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About Me

I'm a fun loving gamer chick who, though loves to game, knows absolutly nothing about programing. so bear with me as it might take a while for this page to be built up.

I *heart* D10 systems, particularly those made by white wolf. And if you couldn't guess - Exalted is my absolute favorite of their games. It's so very diverse and offers a lot for players and GMs.

Right now I'm more of a player than a GM, but I'm at work on honing those GMing skillz, j0 ^_~

  • Name: Jill
  • Age : 20
  • Student At: American University (oh how i love Washington, DC!)
  • AIM: PrimroseMaiden (my laptop) or JiruChan13
  • Email: jc2170a@american.edu or jillimarie@wideopenwest.com

And as I mentioned before...This is a work in progress... Don't mind me just yet. *big grin*

oh and a big BIG BIG thankyou to both DancingRubyWings and EndlessChase


  • April 4th - The First Session of the Island Adventure is up!
  • April 2nd - Some tid bits in the "story" section of Island Adventures. Logs up..... some time
  • April 1st - I worked on Marin's charrie sheet, that's almost done. just need to incert the backgrounds and gear and i'll be set. w00t

The Gameing!

The following consists of all the info you could ever want about the games I am playing in or am running

My Characters

The First Game (aka our Solar/Lunar game)

The Experiment - Island Adventures

This is a one on one game between me and a friend which I am running for him. It's so he can teach me how to GM well ^^

Chronicle - The Devoted

EndlessChase's DB game of the near future (i hope ^^)

Characters & Their Descriptions:

Important Links

  • EndlessChase - He's a good friend who lead us all to the wonderful ways of the wiki ^^. Plus his page is damn cool so you should check it out. It has tons of homebrewed charms and artifacts as well as a character sheet to be used on the wiki
  • DancingRubyWings - She's one of my best friends and my inspiration to come make a page myself. you rock chica! ^^
  • Maylin - She's also one of my best friends, and a new user to the Wiki. Yay for making a page!
  • Dorchadas - The one, the only GM of "the game" and one really close friend ^_^

(3/19/04) Winter Rain's stuff is on my page now, if you want to change your links - Dorchadas

(3/16/04) I added in that spell you bought for you. Don't forget to add Annointment of Miraculous Health too--Zen's sheet doesn't have it. If my summary is confusing, just let me know. - Dorchadas

As I moved the links for the DB game, I figured I'd come here and fix your for you.