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Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus</b>

As per Time of Tumult page 167, except the following

Installation Cost: 1
Prerequisite Charms: Strength Enhancement Device

<b>Parabolic Leap Overcharger Device</b>

(See Time of Tumult, p. 167)

<b>Tactile Gravity Alteration Mechanism</B>

Author: Darzoni
Cost: 1 motes per +2 to Strength + Athletics.
Installation Cost: 1 mote.
Duration: Instant
Type: Supplemental
Minimum Strength: 2
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus

By altering the gravity around an object, it can function as being more or less dense than it is supposed to be, or alter how strong you really are. Utilizing this principle, the Alchemical alters gravity around an object, whether that object is himself or an object he is touching. The Alchemical can spend 1 mote of Essence for every 2 additional dice he wants to add to his Strength + Dexterity pool (no matter what the pool is being used for). Alternatively, the Alchemical can make himself heavier or an object he is touching heavier. This adds +2 to the Strength + Athletics rating required to move the Alchemical or the object per mote spent. An object must be in contact with the Alchemical to be the subject of this Charm. The Alchemical may not spend more motes than his Strength rating.

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Last I checked, lifting things within your Strength + Athletics limit doesn't require a roll -- if you need to pass that threshold, you can burn a point of Willpower and roll Willpower, and each success increases your potential on the Feat of Strength table by one degree (core book, pg. 251-252). You may want to keep that in mind when considering your lifting Charm's mechanics. Also, does this include breaking things, and, if so, how? What other uses do you have in mind? Any idea for a more wide-arching use, as Alchemical Charms are wont to do? Et cetera. _Jabberwocky

Er, probably, on all accounts. I'm currently operating under heavy medication due to this cold I've got, so I'm not all there. I don't have the rulebook with me either, so I'm not sure about breaking things (I think I was going to put that into another charm, IIRC). I'm pretty sure it's just a lifting/moving charm, since the concept is that the Alchemical is using his gravity manipulation to lighten the load, so to speak. I think the alternative uses would be to increase the difficulty for lifting something for somebody else. Thanks for the feedback, Jabberwocky, it's greatly appreciated. - Darzoni (4/5/04)