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Who he is

Foam is a Fair Folk Noble who joined the party when they took ship down to Rathess. They were initially wary of him, but after he dueled Elder Violet and lost--and seemed okay about it--they began to talk to him, and he later came with them on their overland journey to the ancient city.

Known History

According to what Foam himself told the characters, he was exiled from the Wyld because of of his moderation. Unlike many of his compatriots, Foam did not believe in the jihad against the Desert of Fixed Shape, and argued that--at the minimum--they should not rush to the attack like they did last time. His arguments, unfortunately, were not accepted, and as a punishment for holding them the Shining Host banished him to that selfsame desert. He wandered for a time, dealing in glamour trade and providing for mortals who had dreams their mundane life could not give them, until he heard that some of his rivals had left the Mother of Chaos and come to the Desert of Fixed Shape. Intent on revenge and hating his exile, he vowed to track them down and kill them with his own hands.

That is the story that Foam tells. But the Fair Folk are not known for being truthful.


How does one describe perfection? The Nobility of the Fair Folk appear as gods among men, and Foam is beautiful even for one of the Fair Folk. Many weak-willed people who see him are stricken with immediate infatuation, and some even beg him to feed on them. Even his exact features are hard to describe--he has long hair the color of sea-form, and eyes the grey of a storm-tossed ocean, but his face and body seem almost to shift subtlely depending on the viewer. At least, descriptions of his appearance often differ in subtle ways when different people are asked. Perhaps it is simply the mortal mind trying to deal with Foam's impossible beauty.

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