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The Constructs of Delirium

When the Deathlords made the Abyssals, they knew they only had a finite number of knights at their disposal. And while this might have been enough at that time, what if they needed more warriors? An army worthy of withstanding the exalted of creation, but all dedicated to the cause of Oblivion? While they had Spectres and Hekatonkires to use as they needed, they were not all on the same level as the exalted they needed to face.
It was later that they had a run-in with the Alchemical exalted, and drew inspiration from them. From the secrets of Autochthon's chosen, they crafted the Somnials, who represented the delirium and insanity that preceded death, whether on the receiving or giving end. The resulting exaltation blueprints, which relied on the practices of Necrotech, left out a way to utilize Necromancy(baring a specific Charm), but instead granted the Somnials the ability to tap into the nightmares of the Labyrinth itself- that is, the power of Delusions.
Their stories will be wiped out by their own nightmares...