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Session 2 - Stirring Dust


<ADamiani> So far we've been investigating.
<ADamiani> There are four sidereals absent and one whose shard has turned up dead.
<ADamiani> It's shown up in Lytek's office for reprocessing.
<ADamiani> He hasn't yet been reincarnated.
<ADamiani> Red Stone Rising, Secrets. Posing as Mnemon Kiala on Azure. (Missing). We searched his office, found a calibration gate request near to the fixed gate on Skullstone island dated for about when they disappeared. We also found a lot of paperwork about the Realm Third Fleet
<ADamiani> It was supposed to be sunk before it reached the Coral archipelago. Many sticky notes to this affect.
<ADamiani> What else did we find?
<Jiang> A Calibration Gate reciept.
<ADamiani> The other missing Sids: Battleworn Nail (Battles, Missing) posing as "Onyx Moon Rising" on Skullstone island.
<ADamiani> Blosssom Of Cerulean Fluttering, posing as "Lush Green CLover," concubine to the Feathered One, President of Wavecrest. Meddling with local politics and dealing with an unusual number of fate snags
<ADamiani> Stalwart Sky (Journies, Missing), posing as "Foulrot Shen-Li," notorious pirate.
<ADamiani> We also found that the dead sidereal, Sorrowful North (Endings) had an appointment with celestial censor Xue Fan scheduled the day after he died.
<ADamiani> The only other setting detail I think we established was that Chejop has a hummingbird-god familiar named Red Ink Triplicate.
<ADamiani> You know for certain that Red Stone Rising was scheduled to ensure that the Realm third fleet did NOT reach the Coral Archipelago.

<onine> So who are the PCs?
<Jiang> Jiang Chou, the Relentless Library. Cynical Chosen of Secrets.
<ADamiani> Well, they're... mostly not here, alas. We have two serenity courtesans-- Platinum Sky Lover (a formidable Water-Dragon style combattant) and Azure Rains (our bishonen social bunny, former slave)
<ADamiani> Jiang is currently the talk of Heaven's rumor mill. He's just returned from a long stint in creation, rumor has it he's ex-ronin. Rumor also attributes him some strange abilities for one of the chosen of the maidens.
<ADamiani> There's als Lei Wu, chosen of battles, whose details escape me momentarilly.

Starting the Stirring

<ADamiani> Right. So you guys were investigating the missing sidereals. you'd just finished spamming Efficient Secretary Technique for information on Blossom of Cerulean Fluttering.
Jiang grumbles "I guess it's time to interrogate that Censor."
<Tien> (OOC) We in heaven?
<ADamiani> Ayup. Yu Shan. Right outside the Loom of Fate itself.
<ADamiani> Today's game date is the 12th day of Ascending Water, and the sidereals have been missing since the 3rd of Descending wood.
Tien hops down from his perch with a ruffle of gold and green silk. He straightens the loose tunic and speaks it seems for the first time. "Perhaps, hmmm. Musn't take such an undertaking lightly methings, could go wrong, hmm."
Jiang nods "Indeed. But there seems to be little hope for it."
Tien nods with his evaluation of the scenario. "Perhaps we should have some tea first, relax our bodies and minds, hmm."
Jiang pauses "Perhaps, but it would be best if we focused on our duties." ((I vote for interogating whats his name)
<ADamiani> Seven Silver Circle runs a tea house not too far from here.
<ADamiani> Celestial Censor Xue Fan is lesser elemental dragon of wood, employed by the bureau of heaven.
Silent_Sunset absent-mindedly fiddles with the cords fastening his heavenly robes
<Tien> "Action where action is due, patience where patience is due. A mere portion of an afternoon is nothing when compared with success or failure from not being ready and able to meet the challenge, hmmm."
<Tien> "Also, we need to ensure he is willing and able to see us, hmm." Tien rubs his slender chin. "There's always proceedure to consider."
Jiang shrugs "Then we'll make an appointment. I'll head back to my office and arrange it."
<Tien> "As you desire." Tien replies. "I've never been to the Teahouse near here, I should dearly like to experience it."
Jiang glides off to make the appointment.

<ADamiani> Jiang, Lung Xue Fan's secretary is a blobby blue god about four feet tall, with eight spherical purple eyes.
<ADamiani> "How can I help you?"
Jiang looks down at him "Chejop Kejack has selected me and my circle to investigate the dissapearance of the Convention of Water. It has come to my attention the Most Honorable Censor, Lung Xue Fan, had an appointment with one of their number. It would be helpful to discuss this matter with him."
<ADamiani> He god burbles.
<ADamiani> "I seee. Master Lung has no appointments available for several days."
Jiang bends down to look at the little creature, an intense point of light gleaming in the heartstone replacing his left eye. "This is a matter of extreme importance. I remind you that we've been assigned by Chejop Kejack to pursue this matter. Now, if you don't give me an appointment for today and tomarrow, I'm going to go away. But I'm going to come back with an official writ compelling you and your master to see me."
<Jiang> "Do you really think your Censor will take kindly to you forcing me to resort to measures that demean us both?"
