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Brainstorms and Really Big Thunderstorms

<Silent_Sunset> After meeting at Silent's manse the Circle decided to go off individually, looking for more info.
<Silent_Sunset> Silent promptly broke into his superior's office to search through his files
<Silent_Sunset> then Avoidance Kata'd his detection by same superior
<ADamiani> Hae shared with you folks the list of suspects he snagged off of Lytek's desk.
<Silent_Sunset> landed in an audience with Nehemeth, ruler of the Pearl Court
<Silent_Sunset> was caught a little off-balance but managed to set up a loose 'work together' thing
<Silent_Sunset> or rather a 'let's not kill each other, maybe talk about doing something about that pesky Deathlord' thing
<Silent_Sunset> gave Nehemeth a funky bracelet (now his best wardrobe is only second-class) and was gifted Dilari of the Sea Foam, a Raksha, in return
<ADamiani> Also, Hae discovered that the world is ending, and how, and why, but he hasn't told anyone about it yet.
<Silent_Sunset> took Dilari back to heaven to his manse, hoping not to get censured
<Silent_Sunset> was buzzed off by Lytek, who would/could give no info about Abyssal memories. Was looking for something, mentioning sabotage
<ADamiani> Looking for something possibly, oh, I don't know, something Abyssal in nature?
<Silent_Sunset> that was Silent's thought
<Silent_Sunset> that he'd misplaced the shard
<Silent_Sunset> or the whole Abyssal maybe
<Silent_Sunset> that would be bad, though
<Silent_Sunset> note: check the Loom of Fate!
<ADamiani> Oookeydoke. Where would you folks like to fade in?
<Silent_Sunset> I'd like to have breakfast with Dilari at some point

18th day of Ascending Water
<ADamiani> PSL, are you actually ON coral? Wearing an RD, or what?
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> (PSL would go to round up the circle. She's also working to get an appointment with some high ranking Haruka in regards to getting the fleet sunk.)
<ADamiani> HC? No word from you?
<ADamiani> WHo are Haruka?
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Those air bears who control winds. They're in GOD.
<Hidden_Crystal> ((sorry. For starters, if there IS a form for an extension, I'm definitely going to get that filled out. We may not need it, but better having it just case.))
<ADamiani> OK, so you're trying to find the office/department of errors and corrections?
<Hidden_Crystal> Yeah.
<ADamiani> HC, no luck finding the office.
<ADamiani> Something about an inability to determine whether it's an office or a department.
<ADamiani> PSL, are you trying to make an appointment with an air bear?
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> (Yes. I'm also trying to find my own damned circle.)
<Silent_Sunset> (Silent is at his manse, enjoying a financially-ruinous breakfast)
<ADamiani> PSL, HC, roll to dodge.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> (huh?)
<ADamiani> PSL! You manage to nimbly dodge bumping into Hidden Crystal with a triple-summersault.
Platinum_Sky_Lover slips her arm into Hidden Crystal's - martial arts grapples and locks are also quite nice for getting close to those that one finds attractive. "Precious. I've been looking all over for you. Have you seen this?"
Hidden_Crystal tries to not flinch at the touch and grits his teeth. "Yes."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Oh, come on. Relax." She snaps out the silk scroll, detailing their current assignment in regards to making a fleet disappear.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "We need to get with our two other ernstwhile circlemates. We have work to do."
Platinum_Sky_Lover politely drags HC over to a waiting airboat, for the ride to Silent Sunset's manse.
<ADamiani> Well, PSL and HC track down Jiang-- or, rather, the time-dilation pod Jiang is training his essence up in. Then off to SS
<ADamiani> PSL, HC, you have been seated in a waiting room.
<ADamiani> Apparently Silent Sunset has better things to do than see you.
Platinum_Sky_Lover taps her fan impatiently on the low table that she and HC are shown. "I'm getting more annoyed by the minute." She wears a blue metallic bodysuit which looks like it was poured onto her body, matched with white opera length gloves, her white thigh length god kicking boots, and her starmetal perfected kata bracers.
Hidden_Crystal sits quietly, and simply raises one slim blue eyebrow, probably the only sign that he's exasperated.
<ADamiani> No, he's not fibbing: he's temporarilly otherwise engaged. Something's up. That's clear to you without a roll.

<ADamiani> Dilari: did you actually get her anything for breakfast?
