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Inspired by this Thread on

The basic indea is to create Terrestrial Exalts similar to Dragon Bloods, but based on the Autochthonian elements.

This has been intially put together as a grab bag of ideas for creating Terrestial Alchemicals. Feel free to create multiple origin stories/fluff and uses for these creatures. Have added this to CommunalProjects as well.


Alchemicals/Children of Noi

Alchemicals/Elemental Rebels

Alchemicals/Used Weapons

Character creation


(For Element Based types)

(For other types...)





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General Comments

Basic start put up. Edward_Fortune

Whee, more Autochthonians stuff. This reminds me of that Autochthonian God-Blooded created with Endowment, or Machine-Blooded, idea I had a while ago... I assume the Alchemical Terrestrials are super Elemental-Bloods like the DBs, is that correct? - sssssz, who thinks Martial Arts should be a Lightning ability. "Everybody was kung-fu fighting Those cats were fast as lightning." >_>

I would suggest that having blood-based Terrestrials is contrary to what we know about Autocthonia. Their rigid caste system would not do well with a highly recessive gene causing people to become superheroes. You'd end up with really, really baddly trained and very stupid people with lots of power randomly popping up. It would cause far too many problems.
You can't really take the road that they are lesser versions of Alchemicals, beings created wholesale from materials and given souls of great heroes in an amalgamation. There are too few souls and too few pounds of Magic Clay.
What I suggest for this idea is that Autocthonian Terrestrial Exalted (they aren't Terrestrial Alchemicals. Alchies refers to a type of Celestial Exalted, just like Dragon-Blooded refers to a type of Terrestrial Exalted) are purely mechanical, a combination of mechanical sentience and Autocthonian elementals like Dragon-King's ockilihihieie whatevers. Or possibly just super-advanced Golems. This would allow them to be created without depleting the precious reserves of souls and set them totally outside the soul hierarchy of autocthonian society.
They wouldn't truely be Exalted, but then, neither are Alchemicals Exalted as we know it from all the other splats. - Telgar

I don't agree that MA should be a Lightning ability. Here's the spread I came up with:

Crystal - Bureacracy, Linguistics, Martial Arts, Occult, Resistance

Lightning - Archery, Athletics, Awareness, Investigation, Presence

Metal - Crafts, Endurance, Melee, Ride, Survival

Oil - Brawl, Dodge, Larceny, Performance, Sail

Steam - Lore, Medicine, Socialize, Stealth, Thrown

Smoke - Martial Arts, Athletics, Survival, Larceny, Medicine (one Ability from each of the other elements) - Glamourweaver

I picked AlchemicalAlchemicals/Terrestrial because the section of this wiki that deals with Autocthon is called Alchemical, and it's a sub page of that page. It's a good strating point for all sorts of terrestial level, autocthon inspired crunch and setting.

If you read through the thread, or indeed the settings bit on this page, you'll see a number of your points are addressed. The original idea was to create elemental exalts based on Autochthonian elements. Lesser, terrestrial power level Golems would be cool though, I look forward to seeing them. [Edward Fortune]

It's "Terrestrial". Three Rs. -- Will

Damnit - fixed Edward_Fortune

An idea is to make the individual Aspects linked to a Soldality, and making them sort of these paragons of each Soldat, using special Tao Alchemy-style study and introspection to become aligned with the element of their choice. Maybe even m ake it so that they know who is destined to become it based on their karma, and so they are put into special training programs.

I dunno, I can see this neat Taoist-style body-alchemy thing going, to just throw more neatness into the SovietAlchemicals/Sci-FiAlchemicals/Mesoamerican stuff the Autochthonian stuff has now.

More stuff. Blaque

Seems I am far from the first to decide to tackle this topic: Here is the spin I put on it, completely by myself...

The Ghost/Autochthonian Terrestrials --Survival is Niffty! 00:23, 5 May 2014 (UTC)