RPGServ- <Roll for Jiang [8[1d10]]: 10 7 10 10 6 6 1 10 >
<ADamiani> The burbling blue blob seems to bubble a little, and hops up in the air briefly.
<ADamiani> "Sunday! How is the sun's day?"
Jiang smiles brightly "Sunday will be most acceptable. Thank you for seeing reason, I'll be sure to commend your wisdom to your master."
<ADamiani> He burbles nervously, sighs with releif when you leave.

Tien admired the splendour of Yu-Shan, however there was a simple beauty to Creation that he was reminded of even in the tea-houses of the Heavenly City itself.
<Silent_Sunset> "Look at that god over there! Crystal spikes for hair and feet of music!"
Silent_Sunset skips along, his feet touching the ground only to beat the rhythm of the third cadence of the Ebon Shadow
<ADamiani> Seven Silver Circle bows before Tien, a silent greeting, and he seems to gesture (it's hard to tell when you are a series of intertwining discs) to a private area set aside.
<Silent_Sunset> "Ah, thank you, master of this beautiful house."
<ADamiani> Seven Silver Circle hums. "How may we bring you serenity this day?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Oh, this table is wonderful! And if you have the Green Tea like they serve it in the Imperial City? I have developped a taste for it ..."
Tien seats himself comfortably and nods politely. "Something new and exotic for me, hmm"
Silent_Sunset sits down at the other side of the table, deftly manipulating the many cords, ribbons and assorted layers of his clothing so fold just right
Tien awaits the tea and studies Silent Sunset with gold-flecked eyes, the clear sign of his patronage to the Maiden of Journeys. "Silent Sunset... you intrigue me a little, is that deliberate I wonder?"
Jiang heads over to the tea house
<Silent_Sunset> "Intrigue I do? In a good way I hope." :)
Jiang saunters into the tea house, puffing on his horrible little cigarette.
<Silent_Sunset> "I'm certainly not one for great intrigues and similar occupations - apart from what are the sad necessities of everyday affairs ..."
Silent_Sunset sits at one of the more secluded tables along with Jiang
<ADamiani> Seven Silver Circle is proprietor of Emminent Elm Shade, one of Yu Shan's more lovely and larger teahouses.
Tien inhales the bizzare and unidentifiable tea that he has been served as he looks over the table at Silent Sunset, who drinks simple Realm green tea. "And likewise, hmmm. You seem - forgive me - lacking a certain 'dire' quality that is consistant in Saturn's chosen."
Jiang wheads over to the others' table and takes a seat "Appointment is for Sunday morning."
Silent_Sunset 's expression brightens "Oh, yes, I forget. The everpresent threat of Endings, following us around everywhere ..."
Jiang snorts "For some of us."
<ADamiani> Your attendant is a graceful, elegantly appointed southern woman who introduces herself as Hidden Emerald.
<Tien> "Marvelous. I see we did not lose time at all in delaying for tea, hmm." Tien answers Jiang politely, then turning back to respond to Sunset.
<Silent_Sunset> "It's a useful facade indeed, but no more than that as far as I am concerned."
<Tien> "Refreshing to see someone that does not 'live and breath' ones job. That does not make him any less dedicated however, agreed?"
<ADamiani> Hidden Emerald performs her functions silently, with excellent discretion, bringing tea when appropriate, clearing it away when it is not.
Tien blinks. "I stand corrected... forgive me."
Jiang shrugs "I like my job."
<Tien> "And I mine. I see little benefit in becoming the job however..." Tien replies, sipping the steaming savoury drink.
Silent_Sunset tilts his head a little. "Oh, there are matters of great importance in the workings of Fate and especially in the House of Endings in these days, but grim and dour faces do not help along with peaceful endings, nor do they intimidate the other kind"
Silent_Sunset smiles as Jiang sits down
Tien steeples his fingers and rests his chin upon them. "Still... refreshing."
<Silent_Sunset> "Sunday. That's far sooner than I'd feared. The censors are so budy people ..."
<Jiang> "It helps if you know how to talk to their lackeys."
Tien nods. "Hmmm. Expedience was our prime concern."
<Jiang> "Indeed. These sorts of thing rarely get better if you let them simmer."
<Silent_Sunset> "So, what do you think of the situation? It certainly does not seem like an child's puzzle ..."
<Tien> "I think.... that I do not like it, hmmm." Tien frowns.
Silent_Sunset moves three violet ribbons out of the way and sips at his tea
Jiang frowns sourly "I may be getting cynical in my old age, but I expect they've turned."
<Silent_Sunset> "Turned!"
Platinum_Sky_Lover lightly steps off of the silver canal boat, paying the small god who pilots the boat a token of jade. As she makes her way through the crowds, she politely bows and smiles even to the least gods. She is wearing a short kimono, and her luxurious platinum hair is pulled up into a tail. She snaps her fan closed as she approaches the tea house, a dossier tucked into her large-bowed obi.
<Jiang> "I expect they could have been captured and are currently being tortured, but that seems less likely, considering the evidence."