<Silent_Sunset> yeah, Silent went to some god of Dreams and had his meager stores of Ambrosia forged into lovely dreams :)
<ADamiani> "Exquisite. I must confess, you know how to treat a captive well, at least."
Silent_Sunset smiles. "A captive? Oh no, you're nothing of the sort!"
<Silent_Sunset> "Well, of course, the political situation is a little tense and some people would like nothing more than ... but you're a honored guest of mine."
Silent_Sunset sips at his tea
<ADamiani> Dilari rolls her eyes
<ADamiani> "Don't pretend this is anything but what it is."
<Silent_Sunset> He is positively jongleuring with knife and bread.
<ADamiani> "I came because I had no choice, because that is the way of the Pearl Court. The strong exert their wull upon the weak."
Silent_Sunset nods sympathetically. "Yes, thus it is from that perspective ... but you aren't there, are you?"
<Silent_Sunset> "All our choices are limited to some degree - I did not have much of a choice either in bringing you along, you see that, yes?"
<Silent_Sunset> "But then ... if one choses to submit to another's will, is his own will truly submerged?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Or has one taken away the triumph of imposing from the other?"
<ADamiani> "The Pearl Court believes one either exerts one's will to shape the world or is shaped by it in turn"
<Silent_Sunset> "Who is the weaker, in such a situation?"
<Silent_Sunset> "If one wills oneself to be shaped by the world, who is the shaper?"
<Silent_Sunset> "The world? Another? Or oneself after all?"
<ADamiani> "I do NOT will myself shaped by the world."
<ADamiani> "Your hypothetical philosophical cases are meaningless; I choose agency but am reduced to objecthood because Nehemeth fears for her own station."
Silent_Sunset grins. "Ah, yes, I should be careful with that word."
<Silent_Sunset> "Are you a rival to her then?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Or in possible independance a threat to all-encompassing control?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Like a single grain of sand, that destroys the perfection of a painting?"
<ADamiani> "No. An Ally. Or, I was. I suspect I was exiled as a show of strength, to demonstrate the dominance of her position, desipite it's obvious precariousness-- See? Even Dilari of the Sea Foam is ultimately expendible."
<ADamiani> She smiles, a radiant, predatory smile. "A single grain of sand is the root of a pearl."
Silent_Sunset claps. "Wonderfully said!"
<Silent_Sunset> "But then ... the question is, that show of strength, was it well advised?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Are you not outside her control here?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Has she not given up her dominance with regard to you in that choice?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Oh, that in itself is another demonstration, but ..."
<ADamiani> "She had no choice. Coraydo's faction agitates for war, and it is only Nehemeth's will that holds it in check. As your reality grows thin and weak, his hand is strengthened, and hers weakened. A show of strength was necessary."
Silent_Sunset bows forward interestedly "Coraydo ... I have no heard that name before, I admit. He wants to war upon our world?"
<ADamiani> "He, and many of our court wish to exert our wills upon your world. As your world grows soft and malleable, this proposal grows more tempting."
Silent_Sunset makes wavy gestures, ignoring the Heavenly Fruit on his fork. "And Nehemeth is not interested in waging such a war? For the sake of her own position, that decision, or a different conviction?"
<ADamiani> She looks puzzled.
<Silent_Sunset> "And what do YOU think? What would you do, in full control, your will supreme?"
<ADamiani> "Because they want it."
<ADamiani> "She demonstrates her authority by denying their desire."
Silent_Sunset nods. "Yes, that was what I meant."
<ADamiani> "Were I in control, I would end our protracted sojourn in the West. It grows dull. Too many fish."
<ADamiani> "In frustrating this desire, too, Nehemeth demonstrates the dominance of her will."
Silent_Sunset flashes a grin. "Too many fish, eh? I admit, there are more exciting places in Creation."
<Silent_Sunset> "By the way, have you tried this Tiger-Stripe fish? It can't be much the lesser of the Dreams spun by the Weaver of the Sublime."
<ADamiani> "It's delicious. I was unaware that the mighty Exalted also feasted upon the dreams of men."
<ADamiani> Your familiar flits in, and seems to want to inform you that you have guests.
Silent_Sunset tilts his head "In general we do not, though the Lawgivers were sometimes prone to such delights. We are not however, inattentive hosts and the glories of Heaven adjust to its visitors."
Silent_Sunset nods slightly as the loopings of Hali's flight tell him of the visitors - tell them to wait a moment and have Kikezu bring them tea
<ADamiani> Dilari arches a perfect eyebrow: "Tea?"
