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Clinchvine Bracers (Artifact *)
Spd -5, Acc +2, Dam +3L (piercing), Def +3, Rate 1

These paired bracers, which appear as half-inch-thick vines wrapped around the user’s hands and wrists, are the Dragon King's vegetative equivalent to the more familiar crushfist. It costs 2 motes to attune a pair of bracers. In addition to serving as powerful clinch enhancers, an attuned user may spend a mote of Essence when he wins a clinch roll to cause the bracers to sprout three-inch-long thorns. For the remainder of the clinch, the user's opponent must either accept a +2 difficulty penalty to her clinch roll or allow the thorns to penetrate her skin. If the opponent does not accept the penalty, then whenever the clinch ends, the opponent takes 3L damage from the thorns (this damage is considered environmental, but may only be soaked by natural soak). This damage occurs no matter which combatant chooses to end the clinch. Once the thorns have entered the skin, the opponent need no longer concern herself with the +2 difficulty.