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Avoidance Kata'd!

Marsday, 17th Ascending Water:
Silent_Sunset gives the foul-smelling pill to Weeping Glass. "Here, that will make it easier."
<ADamiani> OK, so we fade in on the circle gathered in solemn, hushed conference in the middle of Silent's tidy manse.
<Silent_Sunset> Actually Silent would like to stay with WG until she's 'dead' at least
<ADamiani> Lytek will be shooing you out to proceed with the vivisection.
<Silent_Sunset> Lytek doesn't agree? Oh well, she only gets the pain-deadening stuff then
<ADamiani> Right, fine, you slip her an Advil. Now, back to the present...
<Silent_Sunset> So ... Silent Sunset's manse is located in one of the quieter parts of Yu-Shan. It consists of a confusing arrangement of rooms, parted by rice-paper screens and wooden beams. Meditation chapels and training rooms are everywhere.
<Silent_Sunset> The circle has gathered in the nicest tea-room, where a mute house-god serves tea :)
Jiang broods in the corner, frowning at his tea.
<ADamiani> Jiang gets the dark shadows mood lighting.
Silent_Sunset smiles at Jiang
<Silent_Sunset> "Ahh, Kekizo here makes brilliant tea!"
Hidden_Crystal takes a sip of the tea and then stares at it absently
<ADamiani> The date is 17th of Rising Water, the day after the fateful decision. I trust we will have downtime mid=session.
<ADamiani> So you sit around in silence. Remind me, does it rain in Yu Shan?
<ADamiani> Yeah, sure. Let's say it does, according to a precise and regular schedule.
<Silent_Sunset> "So ... our honored Bureau of Abstract Matters contact has not finished his experiments, yet ..."
Jiang eventually says "We're going to need a lot of weapons."
<ADamiani> The rain pours down outside...
Silent_Sunset trails off, looks at Jiang. "... what for?"
<Jiang> "Because we're deal with forces significantly out of our league. Our choices are pretty much restricted to becoming stronger or dying, at this point in time."
<Silent_Sunset> "I was thinking I should get some Internal Affairs paperwork the unofficial way."
<Silent_Sunset> "Mmhh. We shouldn't move against a certain royal personage just yes, but apart from that ..."
Silent_Sunset looks confident, if quite tired
<Jiang> "Him, his minions, those Sidereals and Gods with conflicting interests.. We're at the bottom of the food chain at the moment."
<Silent_Sunset> "Maybe you could sum up the forces arrayed in our way once more?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Ah, but do we not have the blessing of the Old Man, dubious as it may seem?"
Silent_Sunset gesticulates with his teacup
Jiang snorts "Blessing? It extends about as far as I can spit."
<Silent_Sunset> "And didn't we overwhelm 'his minions' with ease?"
<Jiang> "And it comes with a pack of enemies."
<Jiang> "Luck. Next time they'll be prepared. Or we won't be lucky."
Silent_Sunset grins brightly. "You of all people ... we *make* our luck :)"
Jiang merely sighs.
<Hidden_Crystal> "The only thing we can be absolutely sure of in anything is ourselves."
Hidden_Crystal is not drinking his tea. Only took a sip of it then stopped.
<Silent_Sunset> "Would you like a different brew? We are well stocked here ..."
<ADamiani> Thunder rumbles! The rain beats down dramatically on the roof!
<Jiang> "I will see about securing us a weapons cache today, if I can."
<Silent_Sunset> Every raindrop can be heard in this room, though it miraculously doesn't impair conversation at all!
<Jiang> "We have very few leads to go on, at the moment. A list of names, most of which are far out of league. A few vague hints."
<Silent_Sunset> "Names?"
Jiang nods and produces a short list. "Names."
<Silent_Sunset> "We could look into Red Stone Rising's machinations, see if he was indeed the point of crystallization for the Conventions disappearance or possibly defection."
Silent_Sunset looks at the list
Hidden_Crystal also looks at the list
Jiang shakes his head "That won't be neccessary, in all truth."