Silent_Sunset looks outside at the Maiden of Journeys enjoying a quite brief lead in the Games of Divinity
<Silent_Sunset> "Yes, thank you."
<ADamiani> Yes. The sky is Journeying outside.
Silent_Sunset drinks a little more tea
Silent_Sunset gestures to the bright yellow star in the sky
<Silent_Sunset> "Ahh, I'm quite sorry, my dear guest, but as you can see, my superiors are demanding I Journey onwards through the day."
Silent_Sunset smiles sadly to make clear he is by no means trying to be impolite
<ADamiani> "Ah. And what am I do to entertain myself while you are away?"
<Silent_Sunset> "You see, there are imposations even on the Exalted - greater wills compel us as well, though we accept the burden of our duties."
Silent_Sunset bows slightly
<ADamiani> "Yes, yes, that's all fine and good, but surely you don't mean to leave me imprisoned in this dingy little cell? I could be...." she says the word as though it horrifies her "BORED!"
Silent_Sunset raises an eyebrow "Dingy little cell? Please, this is my home after all."
<ADamiani> She waves her hand as to dismiss her comment "Please forgive me, but it seems somewhat... cramped."
<Silent_Sunset> "I would indeed ask you to stay within my manse for the moment, and outside the perceptions of my guests as well - I'm sorry but such is required of me."
<Silent_Sunset> "As for your entertainment, there is the library in the private wing and you may turn to my housekeeper if you desire more to read or witness."
<ADamiani> "So I am under house arrest, with nothing with which to amuse myself?"
<ADamiani> she sighs, plaintively, and gives you the sexy alien equivalent of puppydog eyes
<ADamiani> Dilari goes off to amuse herself in the library.
Silent_Sunset grimaces apologetically. "It is for your protection as much as due to my ..." He becomes a little distracted, then continues. "You cannot be unaware, that outside my home you would be in great danger from those seeking to protect Heaven,"
<Silent_Sunset> "We will speak again - soon, I hope."

Silent_Sunset arrives in the second conference room, his robe trailing behind him.
Hidden_Crystal nods silently in greeting to him.
Silent_Sunset bows. "I'm sorry, my worthy fellows, there was an urgent matter to attend to. Please forgive me."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "We agreed we'd keep nothing from each other, Sunset. You know the truth of my faction affiliation. What have you got going on back there? Also, there's this." She slides forward the form letter that warns about the fleet that needs to disappear in 3 days.
Platinum_Sky_Lover sniffs the air. She doesn't seem pleased. As she leans back against the cushion, there seems to be something angry and feline about her. "As I said before, no secrets, Sunset." Tap tap tap with that fan.
<Silent_Sunset> "Ahh, but this has nothing to do with our investigation."
Silent_Sunset looks sad at her tone
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "While we're on this, *everything* has to do with our investigation. And, by your own admission, there is a *this* that is at issue. I promise, I will not run to any censors or scream bloody murder if you tell me what's going on. But lies and whispers destroy trust."
<Silent_Sunset> ((well, silent is certainly stretching the truth somewhat))
Silent_Sunset looks a little confused
<ADamiani> Like a guy who has his mistress hiding in the other room! :)
Hidden_Crystal just silently looks back and forth between Silent and PSL, hands demurely folded in his lap, and one eyebrow raised slightly.
Platinum_Sky_Lover blows her bangs out of her face. "You're not convincing me. I can't force you to come out with whatever you have going on - and trust me, if it wasn't important, you'd tell me. So, I'll let it drop. But, if it is something that will affect our mission, I will be *more* than angry. So, consider, carefully. You are my circle brother. If you have a secret, it's safe with me."
<Silent_Sunset> "Well ... I am currently hosting an envoy from enemies of a certain royal personage ..."
<ADamiani> It works after, too. Either way, Silent squirms before your glare.
<Silent_Sunset> "Please, sister, there is no need for you to be angry ... or prying."
<Silent_Sunset> "I am simply ... not sure, how 'this' relates to our current situation. Naturally all of you will be the first to know, if there's a development."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Enemies? Did you capture another Deathknight? I'm only angry because I sense you're not sure to trust me. There are ways to work around *anything*. Well, tell me about 'this'. Like I said, I trust you to have made smart decisions in regards to this. Are you entertaining the 3rd Soul of Adjoran back there in your bedroom?"
