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Azurelight's personal info

I am a 22-year old man who currently conducts studies in the biomedical field. I started STing Exalted a year ago and although the campaign has not been running smoothly at all, it still stands and we are currently awaiting a replacement Zenith (the previous player left out of a lack of time, and a full Solar circle was integral to my story).

I started role-playing at the age of 7 but got really into it at the age of 9. At that time, we mostly played Dragons and Daemons (a Swedish, BRP-based RPG, not to be confused with D&D). We started a campaign back then that has been going on for 12 years now, although it's on a very annoying hiahtus.

On this page, I will try to put up various artefacts, charms, spells and whatnot that I come up with, as well as house rules that I use.

One more thing: I am new to the wiki, so if I make any formatting errors or the like, feel free to correct them with my approval. The same goes for my spelling, since English is not my native language.

Azurelight's Stuff

Azurelight's Musings

Azurelight/Souls Azurelight/Luna Azurelight/CustomKeyWords - My own Keywords Azurelight/BookOfArtifice Azurelight/GenesisOfTheFiveDirections Azurelight/HouseRules - Houserules for my upcoming PBI game


Happy Birthday! 12 years is a long time to play a game, I wish for your continued enjoyment. =)

Attention called, and spelling fixed on the Book of Artifice. -- GL

Azurelight - GL here, with an hour of free time on my hands. I threw up some competition to yourAzurelight/BookOfArtifice earlier today, over at [[[GreenLantern/LevelsOfArtifice]]]. It's horribly written and un-clean right now - it could use some serious Wiki-formatting, for example. At the same time, I wanted to bring your attention to it, and with it in mind, start re-reading yourAzurelight/BookOfArtifice, to see what we can't salvage out of the two that's useful. If you've got the time, I'd enjoy it if you'd read through my work, and drop any comments you have. (Feel free to 'clean it up' as well, but that's a lot of work). I'd also appreciate it if you kep things as 'minor changes' until I get farther along - I'm not ready for full release yet. On another warning note, I've got a terminology problem over there. I keep using things like "Rank", "Level" and such, but don't have a solid nomenclature yet. If there's confusion, that's probably why. I'll need a solid nomenclature before I'm ready to go live. Thanks, -- GreenLantern