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This page is a link to all things relating to Autochthonia, Autochthon, and the Alchemical Exalted. If you know some place on the Wiki (or even off the wiki) that deals with the topic matter, please contribute!

  • Alchemical has a rough listing of Autotchonian related goodness as well.






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General Comments

I just thought I'd note that unless the attribute restrictions are implicitly increased/waived for alchemicals, they're going to have real trouble when they get to essence 6 and 7... An essence 7 alchemical with the correct charm can get to 8 strength... but that still isn't enough to wield a warstrider sword. Perhaps alchemicals double their essence when working out (caste+favoured) attribute maxima? I'm unsure how to work this otherwise. In addition, I should point out that they're not limited to 3 in abilities at character creation, as the passage that usually says 'no higher than 3 without bonus points' is conspicuously missing. I believe this to be intentional not a typo, since otherwise they'd have to spend lots of bp to get good starting skills, and they don't exactly get many ability dots anyway. It seems somehow appropriate for them to be able to learn a very restricted skill set to vastly beyond mortal ken... claim they were swordmasters/etc in their past lives, perhaps?
-- Darloth

An essence seven alchemical can use his anima power to raise his str to 16 for 7 rounds, reflexively, and not counting as a charm usage. He should be okay. - Scrollreader <i>reminding you that the Anima powers of the Alchies do not, in fact, suck
Let us consider that for a moment... assume the essence seven alchemical has a daiklave... warstrider sized. Let us assume that he will be fighting for an entire 7 rounds, and wishes to use this sword... He spends 12 motes... 8 if he has the (very likely) transient aug of strength, and gets 7 rounds. Hmm... Okay, perhaps you are right. Still, it seems just a little annoying for them to -have- to spend essence just to wield their weapons... I wonder if the essence for anima powers is considered committed. If it's not, then this might be worth it, but if it is, you wouldn't want to max it out all that often. Still, I agree with your point that they're not going to have as much trouble as I thought.
-- Darloth had forgotten the duration and maximum effect increased too.
Anima Powers aren't commited. To the best of my knowledge, it's one of the few redeeming qualities of the Solar Animas, and why the Elipse Anima does not mean never having any essence, ever. - Scrollreader
In one of the Alchemicals threads on rpgnet, Neph suggested that they would probably get access to an (uninstallable, was the suggestion) charm that doubles the Alchemical's strength for the purposes of all the things that warstrider strength counts for. That could probably only be installed when you're warstrider scale. - Kraken

They could also master the CM Style, and thus halve the strength requirement. It may not bew an optimal sulution, but it works.-Azurelight