<Tien> "Yes... hmmm, I heard rumours of the Solars being 'turned' to the purposes of the Deathlords in my missions. Is it possible that such creatures of darkness could be made of ones such as us?" Tien suggests, agreeing with Jiang
Silent_Sunset frowns ... "It does seem strange for appointments to be left hanging and paperwork left unresolved ..."
Jiang shrugs "I've seen a lot of strange things. It could be as you say, or a more mundane form of mind control."
<Jiang> "Even if they went off on an emergency mission, why wasn't there any notes or paperwork? Why didn't they mention it to /anyone/?
Silent_Sunset looks troubled at the mentioning of creatures of darkness
Platinum_Sky_Lover speaks with the hospitality goddess who runs the tea house. As she is escorted into the presence of the other Chosen of the Maidens, she bows politely, her face hidden behind her fan. "I am Platinum Sky Lover, assigned by the Bureau to assist with the current investigation in regards to the Convention of Water. Whom do I have the pleasure of meeting?"
Jiang offers the girl his hand "Jiang Chou."
<ADamiani> Hidden Emerald bows humbly, avoiding your gaze as she pours your tea.
Platinum_Sky_Lover bows in reply and takes his hand. "The esteemed Jiang Chou. The Maidens have blessed us with your return. Your adventures are startling, to say the least."
<Silent_Sunset> "That's what I meant - one of the Fellowship who was looking to become ... a ronin or worse, would surely cover his trail better than that, wouldn't he? Paperwork in best order, to explain any absences ..."
<Tien> "Thank you..." Tien whispers to Hidden Emerald
Silent_Sunset rises at PSL's approach, his many-parted clothes rustling, and bows
Jiang bows his head "Startling? As good a word as any. A pleasure to meet you, Platinum Sky Lover."
Tien observes Jiang and Platinum Sky Lover speak.
<Silent_Sunset> "Silent Sunset, here on behalf of the Violet Bier of Sorrows."
Tien does not rise, and acknowledges Platinum Sky Lover with a simple nod. "Harbinger Tien. Here because I am."
Platinum_Sky_Lover turns and bows to Tien. "Brother Sunset, Brother Tien. The honor is deeply mine."
Jiang turns to Sunset "Perhaps. This is all very suspicious. If it was an emergency mission, there'd be signs of that. If it was a secret mission, we wouldn't be here. I suppose they might not have bothered covering their trail to well if they were turning, since they know they'd be missed."
Jiang shrugs "We can try to find their trail and then follow it. Ain't much else we can do."
<Tien> "Perhaps it is a lure for more of us, hmmm." Tien suggests ominiously, but seems unperturbed by the idea, merely downing the remainder of his tea.
<Jiang> "Traps are made to be sprung. At least it'll spare us wandering around clueless."
<Silent_Sunset> "Misdirection ... the quintessential tactic of the Bureau."
Platinum_Sky_Lover takes a seat at the low tea table that they are all assembled around. She places a sealed Dossier upon the table.
<Tien> "Does it serve us to be suspicios of everything, hmmm? Perhaps, but we must not be paralysed by said suspicion and be forced to inaction."
Platinum_Sky_Lover politely waits for all of the other Chosen to complete what they are saying. Then, she speaks.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "I was previously assigned to the Convention of Water before I took my most recent sabbatical. Many of our missing brothers and sisters are friends and lovers of mine. So, this is somewhat personal for me, to say the least." [05:29] Jiang raises an eyebrow "Convenient. Any insight into this crisis?"
Tien raises a brow, but says nothing.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Specifically, I was able to secure the dossier of one of the missing Exalts in question - one Cerulean Blossom, who is a fellow Chosen of Serenity."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Now, rumor has had it that her Astrology requests have been... irregular, before she went missing. The West is usually assigned to those who have as their subject of expertise the Wyld or Malfeas, due to the low human population and porous borders of Creation."
Silent_Sunset breathes in sharply as PSL mentions her having been part of the convention. "Oh. I am ... no, there may yet be hope. We mustn't lose hope already."
<Silent_Sunset> "Mmhhh."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "I have also come into some other information, but I will only share it under the condition that it is not to leave this Circle, and that *allissues concerning the political debate between the Bronze and Gold factions of our 5 fold fellowship be put to the side. Our highest agenda must be the defense of Creation, not intercine politics. Further, what is to be discussed must remain confidential."
Jiang snorts "I have no interest in the petty bickering between the Bronze and Gold. Your secret is safe with me."
Platinum_Sky_Lover has her hand on the sealed dossier. "If you can not meet those conditions, I am afraid that I can not be forthcoming with my additional data."
Tien frowns
<Tien> "I am not here for a heated political debate, regardless of how incorrect and misguided some may be. You may present your information without concern, hmmm."
Silent_Sunset raises an eyebrow. "The Violet Bier is only second to the Forbidding Manse when it comes to honoring the importance of secrets. You can be sure I won't make gossip of it." He smiles
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Thank you, Brother Jiang. Brother Tien, thank you. I shall presume that what we discuss here at our meeting will not reach the desks of Chepok Kejak or Ayashe Ura until the matter is resolved. We must be united." She pauses, and then asks, "Brother Sunset?"
