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Niramytha, Time.

Once there was a god
She was born in the beginning
As she lived, she grew
She became stronger with time
And wiser with age
And in the end, she died
Her twin was not there
And did not change

Niramytha defines the idea that changes in essence patterns occur chronologically, with causes preceding effects. Niramytha is himself timeless and unchanging, will always have been and has always will be. His end precedes The Beginning and his beginning follows The End.

Just like every Shinma, there are parts of the Wyld beyond his influence. In these places, things happen out of order; effects precede or coincide with causes, events regularly prevent themselves from occurring at all... paradox is not only commonplace, but the lack of it is so rare as to be unheard of.

Once, a mishap involving Nirupadhika caused the locations of Niramytha and Creation to disoverlap. The Loom compensated as best it could, but even so time became a fluid nonabsolute for a while. This period became known as the Time of Cascading Years.

His Aspects

Ramethus, The Wyvern Between Now And Forever

Cijam, The River That Flows

Fa'tnya, Who Has Yet To Be

Alkosh, Drake of Sundered Years