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The Synodic Exalted are those Chosen of the Maidens who have accepted the touch of the Dark Lords. A Sidereal Exalted can willingly bind himself to the service of one of the five Celestines of the Underworld and gain access to the SynodicCharms and other, more arcane powers.

Synodic Castes

  • ChosenOfSouls - The duty of maintaining proper order amongst ghosts and sheparding the dead into Lethe falls to the Browns. The Cycle itself is their responsibility.
  • ChosenOfDarkness - Blacks are the ones who must keep the Underworld in line. Ghosts who abuse the afterlife must be destroyed and the dangers of the Underworld must be tamed.
  • ChosenOfMadness - Masters of the Labyrinth and warriors against the Malfeans; Oranges are charged with keeping the Underworld safe so that no Ghost falls forever to the Void.
  • ChosenOfMysteries - Greys work to ensure that the lost is never found and that some questions are never answered. They are the bane of scholars and the destroyers of knowledge.
  • ChosenOfDeath - Whites are the arbiters and judges of society in the Underworld, helping shape dead society to a more perfect form. They seek to curb the influence of Deathlords and promote the laws of the Dead.

The Sidereals can be described as heavenly men in black or as martial arts bureaucrats. What's the snazzy one-line description for the Synodics?

  • underworld bureaucrats
  • counter-intelligence working against Creation
  • terrorists for the dead
  • ...


They're the kung-fu secret agents of the underworld. Note: underworld != Malfeans. The patrons of the Synodics are opposed to the Malfeans since the Malfeans represent the Void and the Void is the antithesis of the Cycle, which the Lords have domain over in various aspects. - Telgar

I'm real fond of this. I might borrow it, fill in some blanks, and see how it works in play. ~ WeepingStar

I love it. I like sidereals, and I dislike the neverborn, so what more could I ask for? Anything you need done? - TheHoverpope

Any Charms you would like to write would be a big help. Plus I could use some good review of the current writeups for the Castes and suggestions on fleshing them out. And I havent even started on describing Underworld Astrology. My hope is to get descriptions of the underworld constellations and the powers for donning each Destiny. - Telgar
I just realized - you're going to want first edition, aren't you? Hmm. That will make this trickier. I have not worked in that for quite a while. Oh well, I'll just hack through slowly. - TheHoverpope
Hoverpope, as long as you're writing SynodicCharms, I don't care which edition they are. Aside, like Sidereal Charms they probably won't interact overmuch with the different systems in non-combat applications. - Telgar
Actually, thinking about it more, I'll write 1e charms because I have no idea what 2e sidereals will look like, what with excellencies completely changing them. So 1e it is. - TheHoverpope

just my two cents: i dont think that the five lords should be able to corrupt existing Sidereals. they should have to steal the shards. - Han'ya