Hidden_Crystal raises one eyebrow questioningly
Silent_Sunset looks questioningly
<ADamiani> Lightning flashes!
Jiang shakes his head. "We'll discuss it some other time."
<ADamiani> Tha-boom!
<ADamiani> *that was thunder, just in case*
<Silent_Sunset> "Please, brother Jiang! If you know something ..."
Jiang rises and walks to the window, scowling out at the storm, hands behind his back. "I am uncertain that I should tell you, prior to confirming certain details and analyzing how it influences our siutation."
<Silent_Sunset> "I'm sure, we would be careful to avoid all-too-fast conclusions, if you told us now. It might be important for research through our own channels ..."
Jiang shakes his head "No. Not now." He continues to glower at the storm.
<Jiang> "The list will suffice for now."
<Silent_Sunset> "Ahh, but you haven't mentioned what kind of list it was ..."
<ADamiani> And the rain pours down, as the topic shifts to finding time to train amidst the chaos and hurly burly of the schedule
<Jiang> "I recovered it from Lytek's office. He was investigating them, believing that the listed subjects possibly worked with the Death Lords to open the Jade Prison."
<ADamiani> *Ka-Boom!*
<Silent_Sunset> "Ahh ..."
<ADamiani> The tea cools.
Silent_Sunset slurps his tea before it cools
Jiang sighs and opens the window. Leaning out, he shouts at the small gods managing the storm "Stop that, right this instant! Dramatic and Foreboding Weather Effects are restricted to Creation, barring special permission signed by at least two Sidereals, one God of Exotic Meteorology and at least one Divine member of the Bureau of Destiny!"
Silent_Sunset snickers - seems the stuff in Jiang's tea worked!
Jiang grumbles "
Silent_Sunset sighs "So, it seems we'll hope for Lord Lytek to be gracious and forthcoming with the information extracted from Weeping Glass"
<Silent_Sunset> "Anyone know how long he will need?"
Jiang grumbles "Bloody weather Gods. Always pestering hard working individuals." He turns back to the others "So. Do either of you have a method of investigating those names?"
<Jiang> "You'll have to ask him."
<Silent_Sunset> "Well, I might just try to take a look at Violet Catastrophe ..."
ADamiani would just have given an answer, but defers to Jiang :)
Silent_Sunset starts to brush up a little note to Lytek
<Silent_Sunset> Good wishes for his projects, a small hint of how much we helped him, and a question how well his memory extraction is coming along.
<ADamiani> Silent_Sunset (6), 4, 10, 3, 1, 7, 7, Successes : 4
<Silent_Sunset> Beautifully calligraphed :)
<ADamiani> Keen, OK. It'll be three hours before your familiar comes back with a response informing you that Lytek will be unable to comply with your request, thank you for your kind words.
Silent_Sunset turns the letter about in his hands ... "Uhhh. It seems our friend is unable or unwilling to get those memories for us :("
Silent_Sunset looks at the others
<Jiang> "Anyways, as to our course of action. Sunset, you should investigate the names on the list, associated with your Bureau. I will investigate certain other leads and see about discovering certain tools. Hidden Crystal, do you have any association with any of the people, groups, or Bureaus mentioned?'
Jiang nods shortly "I am not surprised."
<Hidden_Crystal> "With the Divison of Endings."
Silent_Sunset nods. "Perfect. Meet again here tomorrow?"
<Jiang> "Acceptable."
Hidden_Crystal nods.
Silent_Sunset gives the mute god a wink and fortune cookies are brought for each of the Sids
<ADamiani> Who opens their fortune cookies?
Silent_Sunset does, naturally
Hidden_Crystal carefully opens it.
<ADamiani> Silent: "A wise man acts without hesitation" .... in bed.
<ADamiani> Jiang?
Silent_Sunset nods at this gesture from Fate ... like many he is quite curious, where those cookies come from. Some hold, that the Maidens have a personal hand in their creation ...
Jiang opens his cookie
<ADamiani> Jiang: "Who dares, does." ... in bed.
Jiang snorts "Foolishness." He crumples up the fortune and heads out.