Silent_Sunset looks a little uncomfortable, not to mention confused behind the equanimous expression, but not deceptive
Hidden_Crystal raises an eyebrow and sincerely hopes not. Though he doubts it.
<Silent_Sunset> "Is that what you have come here to ask?"
<Hidden_Crystal> "No."
Silent_Sunset looks at HC, more than a little put off at the anger in PSL's voice
<Silent_Sunset> :(
Hidden_Crystal picks up PSL's copy of the memo from where she put it and holds it out to Silent.
Platinum_Sky_Lover sighs. "For crying out loud. *So what* if you're having dealings with Malfeas? I was being facicious."
Silent_Sunset twitches a little at the mentioning of a 3rd Circle Demon
Silent_Sunset looks at the memo, reads it
Platinum_Sky_Lover decides to let it drop. "We need to make a fleet disappear in 3 days."
<Silent_Sunset> "Oh ... yes, that is indeed an important matter."
Silent_Sunset is back to grinning. "Sadly, I have no demon of the Third Order on my side, or this would be easy ..."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "I apologize for being so harsh with you."
Platinum_Sky_Lover looks regretful, realizing she may have pushed too hard.
Silent_Sunset waves it off, having almost forgotten about it already
<Silent_Sunset> "So ..."
Silent_Sunset suggests: "To make a fleet disappear ... well, the easist course would be to ... rewind the events."
<Silent_Sunset> "It was supposed to perish in a terrible storm - we can arrange one."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Also, consider *disappear*. There's nothing that says that the fleet needs to be destroyed."
<Silent_Sunset> "It sailed onwards - we need to make it reverse that course."
<Silent_Sunset> "It caused entanglements withint the politics of Coral - we can move unseen to unmake them."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Well, there is this little thing called *causaulity*.
Silent_Sunset looks at PSL strangely at that outdated expression of Loom of Fate programming
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Yes, I know, it's not very popular to consider, but the Spiders are adamant about such things. Are there any Wyld Zones in the area? It'd be nice if we could steer the fleet into one of them, or have a Wyld Zone go into the fleet."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "So, the fleet needs to be taken out of the picture somehow, or removed as an asset to the Realm. Is that correct?"
<Silent_Sunset> "That is my understanding, yes."
<Silent_Sunset> "Now, the Wyld is a dangerous ... ally. A storm should be easy to arrange, though."
<Silent_Sunset> "Our mandate should be enough to convince the Bureau of Nature as well as the local gods."
<Hidden_Crystal> "The difficulty being in getting them to leave."
Platinum_Sky_Lover hears distinct female sounds coming from deeper inside Sunset's Manse. She hmphs. "I have an idea. You know our budding Solar Sorceress?"
Hidden_Crystal nods. "Get her involved?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "I was thinking we can offer her a convenient target for testing her mighty Sorceries on. Maybe we can even get her some spells to try out."
Silent_Sunset mmmmhhs
Platinum_Sky_Lover snaps her fan. "Further, it would even make sense! The Mighty Lawgiver annihilates a Realm fleet. If she happens to blow herself up or draw the Hunt, well, nothing's perfect."
<Silent_Sunset> "Of course the usual way would be to assassinate and impersonate the fleet admiral."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "So, what will it be? Weather, impersonation, or drop a Solar bomb on them?
Silent_Sunset grins "A combination of those, obviously
<Silent_Sunset> "After the fleet is lured out in whatever way, the storm will be waiting."
<Silent_Sunset> "Impersonation could draw it out ... if well done. And it will have to fool a number of Terrestrials."
<Silent_Sunset> "Which is also, why a single Lawgiver would likely be insufficient to send them fleeing."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Are you sure? Have you read the stories around Solar Circle Sorcery?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Very well. We'll save the Solar as a back up."
<Silent_Sunset> "Oh, *we* know ... but those Dragonspawn?"
<Silent_Sunset> "And who is to tell, whether Glorious has breached that final limit yet?"
<Hidden_Crystal> "The combination of weather and impersonation would be most subtle. And less likely to harm innocent bystanders."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "And less likely to piss off the spiders, and make additional essence-repair paperwork for us."
<Silent_Sunset> "I have no doubt, that it is within our ability to deliver the fated ends to the admiral and her guards. Undetected - well, that's the challenge. The question to me remains the impersonation ... "
<Silent_Sunset> "... is among you as master of disguise perhaps?"
