolan.Jiang takes HC back to the ship, and orders the fleet to set sail immediately.
<ADamiani> You rendezvous with the storm.
<ADamiani> Because I don't want to drag this out, I'm not roaping darktide into this.
<Silent_Sunset> Awww :((
<ADamiani> Damned unpredictable solars.
<ADamiani> If we had another couple hours, I'd do something.
<Silent_Sunset> Keep it for next time?
<ADamiani> PSL keeps the "real" duplicate Yolan busy.
<ADamiani> Silent: I'd really rather this episode was over for next time.
<ADamiani> Using her wiles so that she prevents Yolan from discovering the ruse until it's too late.
<ADamiani> The fleet sinks.
<ADamiani> Duplicate Yolan and guards are left behind.
<ADamiani> Zosmei fulfils her end of the bargain.
<ADamiani> There remain fate snags to untangle at some point on Coral.
<ADamiani> Yes, the temporal duplicate Peleps Yolan remains on Coral, in PSL's arms as the fleet sails.
<Silent_Sunset> ah
Silent_Sunset is sad he didn't get to do intrigues

Platinum_Sky_Lover has a Celestial Lion hand her a towel as she arrives through the gate as the fleet sinks. "Thank you. Well, that was most certainly a cluster fuck. I apologize, I was so damned useless."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Jiang, why are we keeping her in a cell? It's not her fault she got in the way of fate."
<Jiang> "Ask Silent. He's the one collecting his own harem."
Platinum_Sky_Lover hms. "I can use an attractive, older Dragon Blooded as a live in body guard."
Hidden_Crystal snorts.
Silent_Sunset harrumphs
<Jiang> "Sure, great. Just remember you're responsible for her."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Yes, yes, I know."
Silent_Sunset looks really uncomfortable at these casual discussions of Yolan's future
Jiang grunts "I'm sure I have no idea what you want with her, but if it makes you happy." He shrugs.
<Silent_Sunset> "Hey, you can't just 'use' her."
Jiang looks surprised "Where does it say that?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "It's that, or she gets a mind scrub and gets sent back home. We can probably slide her in as having survived the sinking of the fleet."
<Silent_Sunset> "Sure, she defied fate and all that, but ..."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Well, considering she has no where else to go... I mean, we did kind of destroy her life and all."
Hidden_Crystal is silent and has his arms folded over his chest.
<Silent_Sunset> "Let's not make hasty decisions there ..."
Platinum_Sky_Lover goes through the fate logs. Is Yolan shown as having survived?
<Silent_Sunset> "We should let her stay there and think hard about her role, when we fix the fate situation."
<ADamiani> It's not mentioned. Are you sure you want to look that closely?
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Well, if her doppleganger survived and made it back to the Blessed Isle, there's no way we cans end her home."
Jiang continues filling out the forms for a plague of boils to afflict the Sea Lord. "You could always let the Lions eat her."
<ADamiani> Jiang, you'll have to email me the precise checks
Platinum_Sky_Lover sighs. "Let me talk with her. Actually, she can be a real asset."
<Silent_Sunset> "If she wants to go back, we scrub her, adjust destiny plans to that. If she wants to stay up here, we put that into the paperwork and Loom of Fate."
<ADamiani> OK, and that'll be great next time.

<ADamiani> Next time: HC's mysteious contact.
<ADamiani> Next time: Dilari!
<ADamiani> Next time: Glorious Sunset?
<ADamiani> Next time: Playing Yu Shan PD Blue!
<ADamiani> Next time: What else was on tap?
<Silent_Sunset> Next time ... charms, charms, charms!!!
<ADamiani> Next time: MUCH training!

And the following NEVER happened: <Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Now, I'm off to have some mind blowing sex with Yolan, and then spend a few days in that Essence pod. And then, CHARMS. OH, SO MANY CHARMS. MARTIAL ARTS!"
<Jiang> "What essence pod?"
Platinum_Sky_Lover cackles like Zim for just a moment, imagining the ultimate power of Sidereal Martial Arts in her hands!
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Ah, ahem.
<Jiang> "That is MY essence pod. You want to use it, you've got to help me recharge it."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Sure! You're kinda sexy, either as Yolan or as just old loveable you."
Jiang snorts "I haven't been interested in THAT for over five thousand years."
Hidden_Crystal just buries his face into slender, black-gloved hands.
<ADamiani> ... not so much as crotchety old him.
Platinum_Sky_Lover drapes her arms over Jiang's shoulders. "I, however, find the notion of being the filling between a double Yolan sandwich to be terribly hot. So, come on, old man, show some kink."
Hidden_Crystal just tries to pretend he is NOT hearing this.
Silent_Sunset sits at the Loom of Fate with big scissors and cuts away all traces of this conversation
Jiang just sighs "Platinum Sky Lover. I have done the wicked dance in every possible way a human can, in ways both wonderful and horrible. I became bored of it long before you were born. And I stopped being willing to try fifteen centuries ago." [05:46] <Platinum_Sky_Lover> Only the Spiders will know.
<Jiang> "So, I must decline."
<Silent_Sunset> they're quite mindless, so ...
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Damn it. Now I'm going to be unrequitedly lusting after you. I hate you, old man."
Jiang pulls out a large jar, labelled "I Hate You." It's entirely full of small gold coins. He drops another in. "Damn, thats another jar almost full."