<ADamiani> Hidden Crystal: "Meet me at Midnight, Saturday. The Loom. Come alone. -A friend."
<ADamiani> ... in bed.
Silent_Sunset shares his ... no bed, though
<Hidden_Crystal> Yes.
Silent_Sunset blinks
<Silent_Sunset> "Mmmh. Sounds like you have well-connected friends!"
<Silent_Sunset> "Be careful, though."
<Hidden_Crystal> "I will."

Jiang goes to find the God of Lost Artifacts
<ADamiani> The God of Lost Artifacts appears to be a doddering old man in some kind of argyle cardigan.
<ADamiani> Or patterned vest, anyhow.
<ADamiani> His office/temple is filled with... junk.
<ADamiani> Odds and ends.
<ADamiani> Lost books, weapons, odd ruined vehicles.
<ADamiani> Right now, he's mumbling to himself, and feeling around the junk pile by touch
<ADamiani> "Where did I put my glasses?"
<ADamiani> They're on his head.
<Jiang> "On your head, sir."
<ADamiani> "Wha?"
<ADamiani> "Oh!
<ADamiani> "My!"
<ADamiani> "So they are!"
<ADamiani> He fumbles with them and eventually puts his oversized spectacles on, peering at youy
<ADamiani> "Hello?"
<ADamiani> "You don't LOOK like my assistent."
<ADamiani> "Are you new?"
Jiang shakes his head "I am neither your assistant, nor new. I am, however, in need of your assistance."
<ADamiani> "Meh? ME?"
<ADamiani> "That's... odd."
<ADamiani> "I'm god of Lost artifacts. Not much use for me. Don't have a lot of call for things nobody's got..."
<ADamiani> "You're sure you're in the right place?"
Jiang nods "Indeed. I would like to recover certain items."
<ADamiani> "Recover?"
<ADamiani> "Hm."
<ADamiani> "Well..."
<ADamiani> "See... if something's RECOVERED, it's no longer mine, is it?"
<Jiang> "Yes, but it's not like you're using them at the moment, now is it?"
<ADamiani> "'s not the point, they're MINE!"
<ADamiani> He clutches his junk posessively.
<ADamiani> "My precious, precious lost things...."
Jiang nods "Yes, and I can appreciate that. However, it is my responsibility to safeguard Creation. Your items are, of course, part of Creation. To successfully execute my duties, I am in need of certain items. When I'm done with them I will, of course, return them to you."
<ADamiani> "MMn hm." He looks at you with a sour and skeptical expression, stroking a rusted drum barrel out of habit.
Jiang sighs "I could secure a Celestial Writ permitting me to comandeer any such items I require, however that would inconvenience everyone involved. And you'd never have your items restored to you. So, can we come to an accomidation? I am in need of at least one Temporal Dilation Pod, and a broad supply of items suitable for war or infiltration. If you have none on hand, I would also accept information concerning caches within Creation."
<ADamiani> "So this is a shakedown, is that it?"
<Jiang> "No, it is not a shakedown. If it were a shakedown, there would be more threats. No, I am attempting to acquire items and artifacts neccessary to preserve Creation. I believe it wise to offer you a chance to participate with me, prior to filling the appropriate paperwork to ensure your compliance."
<ADamiani> Jiang: The god frowns. "But it's MY stuff. You can't just... TAKE it."
<Jiang> "I'm not taking it. I'm borrowing it. I'll sign for it, and return it when the crisis has passed."
<ADamiani> Jiang: "These things only have a certain amount of non-time stored in them!"
Jiang nods "Then, when this crisis is finished, we will provide a compensatory number of artifacts."
<ADamiani> Jiang: "My glasses are AN artifact. Nowhere NEAR as valuable as what you're looking for..."
<ADamiani> Jiang: "A compensetory NUMBER means nothing!"
<Jiang> "Then we will provide an equal value of artifacts in exchange for any destroyed artifacts, and a pre-agreed value of artifacts for the used time. What would you consider a fair offer?"
<ADamiani> Jiang: "What... exactly... are you offering me?"