Jiang muses "I remember when Chejop was just a little boy in a funny hat. Never expected he'd turn out this way." He sighs.
<Silent_Sunset> "Have no doubt, Sister Joybringer. I wouldn't know how to reach them in either case."
Silent_Sunset smiles ironically
Tien imagines the hat and tries not to smile.
Silent_Sunset looks at Jian surprisedly
Platinum_Sky_Lover nods. "Very well. Thank you." She starts to undo the cord sealing this copy of the dossier. "In my experience, all of the houses of the 5 sisters are just as jealous of all their secrets - it's just secrets of different kinds. Secret routes, pillow talk, military intelligence, deaths."
Silent_Sunset listens interestedly
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Now, to brief you - a contact of mine whom shall not be named revealed to me that our sister Blossom of Cerulian Fluttering had gained knowlegde of an unnamed Solar Exalt, a powerful Sorcerer who was working to uncover the secrets of Solar Circle Sorcery. This, in my mind, explains her unusual Fate Weaving requests and may explain her disappearance - this Solar may be dabbling with dangerous powers in their quest
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "It is important to understand that, if they are strong enough and know the correct charms, that a Lawgiver can see past the Arcane Fate and can resist the tug of the strings of destiny that we use to steer the fates of lesser beings."
Jiang simply nods.
Silent_Sunset draws the constellation of the Rising Smoke on the desk with his fingers, lost in thought
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Now, to be clear - If this Solar represents a threat to Creation, I will kill him or her myself. However, if they are simply hiding from the minions of our Bronze colleagues, far away in the sea, I suggest that we use this resource to assist in dealing whatever is responsible for the disappearance of our brothers and sisters. If this Solar has killed Sidereals, then he or she will, of course, die."
<Jiang> "Of course. Once we discuss matters with the censors, shall we begin the quest for our brethern on-site?"
Silent_Sunset looks up at the suggestion of bringing a Solar into this affair
<Tien> "Dangerous. Hmmm." Tien frowns and says quietly.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "I am afraid, however, that my source was only able to provide me with sketchy details. I know not the name or gender if this being. It could also be a ruse, for all I know. But I do trust my source."
<Silent_Sunset> "Naturally all resources available should be used, especially in a matter of such importance, but ..."
Silent_Sunset looks a little doubtful
Platinum_Sky_Lover places a hand on Sunset's. "We'll have a talk, you and I, later. I'm sure that you've been fed some propaganda in regards to the Lawbringers. I'll give you my propaganda, as well, and you can make your own descision."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Certainly, brother Jiang. I'll review her last reports and the dossier on her and her most recent activities."
<Silent_Sunset> A spirit the shape of a miniature bird lands on Sunset's shoulder and his doubtful expression lifts.
<Silent_Sunset> "Oh, I am not fixed to a particular position in this matter ... I'm merely of the opinion, that an investigation of the Bureau of Destiny should not involve others, if it is not direly required." :)
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Oh, there is one more thing. Blossom practiced Dreaming Pearl Courtesan style. Usually, Savants who hold interest in the Wyld study the Chimera pathway style."
Jiang grumps "I've always hated that style. It's so.. silly."
Silent_Sunset grins ... "The style may be belittled, but do not underestimate it's accomplishments"
<Tien> "Silly perhaps, useful undoubtedly, hmm." Tien says.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "This is just my hunch, but the Wyld may also be involved." As Jiang makes his comment, she says, "With all due respect, Brother Jiang, what it lacks in combat power it makes up in it's pinnacle Charm. I almost considered studying it myself before I took up Water Dragon style."
Jiang thinks "We did build a tomb with an expansive library, somewhere off the cost of Abalone. That project was devlishly irritating. He might have visited there, if he's looking for Solar Sorcery."
<Tien> "Not enough manauverability for my tastes, hmm." Tien shrugs.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Further, it gives remarkable control over clothing and fans - it's an idea style for concubines and spies. And mastery of the form opens the gateway to the highest levels of the perfect lotus."
Jiang shrugs "It can be efficient. But it's still silly looking, and rather annoying."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Effeciency is what our mission is, Brother Jiang."
Silent_Sunset chuckles "This is becoming a major mess-up quickly - Solars, the Wyld and the Shadowlands all involved ..."
<ADamiani> And the Realm third fleet.
<Tien> "By the sounds of things Jiang, you have you been beaten with a lover's undergarments before." Tien smiles wryly.
Platinum_Sky_Lover shrugs slightly. "The Maidens are indeed fickle in their amusements, while they await their turns at the Games of Divinity."
<Silent_Sunset> "... not to forget the rather big issue of destiny management."
<Jiang> "I was once choked to death by a ladies undergarment, yes."
Silent_Sunset laughs
Platinum_Sky_Lover rolls her eyes and blows a platinum lock out of her hair when "Destiny managenent" is mentioned.
