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Sun Runner

Who he is

Sun Runner is a Dragon King--it isn't his real name, but most First Age Dragon Kings translated their names into Old Realm for ease of interaction with outsiders.

Known History

Over three years ago, when the Circle entered the tomb of Dancing Ruby Phoenix, they found a crystal sarcophagus next to the tombs of Ruby and Sun's Setting. Inside was a reptilian being, seemingly frozen in what looked like ice. It was not until they went to Rathess that they learned exactly what they had found. They learned the general opening code from another Dragon King named Grey Cloud and traveled back to open the sarcophagus. When they did, they learned why Sun Runner had been placed there--he was the liaison assigned to the representative of the Deliberative. Lifetime after lifetime, he was at Dancing Ruby Phoenix's side, and when she died, he chose to go into stasis and wait. He was rather surprised, however, at how long it had been...


Sun Runner is a Raptok. He has a crest of red and yellow feathers extending from the back of his head, down his slender, foot-long neck, and down his back to end in a plume of red on the tip of his tail. His scales are a bright greenish yellow, and his eyes sparkle like emeralds. For a six foot tall lizard, he is actually rather handsome. He usually doesn't wear anything except a satchel, though when preparing for battle he puts on an Obsidian Sheath which covers most of his body in black-colored metal traced with orichalcum.

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