Jiang thinks "In exchange for the use of your Temporal Dilation Pod, we will ensure the loss of a two common Warstriders within the next decade. If your Temporal Dilation Pod is exhausted prior to it's return, a royal warstrider will be added to that. In exchange for the use of a lost weaponry cache, we will ensure the loss of a number of artifacts equal in value to four Grand Daiklaives, as well as restoring, one for one, any
<Jiang> Items permanently destroyed through our use of them."
<ADamiani> Jiang: He mulls it over "The realm's about to go to war. The price of lost warstriders is about to go down dramatically..."
Jiang smiles faintly "In times of strife, people take up tomb raiding, reducing your total sum of lost artifacts. And most of the 'lost' war striders will be merely destroyed."
<ADamiani> Jiang: "So I get NOTHING now, in turn for promises later?"
<Jiang> "Would you like some collateral?"
<ADamiani> Jiang: "I'd LIKE not to be scammed out of something extremely valuable in exchange for promises I can't possibly hope to enforce against one of the Chosen."
Jiang says evenly "My name is Jiang Chou, called the Eternal Library. I was born prior to your existence, and I will endure after you wither away. I have the Mandate of Heaven, to rule both Heaven and Creation, and I have the personal mandate of the Maiden of Secrets herself, to act in her name and in her interests, given to me when the world was young. I have existed for a span of time beyond your comphrension, spirit."
Jiang rises from his seat, staring into the God's eyes "And in all that time, I have never broken an oath that I have freely given. My word is as strong as orichalcum, and far more enduring. What I will to come to pass, comes to pass. My oaths are as eternal as I, and significantly more so than you."
Jiang draws his blade, eyes locked to the Gods. "This weapon has no name. It was the first of it's kind, forged from the dead star of the Goddess of Sacrifice for Love. More Gods, Demons and Exalts have perished under it's edge than under any other. I will place it in your custody, since you doubt my word. In exchange, you will give me what I desire."
<ADamiani> "... very well. I will lend you the Pocket Device, and hold your sword until you have ensured the loss of ... what was it, two common Warstriders and a Royal Warstrider, within the next decade?"
<Jiang> "Indeed."
<ADamiani> Okeydoke. Well, he'll give you the location of a buried Temporal Dilation Device
Jiang bows and goes to retrieve it
<ADamiani> It'll take a Calibration Gate hop to the deep south, a few days to hire crew and excavate, and it's guarded by feindish deathtraps.
<ADamiani> But, for you, pretty trivial.
<ADamiani> You now have training time sufficient to spend all of your current experience.
Jiang finishes transporting the thingy and raising his essence and then.. errr..
<ADamiani> Jiang: Look! you glow!
<Jiang> Yay!

<ADamiani> HC: you want to to to someone high ranking, someone low ranking, a friend, what?
<Hidden_Crystal> ...someone midranking?
<ADamiani> HC, OK. Yeah. There's a mid-ranking sidereal called Black Dust Tiger, about a century or two old. She handles legal affairs for the BoE, and she's had a crush on you for a while, so she's rather eager to accept your offer for a business lunch.
<ADamiani> HC: The two of you are getting tea and a salad at Seven Silver Circle's teahouse.
<ADamiani> Naturally, your serving girl is the ever circumspect Hidden Emerald. :) --BDT: "So... you said you had some business you wanted to discuss?"
<ADamiani> HC: She bats eyelashes at you, if it helps. :)
<Hidden_Crystal> "Yes, I did." Crystal considers his words carefully. "...In a case I'm working on, matters have become quite...tangled." Another pause. "...I was hoping that perhaps you could help provide some assistance..."
<ADamiani> HC: "Of course. You know I'd be happy to help."
<ADamiani> HC: "Anything has to be better than determining the expiration date of minor legislation in threshold nations... such a backlog."
Hidden_Crystal nods in sympathy. "Well..." carefully considers again. Gah, this talking business, so very complex. "It seems as though two members of our Division may be...involved...in the tangle somehow." he trails off for a moment. "It may be too much to ask, but..."
<ADamiani> HC: She sips her tea. "Maybe you'd better start at the beginning?"
