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Hello everyone! I've been an Exalted player for a long time now, and it is by far my favorite roleplaying system that I've encountered. I am the character 'Ruby' in the logs that EndlessChase posts on his page. I suppose that I will use mine more as a blog than anything else. ^_^ Unless I figure out the system better of course...


Here comes the random stuff about me!

  * Name : Ashley
  * Gender : Female
  * Age : 21
  * Birthday : February 4th, 1984
  * Occupation : Student at the University of Illinois, as well as a
                 rabid gamer and roleplayer.
  * AIM : Asharichan

My Player Characters

   -My character in 'The Game', run by my buddy Brian.  She's also my
    first Exalted character ever, and I've been playing with her for about 2 years now.
   -My character in 'The Devoted', GM'ed by EndlessChase.  We've only played once so far,
    but it looks like it's going to be very interesting.
   -My character in Jill's game, which has been going on for a little while.
    My character hasn't shown up yet, but she will the next time we play.

My Game - Children of the Powers

  • At the request of my friends, I've decided to run my own game. It's a god-blooded game set in the Kingdom of Halta. The game hosts a series of different types of god-blood's, including Lunar and Solar Half Castes, a Fae-blooded, and Demon-blooded. Below are the characters in the game and the main NPC. More to be added.


My LiveJournal


Hey you check out all my good work! I've updated in my spare time ^_~ - Zenleigha

Fix your site, Girl. ^_^ -EndlessChase

OOOOOOH! I like the Alaiya! Too bad she's a Dynastic Dragon-Blooded...~Maylin

Hey which U of I do you go to. My sister went to Urbana/Champane(sp?) --KaleUtterdark

 ~I go to U of I in Urbana/Champaign - DancingRubyWings

I did a little bit of editing on your page so that we're all linked again. All of Ruby and Alaiya's stuff is up here now, and linked to and from my page. -EndlessChase

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