<Silent_Sunset> "Oh, that must have been so embarrassing!"
<Jiang> "Embarrassing and very uncomfortable, yes."
<Tien> "Ahem!" Tien replies after hearty chuckling. "An experience to be sure."
Platinum_Sky_Lover nods. "Especially when you have to dispose of the corpse and have another customer due to arrive."
Platinum_Sky_Lover smiles... serenely.
Jiang claps his hands together "Well. This has been very entertaining. Shall we reconvene this Sunday, to quiz the Censor? I'll also file a request for the Calibration Gate to be available to our use."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Brother Jiang, I agree, but wouldn't it be wiser to use Gate 43, which is on Abalone?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "The Calibration gate is distressingly... obvious. And I hate bribing those damned Lions."
<Jiang> "I would like to examine the area they relocated to. If that turns up nothing, we can re-enter the gate and proceede to 43."
<Silent_Sunset> "If I recall correctly, we wanted to avoid being obvious in our path of approach, yes?"
<Tien> "If you would so wish it, I may go on ahead into Creation to gather information and such whilst you 'speak' to our Censor?" Tien suggests. "Interrogations are not my forte to say the least and I would only get in the way."
Platinum_Sky_Lover a ha's, and bows her head to Jiang. "I accede to your superior wisdom."
<Silent_Sunset> "I could try to get some more information on Sorrowful North - the Bier's records have to be good for something."
Jiang nods "A good idea, Sunset."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "One more thing. Are we also responsible for the planned disappearance of the 3rd Realm fleet? or are others handling that? Or has the event been rescheduled and planned around, fate wise?"
Jiang shrugs "Our primary purpose is investigation at this moment."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Just so that I understand what my orders are, for when I testify at the eventual audit." She winks and smiles.
<Silent_Sunset> "I will look into this matter. The records should there at the Violet Bier and as it might be important to our investigation ..."
Tien nods and departs with little more than a whisper of Yellow silk.

Silent_Sunset will make inquiries at the Violet Bier of Sorrows, filling out the proper request forms to access the 'Agents' and 'Missions' records
<Silent_Sunset> (looking for general info on SN, weirdness, things that made him different from the rest of the convention)
<ADamiani> There's a slender, reed-like lizard god named Narrow Purchase that eventually gets back to you.
<ADamiani> "I'm sorry, Oh Prince of the Earth, but I cannot provide you with the information you seek."
<ADamiani> His tongue flicks in and out
Silent_Sunset looks stupefied "Oh. Really? So this means, there are no records of this at the Violet Bier of Sorrows?"
<ADamiani> "That'sss not what I sssssaid."
<Silent_Sunset> "I can't believe our bureau would be in such a state of disruption ..."
<ADamiani> "There issss no dissssruption! The Department isss entirely in order!"
Silent_Sunset 's expressions brightens!
<ADamiani> He crosses four arms.
<Silent_Sunset> "Ahh, then the records are there, yes? Surely then an important investigation appointed directly by Chejop Kejack, would be allowed priviledged access, yes? After all this is a matter of grave importance to the Bureau of Destiny as whole."
<ADamiani> "I am Ssssorry, but that'sss precisssely why I can't grant you access to it."
<Silent_Sunset> "Of course I can get the counter-signatures to that on form 734b ..."
<ADamiani> *Accessssss even.
<ADamiani> "I can't releasssse Internal Affairss Invesstigationss Information to a sssidereal without the explisssit authorissation of my sssuperiors."
Silent_Sunset looks honestly confused. "The authorization seems quite clear to me - a thorough investigation such as ordered by Master Chejop Kejack quite naturally includes such information, right?"
<ADamiani> "I will not have Politicsssss running an internal affairsss investigation."
<ADamiani> "Ssssome of usss retain our integrity. I'll jussst bet Chejop wantss to know about thiss business."
Silent_Sunset sighs. "As you may have noticed the Sideral in questions has sadly taken his way to his next incarnation. What reason is there to hold back vital information then, in such an important case?"
<ADamiani> "The case hasss been reassigned."
Silent_Sunset frowns "To whom was it reassigned? And who is in charge of this matter?"
<ADamiani> "Violet Catassstrophe has deigned to take the casse persssonally."
<ADamiani> Yes, Violet Catastrophe is a youngish sidereal of significant importance in the division of endings, and a major known backer of the Gold Faction
<ADamiani> SS: Yes. Violet Catastrophe was Sorrowful North's superior and decided to overtake the case personally when he died.
Silent_Sunset shakes his head, uncharacteristically annoyed. "The request forms are all in order, the importance of this matter should be clear. But if you insist on this, I'll go the direct route. Who was your superior again?"
<ADamiani> SS: "You may take the matter up with Blessssed Final Breath"
Silent_Sunset bows to the unhelpful god, signs of annoyance gone as quickly as they came. "Thanks. I'll do just that."
<ADamiani> The god bows humbly to you Silent. "My Apologiessss"
Silent_Sunset smiles at the god, then returns to his office to figure out how to best reach meetings with Violet Catastrophe and/or Blessed Final Breath. But not before going through a series of advanced katas as balance to the paperwork ;)
<ADamiani> Hi-ya!