<ADamiani> HC: She eats her salad and waits for you to tell her what you want.

<ADamiani> OK. Whatcha up to?
<Silent_Sunset> as I said, sifting through VBoS gossip and similar stuff to look, where VC lives
<Silent_Sunset> and look up where his office is, unless he works at home ;)
<ADamiani> He has a nice tall manse downtown.
<ADamiani> Yes, he has an office in the main BoE building.
<Silent_Sunset> This evening Silent Sunset makes sure that Violet has left for the night.
Silent_Sunset clothes himself in the Shroud of the Starless Sky, gathers shadows around him, pushes the strands of fate away from him, dampening his presence!
<ADamiani> Vzoosh! You cloak!
Silent_Sunset sneaks through the empty hallways of the Violet Bier of Sorrows, eventually reaching VC's door by a circuitous route
Silent_Sunset is cloaked, crawls along walls and ceilings in presence of patrols
Silent_Sunset starts off from his own office
Silent_Sunset tries his hand at B&E, to take a look inside the office
<Silent_Sunset> Usual steps ... look for tripping wires, real and metaphorical, open door, proceed with sneakative efforts
Silent_Sunset is no master-thief but reasonably good :)
<ADamiani> OK, roll Larceny + Awareness
<Silent_Sunset> <ADamiani> Silent_Sunset (5), 4, 6, 3, 7, 3, Successes : 1
<ADamiani> You don't SEE anything wrong....
<Silent_Sunset> "Hah! Perfect!"
Silent_Sunset finaggles the door open
<ADamiani> You get in without difficulty
Silent_Sunset looks around, still cloaked. "Mmhh, where's the interesting paperwork."
<ADamiani> He has loads of interesting paperwork. Are you interested in the sexual indescretions of half the Bureau of Serenity?
<Silent_Sunset> ((ok, Silent will be looking around for the files on Sorrowful North at first))
<ADamiani> No, no sign of sorrowful North's file.
<ADamiani> You DO, however, hear footsteps and a slight humming sound coming from the hall!
Silent_Sunset returns to the door, quietly locks it from the inside
<ADamiani> The footsteps grow closer!
Silent_Sunset rolls his eyes, draws shadows even closer around himself, continues to look for stuff
<Silent_Sunset> Whoever it is will be just passing by, surely!
<ADamiani> Violet Catastrophe hums a little to himself as he fumbles with the lock.
<Silent_Sunset> Does Silent recognise the voice/whistle?
<ADamiani> Well, you recognize the shadow beyond the frosted glass of the door
<Silent_Sunset> ok
Silent_Sunset is now sitting at his own desk in his own office, having just decided 'Naw, he'll probably come back at the worst possible moment ... I'll do it some other time.'
<ADamiani> You dodge your certain discovery, oh prince of the earth!
Silent_Sunset idly goes through his papers
<Silent_Sunset> "Friggin' memos ..."

Jiang goes to the Library.
<ADamiani> Jiang: From your paperwork investigations, you find that the essence expenditure of the West has, indeed been increasing exponentially, roughly doubling every fifteen months over the past five years.
<ADamiani> It recently surpassed shogunate levels, but it's still not nearly on par with the first age expenditures.
Jiang looks to see how the First Age handled regulating the essence flows.
<ADamiani> Jiang: The first age documentation was a lot better. You're not sure you can even track down this stuff now. The procedures were a little more advanced, but mostly it was the same as now, relying on the pattern spiders and adressing things as needed. True, they had first age powers with which to smooth over the rough parts, but the basic procedures seem mostly similar.
<Jiang> "So the question becomes, why isn't it working now? What has changed?" Jiang looks for the differences
<ADamiani> Jiang: Something's definitely wrong. It's like the Pattern spiders are repairing and guiding fate much less efficiently than they were in the first age.
<ADamiani> After many many hours of looking over statistics and diagrams, you think you've isolated the problem.
<ADamiani> The first age spiders had 25 functions to work with, the number reflecting the perfect nature of creation, and, it can be mathematically demonstrated, sufficient to achieve any effect (in theory).