Silent_Sunset looks up Disguise of the New Face, which Jiang has
<Silent_Sunset> "Ah, right, brother Jiang!"
<Silent_Sunset> "Nothing stands in the way of this plan, then."

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> We'll need to requesition a complete file on her, and her staff.
<Silent_Sunset> do some observation as well
<Silent_Sunset> and arrange the storm!
<ADamiani> She's not in Yu Shan, and probably doesn't have a file. But there was briefing material on Red Stone Rising's desk, which would include that stuff.
<ADamiani> OK, about that storm. Who do you want to talk to?
<Silent_Sunset> ok, how about this: Spirit Court, plus sending a memo to the BoN countersigned by whoever ordered this breach repaired
<ADamiani> You gate in for an audience with the great and terrible Zosmei, storm mother of Laughing Thunders Court.
<Silent_Sunset> Silent is still wearing his best, his chest a single name-dropping by way big, purple symbol of Saturn
<ADamiani> There is much obesience and bowing of the lesser gods as they hurry to speed your unannounced appointment into an immediate affair
Silent_Sunset looks at PSL - she is better at this bowing and scraping stuff, would she like to speak for the circle?
<ADamiani> Eventually, you are guided to Zosmei, who is observing the dance presented by a small flock of eager little stormlings.
<ADamiani> She is a tall woman, with a sharp, hooked beak of a nose, black on black eyes, a scraggly mane of grey hair and a voice that rolls like thunder.
<ADamiani> At the sight of you she makes a single motion, lightning arcing between her fingetips, and the children are hastilly pulled out of the way
Platinum_Sky_Lover dresses the part - she is in a blue-white robe that is the only thing that covers her, easily whipped by the wind. White clouds move over a blue silk background, water interacting with air. "Oh wise mother of storms, I am Platinum Sky Lover, student of Blessed Sky Crane, on an urgent mission of the Bureau of Destiny. It crosses over into your realm of care, and we seek your wisdom and assistance."
<ADamiani> Some of the little ones, cry out tiny storms of protest, soaking small patches of ground as the adults attempt to console them, or at least position them so they water the potted plants
<ADamiani> "What need has the Bureau of Destiny for the Court of Laughing Thunders?"
<ADamiani> She stands proudly, the winds swirling behind her.
Silent_Sunset stands one step behind and to the right of PSL
Hidden_Crystal stands one step behind and to the left of PSL
<Silent_Sunset> ((two Endbringers! Little Gods all around shiver with suppressed anxiety))
Platinum_Sky_Lover does the equivalent of a bow - she lets her loose clothing be whipped by the winds. She shouts in praise - "All Creation is woven together in a large skein, all things have their place and role. We humbly beg the breadth of your storms and the roaring secrets of your winds, the gentle secrets of silence on your breezes. We humbly request the priveledge of petition."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "So that winds may blow and that we may all breath, so that storms may rage, we have a request of you, and your mighty children of storm, of air and water."
<ADamiani> "Dispense with your pleasantries, Master of the Heavens. We are a direct people, and we speak what we mean. Why has heaven, after so many years of absence, seen fit to grace us with your presence, unannounced and unheralded?"
Silent_Sunset is inwardly amused at the flowery speech
Platinum_Sky_Lover takes a seat on a nearby rock. "Very well, then. I thought that you preferred that the Celestial Bureaus keep out of your affairs. But, if you want a closer relationship, I am inclined to work towards such an end. Simply - we need a fleet sunk. To the bottom. We need for you to send a fleet of the Realm's mightiest warships down to the bottom of the sea, as only *you* can do it."
<ADamiani> "We DO prefer our affairs be unimpeded."
<ADamiani> "How does heaven propose to compensate us for this matter?"
Silent_Sunset smiles at one of the stormlings peeking around a corner
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "That's where we negotiate. What do you need? service? Certain paperwork to disappear? Support in a territorial issue? Please, let me know your needs, and I can let you know if we can fufill them."
<ADamiani> "Hm. Yes, I think we can arrainge something."
<ADamiani> "We will provide you your storm."
<ADamiani> "In turn, you will rid us of the serpent Ka'la'desh."
Silent_Sunset tries to remember that one
<ADamiani> "It swims below the sea, save when it rises up to strike at us. Our powers hold little sway below the waters."
<ADamiani> ((It's basically a sixty foot long sea serpent.))