<ADamiani> You get quite a workout.

Platinum_Sky_Lover is inspecting the sealed dossier. She wants to see the reports the Blossom personally submitted, as well as any internal comments from the Division. She also wants more insight into her missing sister, and wants to read her history from birth until she went missing.
<ADamiani> OK, PSL, you can read the files. You'll note several remarks of concern about the increasing fragility of the loom of fate throughout the western region.
<ADamiani> Several comnplaints requesting reinforcements of the Directional Convention
Platinum_Sky_Lover crosses her stockingd legs and hms, as she inspects the file at her own small shrine-manse. She was onto something, and she wasn't receiving the support she needed.
Platinum_Sky_Lover has her butler-god bring more tea. She makes notes of where the localized fate disruptions are, what leads she was tracking down, what members of her circle there were (the other missing Sidereals, presumably?), and what needs to be done. Also, what Faction was she, or was it an issue?
Platinum_Sky_Lover finally inspects whom she was directly reporting to, looking for his or her chop on the countersignature portion of the reports.
<ADamiani> PSL, Blossom was a Gold loyalist, as you may have gathered from her assignment regarding the solar sorceress.
<ADamiani> PSL: Her superior in faction was Violet Catastrophe, but in the bureau she reported to Revolving Stone Traveller.
Platinum_Sky_Lover drops off her blue and white Kimono as she pads out to the large grotto in back. There, attended by her servant-goddesses, she bathes. In the hot spring attached to the grotto, she sees Creation being threatened by some Bronze faction paper pusher unwilling to release resources to a Circle that no doubt had members of both factions.
Platinum_Sky_Lover resolves to herself that she, when her Solars take back the Blessed Isle, will lead a crew of Zeniths and Eclipses through Gate #1 and let them loose with their Bureacracy charms, and have them scrub Yu Shan clean of corruption.
<ADamiani> PSL: It's a lovely, relaxing shower.
Platinum_Sky_Lover feels the fires in her body stirring. Oh, for some company. But, no. There is work to be done. If nothing else, she has to get ready for her rendesvouz with the others, and prepare to assume the appropriate Resplendent Destiny. Her body shines with water as she steps out of the hot spring. Her servant-goddesses drap cottons over her to dry her, and then silks.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> After some necessary alone time with a toy, she performs a 2 hours of practice on the mak jong (practice dummy - Master is insistent that she practice), dresses, and gets ready to meet the PCs. How long does it take to prepare a Resplendant Destiny?
<ADamiani> Yes, PSL, you should have time to construct a destiny by the 14th.
<ADamiani> Today is now the 13th

<Silent_Sunset> "Ahh, much better ... now, where did I put that list of room numbers for the senior management?"
<Silent_Sunset> ((how difficult would it be to make an appointment with Violet Catastrophe or Blessed Final Breath?))
<Silent_Sunset> Feeling much better after performing all 77 katas of the Ebon Shadow Style Silent, Sunset proceeds to make an appointment with Violet Catastrophe
<Silent_Sunset> an invitation for lunch/dinner
<ADamiani> Silent, Violet responds to your request and agrees to meet you in Seven Silver Circle's teahouse.
<ADamiani> You're there first, so you'll see him greet Silver respectfully, and give Hidden Emerald a little hug on the way in.
<ADamiani> Silver, Violet takes a seat opposite you.
Silent_Sunset makes pleasant conversation as much as he able - mostly with a lot of enthusiasm, then after eating finally turns to the matter he wanted to speak about
<Silent_Sunset> "Ah, it is nice to hear an expert's opinion indeed, thank you for being my guest." He makes sure there's noone to overhear the two, then continues. "Now, you see, I ran into something of a dead-end in one of my cases and I'd hoped you might be able to help me out ..."
<ADamiani> SIlent: "A dead end? Do tell?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Ah yes, it's the investigation of the most concerning disappearance of the Directional Convention of Water as set in motion by Chejop Kejack. We have come to the conclusion that the records of the Violet Bier pertaining to Sorrowful North and his case could well be of considerable importance to this - alas the officials in question are unwilling to accept my requests. I was hoping you could help me in this ..."
<ADamiani> Silent: "Ah. Well. Sorrowful North, as well as being assigned to the Directional Convention of the West, was assigned to internal affairs. Naturally, those investigations are closed as a matter of course."
<Silent_Sunset> "Closed, yes, naturally. But it is exactly this sort case that records exist, isn't it? I'm sure you see, why we think that the results of Sorrowful North's mission could well be central to the resolution of this problem ... three Sidereals disappeared, their comrade dead. And the entire West now without regular supervision."
Silent_Sunset displays a rare expression of troubledness
<ADamiani> Violet: "I'm afraid security procedures relevant to an internal affairs investigation prohibit me from sharing that information with you. However... Unofficially?"
Silent_Sunset looks crestfallen at first, then brightens up and nods. "Yes, yes. That would be nice ... and efficient besides."