<ADamiani> The CURRENT pattern spiders only seem to be executing 24.
Jiang looks down at the papers, closes his eyes, and slowly begins to bang his head against the desk. "Jiang, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you SAY this would happen?" Jiang frowns, then nods "Yes Jiang, I believe I did. And you know what this means?" Jiang sighs "Yes, but say it anyways. I can't make myself.." Jiang nods "It means that we're going to have to clean up everybodies mess."
<Jiang> "Again."
<Jiang> "So, theoretically friend Jiang, how would you go about fixing a fundamental constant of reality?" As he talks to himself, he writes a series of notes, requesting the attendance of his circle.
<Jiang> "I hate math. I wonder if I could convince the spiders that twenty four equals twenty five.."
<ADamiani> Jiang: Sure, the spiders are idiots. No problem.
<Jiang> "Yes, but would it fix anything? Yes. Yes it would. But it would also break so many more things.. Egh.. And nobody is going to want to fix the Mask. Maybe we can make a new constellation? Yes.. Yes. That would work! We could even invent some new charms."

<ADamiani> Silent--your avoidence Kata goes off! Poof! You are somewhere else.
<ADamiani> The tapestries here remind you of stained glass. Light shines through them. They seem to depict scenes from the Great Contagion and the fall of the Shogunate.
<ADamiani> The floor is coral, or something quite like it.
<ADamiani> You are sitting on an elaborately embroidered burgundy couch, waiting, apparently, dressed in your formal best.
<ADamiani> The scent of cinnamon mixes with fresh salt in the air. It is a few degrees cooler than you could truly call comfortable, but it IS the middle of Ascending Water, nearly the coldest time of the year.
<ADamiani> At the front of the room are two enormous doors, wrought of living coral that, though pale, seems to ripple and shimmer slightly from hue to hue.
Silent_Sunset 's expression is serene as he takes it all in
<ADamiani> Glowing fish in globes where torches should be provide illunination.
Silent_Sunset thinks ... No decision he could have made would have led him into real danger, therefore he must be fine! Interesting surroundings, too.
<ADamiani> Slowly, the door swings open, and a richly embroidered red carpet spills out.
<ADamiani> A deep, ringing voice, too resonant to be human, cries out "Announcing the emissary from Heaven, Silent Sunset, to seek an audience with Her Supremacy, Judge Nehemeth of the Pearl Court!"
<ADamiani> Avoidence Kata is my new favorite charm.
Silent_Sunset rises in a dignified manner, his shaking hands well hidden in his sleeves.
<ADamiani> Seven times seven trumpets sound their seven note to announce your entrance.
Silent_Sunset walks along the red carpet, dignified like a funeral master on his most important march
Silent_Sunset lets his eyes wander about, subtly, making sure to avoid staring or making eye contact - that would be sooo impolite!
<ADamiani> The assembled court regards you stiffly, but you can sense significant hostility from most of them.
<ADamiani> Eventually, you come nearly to the foot of the metal-skinned Judge herself, where she sits on massive throne carved from a single vast pearl.
<ADamiani> She regards you impassively, her iron will masking any emotion she might feel behind a facade of courtly ritual.
<ADamiani> After a lengthy pause to abase yourself, N. adresses you: "Welcome to the Pearl Court, servant of Heaven. You will be permitted to speak your message."
Silent_Sunset bows deeply and elaborately, paying special attention to the folds of his Heavenly Robe - the way they fall indicates so much in these parts!
<ADamiani> At the slightest motion from the Judge, a deathly hush falls over the assembly. All ears are on you.
<Silent_Sunset> "Thank you for your permittance, Nehemeth, Ruler of the Pearl Court. The message I am bearing is simple in its notion, yet as you naturally understand, more complicated at its heart."
<ADamiani> She waits, a glimmering, umoving statue
<Silent_Sunset> "There has been a certain amount of antagonization between your illustrious personage and the ones I serve in the past, but things have changed in the past years. Naturally you have noticed the emergence of those, who would style themselves the Lords of the Dead and their obstinateness and determination to put themselves in the way of the will of their betters."