Silent_Sunset shrugs lightly, not remembering that creature - can't be much, though
<ADamiani> That has, apparently, acquired a taste for elemental flesh and the essence it provides.
<ADamiani> Oh, and it spits acid.
<ADamiani> "The beast makes its home in a nearby undersea cave."
Platinum_Sky_Lover leans back and whispers to Sunset, "Can we get some kind of water breathing artifact?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "A moment while I confer with my circle, Mistress?"
<ADamiani> "Confer as you wish."
Silent_Sunset whispers back "We'll wait for it to surface or *make* it surface, then act quickly. A small boat and an able sailor is all we need."
Platinum_Sky_Lover whispers, "Crystal? Are you also in agreement?"
Hidden_Crystal nods silently.
<Silent_Sunset> "But the fleet comes first. We have a deadline on that one."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Of course."
Platinum_Sky_Lover whispers, "Then, we're agreed. I'll seal the deal."
Platinum_Sky_Lover turns to face the storm mother. "Your terms are acceptable. However, we require that the fleet be sunk by this date, no later, or else the deal is void. Immediately afterwards, we will slay the serpent. is this acceptable, Mistress?"
<ADamiani> "And slaying the serpent immediately is out of the question?"
<ADamiani> "Where will this fleet be at sea?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Twenty miles south, off the Coast of Coral."
<Silent_Sunset> "We will send a prayer to convey to you the exact designation and time, as soon as we have balanced the equations."
Silent_Sunset bows slightly
<ADamiani> "We will sink it when it arrives-- though I would prefer to do so with the serpent's teeth as a necklace!"
<ADamiani> Three days. Maybe two and a half now. But that's just a number on some paperwork.
<ADamiani> The actual damage has already been done, you're trying to fix things after the fact now.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "If you can grant us the ability to breathe underwater, storm mother, I see no reason why we can't deal with this now - presuming my two brothers agree."
<ADamiani> She snaps her fingers (there are sparks) and a mute elemental buttler floats forward with three necklaces, each one bearing a brace of Siaka teeth.
<ADamiani> "These will provide you air, while you wear them. Their power is limited... do not abuse it."

<ADamiani> The storm court doesn't have a lot in the way of boats. But, um, let's just assume you make transit arrangements somehow?
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Well, if we can breathe underwater, we can swim.
<ADamiani> Yes. It's maybe a dozen miles from here. Everyone will have to make Sta+endurance checks or take a fatigue penalty
<ADamiani> Just make sta + endurance checks
<ADamiani> Difficulty 2
<Silent_Sunset> spending wp on that
<ADamiani> Silent_Sunset (2), 2, 8, Successes : 1
<ADamiani> Hidden_Crystal (4), 1, 6, 1, 7, Successes : 1
Silent_Sunset has no problems
<ADamiani> No WP for Hidden Crystal.
<ADamiani> You're at a further... is it -1 or -2?

<ADamiani> Good. Will give me time to generate full and proper snake stats. And this means next session is pretty well planned-- kill the snake, gate to Coral, assassinate Yolan, deal with fate snags, replace Yolan, order the fleet out, sink the fleet, gate out at the last second.
<Silent_Sunset> so ... what day is it IC?
<ADamiani> Nearing the end of the 18th day of Ascending Water.
<ADamiani> OH! That's right, hypothermia rules.
<ADamiani> It's almost the coldest day of the year.

<ADamiani> Sunday, Moonday, Marsday, Mercuryday, Jupiterday, Venusday, Saturnday.
<ADamiani> Yeah. 4 XP to everyone (abbreviated session). HC and Silent should probably both award eachother a point for their punctuality
<ADamiani> Also, I've concluded I like Dilari, and will not remove her promptly as I had expected I might have to.
<Silent_Sunset> though the conversation with Dilari rocked :D
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Yes, it did. I wanted to meet her, and give that Fae hussy a peice of my mine. And upbraid SS for being played so.
<Silent_Sunset> heh
<ADamiani> I'll look forward to it.
<ADamiani> (PSL is SO catty. : )
<Silent_Sunset> Silent is a Sidereal! He plays others, he is *never* manipulated himself!
<Hidden_Crystal> Crystal has no comment.
<Silent_Sunset> And I think I need to get Silent more Astrology skills
Platinum_Sky_Lover would be spitting out coke if she had any in her mouth.
<Silent_Sunset> this stuff is a lot of fun

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