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Dakkareth's place on the Exalted Wiki

As I might finally get to play some Exalted (in Pseudoephedrine's yet unnamed PbP on rpg.net) I figured I might as well put up a site here to organize my stuff. So there.


Dakkareth/FallingSky - Twilight Caste sorcerer and explorer

Dakkareth/SilentSunset - Compassionate Chosen of Endings
Dakkareth/SilentSunset2e - A Exalted 2e treatment for Silent Sunset

Other Stuff

Dakkareth/AdamantSerpentStyle - A high level CMA based on the archetype of the mythical snake-like behemoths of elder times


Hey! Darkheart here, just to remind ya about BestPractices, and to make sure to use the minor edit checkbox for when you're not making majorly huge changes to your stuff. Anyway, cool stuff, and welcome to da wiki! -Raksha Boy

Ahh, thanks. I admit I was unaware of the differences between major/minor edits, new to the Wiki as I am ;). -Dakkareth