Silent_Sunset makes sure the inflections imply, that their better is Nehemeth of course
<ADamiani> The tiniest motion of her ivory-nailed fingers indicates, of COURSE Nehemeth knows this, and you may contine, outsider.
Silent_Sunset nods "Distasteful and unelegant, their countenances and plans. Downright presumtive in that they have made plain their intention to rule territory claimed by more worthy rulers."
<ADamiani> An arched eyebrow-- Nehemeth suspects an attempt to manipulate her.
<Silent_Sunset> "Unwelcome, this, to my superiors. A matter of distaste to you as well?"
<Silent_Sunset> A 'you like them? we neither. enemy of my enemy ...?' vibe there.
<ADamiani> Her expression is hard to read, a carefully measured indication of intrigued ambivalence. Who the hell knows what she really thinks?
<ADamiani> She waits for you to continue, expressing that she is not yet offput by your proposal, but not willing to agree based on mere suggestion.
Silent_Sunset cocks his head slightly, acknowledging her gesture
<Silent_Sunset> "To be clear, the individual in question has offended us greatly. Beyond our will to accept. That insult cries for a return in kind, at the very least until he is ready to bow to our demand of restitution."
<Silent_Sunset> "Our proposal now, as you naturally knew from the beginning, is coordination in the case your plans run into similar directions."
<ADamiani> Nehemeth: "Heaven seeks the assistence of the Pearl Court?"
<Silent_Sunset> "You may see it as an offer of Heaven to possibly assist your plans, where they align with our own planned efforts. :)"
<ADamiani> "And what assistance does heaven wish to offer the Pearl Court?"
Silent_Sunset bows slightly, a gesture of deference. "That would depend on on the ways the Pearl Court would desire being assisted."
<Silent_Sunset> Implying 'Let's establish a base of negotiation first, talk about concrete stuff once we're ready ... and then you tell it first'
<ADamiani> "The pearl court requires no assistence."
<Silent_Sunset> "I did not mean to imply it did."
<Silent_Sunset> "If the Pearl Court is not interested in cooperation, this messenger will of course return to convey that notion ..."
<ADamiani> "Heaven's entreaty will be given due consideration. Perhaps you have some gift to offer as a token of your goodwill?"
Silent_Sunset makes a complicated gesture with both hand. When it is finished the bracelets he was wearing have joined into a single, interwoven whole. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry with miniscule traces starmetal shimmering among silver and understated pearls.
<Silent_Sunset> "This piece was worn by the Master of the Prismatic Sutra during the great upheaval 1500 years ago. It remains a reminder of necessity ruling over baser needs. It is, of course, only a small token to someone such as you, certainly not enough to aptly demonstrate our good will ... but I would be honored if you would take it nonetheless."
<ADamiani> Nehemeth: "Your gift is priceless, Sidereal. You honor us. Honor demands that we reciprocate in kind."
Silent_Sunset bows, murmurring polite negatives
<ADamiani> Sunset: Nehemeth's expression hardens: "Is it the intent of Heaven to shame the Pearl Court?"
Silent_Sunset looks genuinely shocked. "Never!"
<ADamiani> Nehemeth's copper face remains imperious and impassive, but there is a smile of triumph in her ruby eyes as she snaps her fingers and motions to one of her courtiers.
<ADamiani> "Dilari of the sea foam!" she makes a jerking motion, from her courtier to Sunset.
<ADamiani> "She is yours, oh, emissary, for so long as our relations remain amicable."
<ADamiani> Dilari looks shocked, but she knows better than to second guess The Judge.
<Silent_Sunset> A brief look of surprise crosses Silent's face for a moment, then he bows deeply.
<ADamiani> Nehemeth: "You may go, emissary."
Silent_Sunset bows again, his hands held in a gesture of appreciation of the ... gift
Silent_Sunset takes ten steps backwards, facing Nehemeth and avoiding the insult of turning his back on her, then finally turns to gracefully walk out
<ADamiani> Your newly appointed retainer follows a respectful seven paces behind.
