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Nihilic Exalted, The Lords Of Decay

The Abyssal Exalted are the masters of the dead, dark reflections of the Solars they once were. They command legions of the dead, armies of nephwracks and hordes of hekatonkhire with which to unmake the world. However, for all their powers, they lack equals, viceroys to spread corruption and death in their paths and to pave the way for the conquest of Oblivion.

The Nihilic Exalted serve that purpose. Once, they were proud Lunar Exalts, stewards of the world and companions of the Solars. Now, their mutable forms are corrupted by the Void, and the souls of the damned cry from within their skins. Avatars of decay and consumption, they are champions of the Dead, servants of the Deathlords, and patrons of the Void.

The following material is designed to bring these harbingers of darkness into a game, alongside the Abyssals or on their own. Most likely, they will be few in number. Possibly, they will replace the Abyssals entirely.

They will not live to tell legends of your deeds...

Setting Material



Dude. The Nihilics look nice.

Addendum: Except that it does not make sense for them to have tattoos when they have no totem to anchor them to existence. The totem provides an anchor of stability for the tattoos. Without it, they are nothing but a very powerful ward, and no ward can keep the Void contained for long. If this is giving you visualization problems, think of it like this. "Lunar is to Nihil as wolf is to zombie wolf." Also, I thought of a nifty reason for why the soulsteel tattoos work: it is because the souls contained within have had mind surgery performed so that their entire beings are focused on magically reminding the Nihil that it does, in fact, exist, despite what the Void says. Also, consider adding a comments section to the actual Nihil page, so that I don't have to post my future input in your nice, orderly userpage comments section. - Han'ya
Hmm,.... I really like that idea. Tattoos designed to remind the Nihils that they actually exist. I'm seeing some strange identity Resonance going off here. :D And here is a comments section for ya. Thanks for the idea, I love it and will totally be modifying the tattoo section later! - FrivYeti

Hey Friv (can I call you Friv?), I was sitting in front of the computer this morning, listening to Masterplan and reading fanfiction when suddenly a brilliant idea for the Consumption tree for the Nihilics sprung into my mind almost fully-formed. I put the ideas down on paper, and now they're burning a hole in my notebook. Wanna hear about them? - Han'ya

You can call me whatever you want, just don't call me late to dinner. ;) In all seriousness, I would love to see your ideas - half the fun of a wiki is seeing where people run with your work. :D - FrivYeti
I'll put them on a subpage of my userpage. - Han'ya

Wooh Here I thought I was the only thinking of Abyssal like Lunars. I was going to name mine Beastials Exalted, with the castes being Savages (Full Moons), Lunatics (No Moons) and Prankster (Changing Moons). I love the void core idea (hope u dont my me borrowing/stealing it). Have you looked up murksilver in Dreams of Autochoun, it is basically moonsilver from the Underworld. -Light-hero