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Welcome, and hooray for Wiki!And now, on with the boring mundane stuff.

Name: Rachael


Home: Charleston, Illinois as of June 1

General stuff: student of Eastern Illinois University, studying history as well as creative writing and going for my teaching certificate...which means that I will be in school forever.

I got into Exalted because of my friends EndlessChase DancingRubyWings and Zenleigha as well as my fantastic hubbie-to-be who runs some of the most hilarious games I've ever been in! For more on my mundane life check out

Here's what you can look forward to on this site:

Charcters: both those that are playing and those that are not in play but hope to be.

Stories: little shorts staring my characters, mostly about their Exaltation and their interaction with others in the various games.

Updates and News on Games!

  • Maylin's Most Recent Drama- A description of Maylin's take on what is happening with the group and her private worries which always seem not so private...
  • Good Idea, Bad Idea- A bit of a joke, a list of things Maylin does on her own and how it effects her standing in the group.

Note: if anyone knows the stats for a whip, lemme know...I BSed the current stats on Shadow Nymph from Werewolf.


  • november 7 - Updated Pele's Profile, Maylin's Most Recent Drama, and Miakonda now has a section to show her as an NPC in my Dragon BLooded game. Also put up an explanation of what a Golden Dragon is in Pele's Profile.
  • june 16 - Updated Maylin's Drama and realized a few charecter sheets need to be updated as well. I'll get to that once the apartment is cleaned.
  • May 3 - Pele's Exaltation is up!Also up, a character quiz surrounding Pele is in her profile. Nothing else to report.
  • May 1 - Cleaned up the drama section a bit and added a few things. No big news to report.
  • April 30 - Hooray fr EIU's network being suctacular! Now that's it's up, there is an update on Pele's profile and Maylin's drama. More episodes will be coming as will Pele's exaltation.
  • April 15th - Put up Pele's game on the Wiki for all to read, there are several episodes missing, but their summeries have not been finalized.
  • April 14th - Maylin's Latest Drama is up and there are a few revisions done to her List...the stores are in the works but the tedium of school papers is getting in the way. Is it summer yet?
  • April 4th - I realized that because I often hide the really juicy facts about the Professional Damsel in Distress, I finally decided to set up a news section. Maylin's Drama now includes the conversations which led to the confessin of feelings for Alabaster...of course there is still the face that he is an Abyssal and she still can't shake the image of the Daimyo...Nymph, Miakonda, and Jezelle have brief descriptions now (thanks Jill!)and new stories are coming soon! They will include Nymphs Exaltation and just why she and Alabaster can't stand each other! Additionally Pele's Exaltation will be soon as I figure out what exactly she burned down...



  • Maylin's Life This is the story of Maylin should she marry the Daimyo of Lookshy


This is mostly Pele's game, because it is so awesome, but some others may follow