Silent_Sunset follows obvious signs to a point of departure
<ADamiani> Well, out. It turns out that the entire court is a series of tent pavillions (with marble floors, stained glass windows and giant coral doors?) on the back of some colossal beast.

Silent_Sunset doesn't even look at the Lion at the gate, waving a hand. "Diplomatic envoy from the Pearl Court. You got the memo, right? Very good." And moves on.
<ADamiani> You just bluff your way through with the obvious fair folk in tow.
<Silent_Sunset> What kind of assumption is she wearing?
<ADamiani> Assumption of Water, as a beautiful aquatic woman. She moves with liquid grace and her skin is whiter than the foam of the sea.
Silent_Sunset walks by a tailor in a back-alley ang gets her a cloak for plausible deniability, then walks her to his manse
<ADamiani> She contrives to make it look positively obscene.
Silent_Sunset doesn't notice
<ADamiani> OK. You get her back to your manse.
<Silent_Sunset> At his manse Silent Sunset clues his servants in and shows her to the guest wing
<ADamiani> OK. She'll haughtily see herself to her quarters.
<Silent_Sunset> They're very nice and elegant, if intentionally spartanic
<ADamiani> Not for long, if you let her redecorate!
<Silent_Sunset> she can redecorate all she wants, as long as she keeps it to her quarters
<Silent_Sunset> have to treat 'honored guests' well after all ;)

Silent_Sunset Kata's into Lytek's antechamber
<ADamiani> There's a flurry of activity in his office as he hastily instructs a bevy of servitor gods, fanning out in all directions.
Silent_Sunset bows appropriately, adjusting the folds of his second 'best suit'
<Silent_Sunset> "Greetings, Lord. I was wondering, if you had a moment for me ..."
<ADamiani> "I'm sorry, I'm really QUITE swamped today, mister... Sunset, was it?"
<ADamiani> He motions to one of the servitor Gods "So no one on any of the gates saw anything?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Indeed. I just wanted to stop by to ask how your experiments were coming along. The Convention of Water having a certain interest ..."
<ADamiani> "Lytek: I'm afraid I can't comment on an ongoing investigation, certain difficulties having arisen in the course of -- well, you know how it goes.."
Silent_Sunset beams at the bright god with confidence. "Certainly nothing that your exceptional abilities could not handle, I'm sure."
<ADamiani> "Yes, well, one would hope, assuming my efforts are not being sabotagued."
<ADamiani> "But I say too much."
<Silent_Sunset> "Of course we would be *most* happy to be of assistance ..."
<ADamiani> "I think you can best assist by letting me get back to my business. This is a matter of some urgency..."
<Silent_Sunset> "Certainly, I'll leave you to your work ... speaking of which, I don't suppose a look at the item might be possible?"
<ADamiani> "No, I'm afraid that's QUITE impossible at this point."
<Silent_Sunset> "Oh?" Silent looks at the Bright God's expression carefully - he hiding something?
<Silent_Sunset> "Then thank you for these minutes. It was a pleasure. :)"
<ADamiani> The shining god is somewhat frantic, yes. He seems to be ordering his servitors to conduct some kind of search?
Silent_Sunset shakes his head as he walks away. He wouldn't have misplaced a shard, would he? But then, an Abyssal one might be tricky ...
<ADamiani> Yeah, um, shard, that's it, surely!

Jiang steps Outside of Fate and wanders over to the Loom, contemplating how best to edit the Heavens.
<ADamiani> Jiang: Very carefully!
Jiang checks out the security, looking for holes and weaknesses
<ADamiani> In Loom Security?
<ADamiani> Who would DARE assault the loom itself?
<ADamiani> Besides which, the place is crawling with spiders...
<Jiang> ((The Spiders will be on my side! Mostly, I'm just checking to see what I'd have to overcome, to temporarily seize control of the Loom and rewrite the Heavens))
<ADamiani> JIang: It requires an INSANE amount of successes to actually rewrite things. The odds of not being spotted are pretty well impossible.
<ADamiani> .... without great effort.
Jiang returns home, whistling to himself