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Reflection of Their Glory Undimmed

Who she is

The Reflection of Their Glory Undimmed was sent by Walker in Darkness to help Lookshy with its final preparations for the war with Thorns. While some members of the Circle were worried she was sent as a spy, or to keep an eye on Alabaster Chimes, she mostly keeps to herself. At least, she did until Endless Chase worked on trying to get her to open up and appreciate life more. Though it's a long battle, he is--slowly--succeeding.

Known History



Glory, like many Abyssals, has had her beauty enhanced by the Black Exaltation. Her eyes appear slightly larger than they did as a mortal and shine almost luminously, her skin nearly glows in the moonlight, and her hair is as black as a raven's wing and falls in a tangle of curls to her waist. She wears a simple black robe over her soulsteel armor, occasionally decorating it with jewelry like that placed in the barrows of Northerners when they die. A silver coronet binds her hair back from her face. She isn't skeletally thin like Alabaster Chimes, but a harsh Northern life has left her with the body of an athlete. She usually has a curious, detached expression--like she's thinking about something important.

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