<ADamiani> Silent: "Unofficially, I can tell you that North had suspicions about some of his circlemates for some time prior to their disappearance."
<ADamiani> Violet: "Naturally, I couldn't mention anything *specific*-- I certainly couldn't mention any corruption allegations against Stalward Sky, for example. That would be a *completebreach of protocol." Nod nod, wink wink.
Silent_Sunset smiles brightly. "Oh, indeed."
<Silent_Sunset> "And surely, if there had been ... deeper suspicions as well, you couldn't tell me about that either, right? I completely understand ..."
Silent_Sunset grins
<ADamiani> Violet grins. "No, that would be *absolutelyout of the question."
<ADamiani> Nod nod, wink wink.
Silent_Sunset bows slightly from his sitting position
<Silent_Sunset> "Ahh, then let us speak no more of this. Have you tried the Alkazeha tea?"
<ADamiani> Violet bows as well. "They have excellent tea here, don't you think?"
Silent_Sunset proceeds to standard after-dinner conversation, including the scandalous affairs between a god in the department of nature and three Dragon-Blooded (Dragon-Blooded of all things!)
<ADamiani> Violet: "You know what was the funny bit? Two of them were immaculates."
<Silent_Sunset> "Immaculates? Hah! Not so immaculate now, I'd guess, considering Roaring Mud-Slide's departmental bias ..."
<Silent_Sunset> "Ahh, it has been a most refreshing evening. I really cannot say how much I have enjoyed our conversation."
<ADamiani> Violet: "No, of course you can't. That would be *completelyagainst protocol." Violet grins, running his hand through dark purple hari.
Silent_Sunset smiles, while paying the attendant. "Indeed. We should have dinner again sometime ..."
<ADamiani> "Yes, indeed!"

<ADamiani> Jiang, it takes a day or so to get a calibration request processed to go there. WOuld you like to do so?
<ADamiani> Calibration gate will descend at noon on 13th of Descending Fire on the island of Skullstone, and return three hours later for pickup.
Jiang steps through the Gate, wrapped in Nothingness of his Walking Outside of Fate Prana. To almost anyone, his presence is betrayed solely by a faint brush of chill air. He sets about investigating the area.
<ADamiani> Jiang: Well, it's a city of the dead.
<ADamiani> You are in Skullstone, presumably, somewhere underground.
<ADamiani> It's really quite dark.
<ADamiani> Some sort of secret meeting place? Dank, black stone walls.
Jiang looks around for any sign of spies, then lights a small candle and searches the area for any sign of the passing Sidereals (got 6 succs on Investigation)
<ADamiani> Hm. Yeah, with six successes, I'm going to say that there's a decent amount of blood splattered all over the place nobody has bothered to clean up.
Jiang follows the blood trail, if he can.
<ADamiani> You find some sort of soulsteel door, but it seems to be barred.
Jiang sets to work on the door, pulling out a slim set of lockpicks. Quiet as the grave, he slowly and steadily works on the moaning door.
<Jiang> ((2 successes won't cut it, will it?)
<ADamiani> No, I'm afraid not.
<ADamiani> You've got kind of a boring, grisly three hours in front of you
Jiang shrugs and carefully puts his candle down in front of the door. Then he does what he usually does with locked doors. He knocks, loudly and fiercly. That accomplished, he runs swiftly up the wall and braces himself near the ceiling.
<ADamiani> Eventually, if you pound enough, some sort of a ghost will slide open a slit in the door and peer in
<ADamiani> He's confused that he sees nothing.
<Jiang> "Excuse me, do you happen to know where we are?"
<ADamiani> "What the... are you stupid or something?"
<ADamiani> Blink, blink.
<ADamiani> He checks something written that he's holding
<Jiang> "No, just very confused. Are you?"
<ADamiani> "Wait..."
<ADamiani> "There's not supposed to be anyone in here..."
<Jiang> "Yes! Exactly! Which is why you need to open that door, so we can return to that state of affairs!"
<ADamiani> The ghost shuts the slit.
Jiang remains hidden.
<ADamiani> Well, eventually, there's a commotion and a lot more ghosts come down there.
<ADamiani> Slit is opened.
<ADamiani> GHost gets chewed out for being an imbecile.
Jiang reaches down and pokes the ghost in the eye.
<ADamiani> "Ow!"
<ADamiani> "What the hell!?"
<ADamiani> "Something invisible?"
Jiang tosses a pebble down the hallway, making a clatter.
<ADamiani> There is some bickering amongst the ghosts as to the best course of action.
<ADamiani> Is your candle still on?
<Jiang> ooc Yes, actually. It's down on the floor.
<ADamiani> Ghost one to ghost two "What, do YOU want to be the one to interrupt her while she's studying?"
<ADamiani> G2: "Well, we have to do SOMETHING, we can't just have invisible prisoners lighting candles all over the place. Certainly not.... In there!
Jiang makes a mental note to buy a LOT of Fire Dust.
Jiang sighs inaudibly and decides to just wait til the Gate reopens or the ghosts come inside. In the meantime, he takes a look around the chamber.
