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Arcadian Exalted

This is my secret project. It's quite secret. If you find it and comment on it, note such additions as 'minor edits,' yes? It'll be publicized when the background is more presentable.


... The hubris of these Exalts was thick; thick like the blood that still ran through their all-too-human veins. Their masterwork, the clockwork and iron-wrought city of Svarga. ...

... And they had a secret. One of the Terrestrial crews had found it floating in a pocket of reality beneath the Western disc-half, when they were positioning the iron towers that would ensure the construct remained fixed relative to Creation until it was completed. An inexperienced team ...

... The skies were particularly clear that night -- one could now make out the stars, twinkling behind the cover of Wyld clouds, still drumming angrily at borders they could not cross. Soon the city would become connected with Fate, the Sidereal advisor had said, and we will be unable to hide the illicit construction of this place from Yu Shuan. The Circle had laughed and laughed at that ...

... And now Svarga has become Arcadia. Ephermally, eternally, floating in a sea of madness, ruled by the urges and passions that lead to its creation, trapped in the eternal machinations of the God-thing they released. ...


|| Jack         | Queen         | King          | Ace           | Joker         ||


|| Archery      | Awareness     | Bureaucracy   | Brawl         | Athletics     ||
|| Medicine     | Investigation | Linguistics   | Craft         | Dodge         ||
|| Resistance   | Occult        | Lore          | Endurance     | Larceny       ||
|| Ride         | Sail          | Martial Arts  | Melee         | Performance   ||
|| Survival     | Thrown        | Socialize     | Presence      | Stealth       ||


I loved the idea, keep it up. I look forward to reading more about these enigmas. - Zergplex

Love the idea as well. One thought though. You may want to put your pages on the "Intentional Orphans" page before someone well meaning tries to clean up the Orphans page puts a link to them through the WikiContent page. Just a thought. Like I say, love the concepts. - EwindaleMoss

Unfortunately, since the last time it was worked on before Orphans found it was 2004, I think what you see is what you get. I'm going to drop it in the non-canon Exalted, in case someone wants to adapt it to their own games. - FrivYeti