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Kai-Fah-Tek, Arbiter of the Infinite Covenant

Bounded on each side but stretching infinitely upwards, The Arbiter was an amazing sight to behold. Measuring several miles on each side, from a distance she appeared to be an obelisk of perfectly smooth sandstone. As one approached, however, it became clear that she was made of infinite grains of perfectly mirrored glass. In each grain could be seen a face, and each face locked eyes with another, and in every pair was locked a contract between them. In the mirrored sands of Kai-Fah-Tek was true justice always found.

When her fetich soul was dismembered in the Primordial War, her perfect mirrors were shattered, each grain cracked, scratched, and fogged in an instant, and her infinite sands rained down around her for days, weeks, years, until finally she was forced inside Malfeas, her perfect law the very thread by which Malfeas was stitched together and her brothers and sisters bound inside him. The remnants of her infinite tower now stretch out eternally away from the Demon City whose border she forms, whom she is forever trapped both within and without. Thus became Cecelyne, The Endless Desert.