<ADamiani> Jiang, after about half an hour, the slit opens again.
<ADamiani> There's a pale woman there with violet eyes, and long, straight white hair.
Jiang scootches up a bit silently, not particularly wanting to fight a Death Knight at this moment.
<ADamiani> "There's someone here." You hear her murmer in a quiet voice.
<ADamiani> "Intriguing."
<ADamiani> "Marcus, fetch the demon, will you? I suspect we have an intruder."
<Jiang> ((About how long till the Gate returns?))
<ADamiani> Not TOO long, but it's so hard to tell how much time has elapsed, here in the dark!
<Jiang> "Well, yes. Yes there is someone in here. And I must add that your citadel is rather lacking in creature comforts, at least those parts to which I have been exposed."
<ADamiani> "Who are you?"
<Jiang> "Oh, forgive me for such unbearable rudeness. My name is Jiang. And what might I call a lovely lady such as yourself?"
Jiang address many silent prays to the appropriate Gods, hoping for the swift arrival of the gate.
<ADamiani> "You should have entered through the standard gate, sidereal."
<ADamiani> "Had you done so, I would be obligated to permit you two day's passage. As it is...
<Jiang> "Well, I was looking for somebody actually. You wouldn't happen to have seen a group of Sidereals passing through here, likely accompanied by a Solar?"
<ADamiani> "Thank you marcus," she says to the ghost
<ADamiani> She smiles a little.
<Jiang> "Do we have to proceede directly to violence? I'm sure we can get around to that later, if need be."
<ADamiani> A cruel, crooked little smile.
<Jiang> ((Do I think the Gate will be coming soon?))
<ADamiani> (Soon. Soon. But soon enough?)
<ADamiani> "And what could you offer me for my assistance, Sidereal?"
<Jiang> "Information for information? Would you be interested in any of the five hundred and thirty seven manses located within 300 miles of this area?
<ADamiani> Jiang: "Manifest yourself. Perhaps a deal is possible."
<Jiang> "My apologies, but I'm quite comfortable where I am for now. What sort of deal are you interested in?"
<ADamiani> Her voice is quiet, barely above a whisper.
<ADamiani> "Your violation of our treaty might be overlooked."
<Jiang> "Overlooking my little indescretion and information on the Solars who came through here. In exchange.. What would you like? Information on local manses, perhaps a few hidden First Age libraries concerning necromancy, or would you fancy treasure tombs of dead Solars?"
<ADamiani> "Yes. I think we can come to an arrangement."
Jiang looks back into the room, hoping for the tell tale glow of the gate. "Well, thats very reassuring. Ladies first."
<ADamiani> "Trust. Is difficult."
<ADamiani> Gah, Jiang! Why did it have to be THREE hours!
<Jiang> "Yes. It is. Perhaps bit by bit then. You ever been to Blue Haven? Theres a little island near there, with the tomb of one particular Twilight who was interested in Necromancy."
<ADamiani> Jiang: "Most interesting. For my part, there have been no solars in this citadel, save those in the employ of my master. "
<ADamiani> Jiang: "Details. Their identities and transit times, for the preise location?"
<Jiang> "That sounds most acceptable."
<ADamiani> Very quiet this one, such a disturbing, almost childlike murmer.
<ADamiani> "The first is Moray Darktide. The location?"
<Jiang> "Three miles east of Blue Haven, theres a circular reef of blue coral, with the most bizarre white fish. The Sidereals, about a month ago. What happened to them?"
<ADamiani> "The library is there?"
<Jiang> "That is the place to start.. We didn't make getting inside easy. Or safe."
<ADamiani> "Understood."
<ADamiani> "The second solar in service to my master is Undulating Triumph, though he does not serve willingly."
Jiang nods "At the hour of twilight, a stairway of silver and crystal appears, leading down below the waves. You don't want to step onto it, for death awaits on every step. But mark it's position well.
<ADamiani> Jiang: "Moray was last here a fortnight ago, he left at the head of a small fleet of the dead."
Jiang curses in his head, wondering what was taking that Gate so damn long. He pauses a long moment, then answers, speaking slowly "At the hour of dawn, swim out to where the stair way was. You will feel the stairway, though you cannot see it. Walk down it, skipping every 4th step. This will lead you to the seal."
<ADamiani> Jiang: "Undulating Triumph has been sent into exile to contemplate the folly of attempting to overthrow the Bodhissatva Annointed by Dark Waters. I do not know where he has been sent."
Jiang nods silently, then appears to think "The seal is an intricate device, a wall of jade with a golden Lion head. There're a number of misleading runes on the door, but they're unimportant. At this point, you're going to need at least three living humans to cut open."
<ADamiani> "Our deal is concluded, Jiang, sidereal."
<ADamiani> "Leave this place and do not return."
<Jiang> "I intend to, my dear." (Is the gate there yet?)
<ADamiani> Vzoosh! The goth chick watches as the gate descends and materializes.
Jiang runs through the Gate, passing on shouting out a passing quip.


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