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Archived Thoughts

25/12/2003:Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah, or in any case Celebrate Giving Gifts and Eating Fancy Food! I'm going to work on consolidating my house rules and making Infernals a little neater.
10/12/2003:Names for the other sig. Infernals
Willows/ShatteringHibiscus - Blasphemous by Adorjan
Orchid Consuming Guardian - Unclean by Kimbery
Unfettered Sky - Wretched by Cecelyne
Ourun Grieving Diamond - Deciever by Thari
Names from Alabrax's generator, voidstate's generator, and Shattering Hibiscus from myself.
1/12/2003:Starting to work on Signature Infernals. First on the platter isWillows/ChwenScreamingCurses, Forsaken by Oramus. These characters aren't likely to be baseline-level; I'm going to describe them with Charm inventories first, and get to stats later.
24/11/2003:Neph is right. Write a couple hundred Charms, and they start coming unbidden to your mind. I'm hardly a third of the way into Infernals, and I have ideas coming out of the woodwork at me. Sword-Drawing Stance? Innermost Doubts Approach? The whole taxonomy of Independent Actions? This stuff is driving me up the wall with the need to write (and Ikselam, that doesn't excuse you from posting your content). I'm going to go and write on the Truth of Luna now.
5/11/2003:I saw Matrix
Revolutions yesterday. It was a two-hour fight/chase scene. There was like no plot, which disappointed me, because in Reloaded they raised a lot of interesting Nobilisesque issues about the government of the programs, which totally make me think of a sort of dystopian vision of the Celestial Bureaucracy where you get killed rather than fired. Unfortunately, they didn't explore any of that; they just had fighting in the rain so we could see Neo make shockwaves in the air (you can totally see shockwaves in clear air, too... hosers) and a lot of DBZ-like flying. Bah. On the bright side, we got to see a lot of machine creatures, which are interesting because they're each a hybrid of at least two things that people find upsetting (squiddies: squid plus spider. Tentacles and many eyes. Ugh.)

Archived Comments

Woo. I just had a few minutes to actually browse through the Wiki this morning (usually I really only have enough time to sneak off pasting a .txt file while my boss is off :-D ) and I had a chance to read some of your Infernal work. You're fleshing it all out very well, if I may say. I'm excited to see what's next. - Balthasar

Thanks! Today I was sitting around composing some Socialize Charms, so I think those are the ones coming up today. - FourWillowsWeeping

If I put all my links up at the top, no one would ever read my musings, now would they? ~_^ - Ikselam

Just wanted to say, I have some demon ideas, but not sure how to impliment. If you show up around the irc, I'd love to hand them off to you. I'll be sure they'll be used if good then. ^_^ - haren

I'd love to try my hand at that Lexicon thingie. -Dim

Likewise. - Quendalon
Good, good! I'll start up something soon, but I want to wait for a week or two. I'll keep on updating with news, of course. - willows

If you need extra time to finish the part, it should be okay to give yourself a couple days' extension. It might actually work out better if you did this, since it would keep Dim from having to write two parts at once. - Ikselam

02/03/04: re: WBM. You clearly do need extra time to finish the part. I don't have a problem with this (see above), but please put some kind of notification in the queue so that observers will have a clue what's going on. - Ikselam
You are correct; I have updated the WBM mainpage reflecting current status. Thanks for reminding me... I've been writing but not telling folks stuff! - willows

2/8: Status of WBM part? If you don't think you can realistically complete it in the next day or two, I suggest just posting what you have so far, assuming it's in reasonably coherent form. - Ikselam

Status: I am stuck on the one last scene I want to add before I turn it over to Dim; it's rather shorter than the other two segments, but I didn't want to do too much with the things I set up, and at the same time hoping someone will have something cleverer to do with them than what I came up with. - willows

Hey, where'd you put the Lunar DBT alternatives? I can't seem to find them anymore. - Quendalon

They're still in his idea pile. - Jabberwocky
Thanks! - Quendalon

Hey willows. Don't mean to be a pain, but I was wondering if you would mind completing your Lexicon entry soonish? Also, if you're still an active player, would you mind voting in the little voty thing? Thanks :)\\ ~ Shataina

Willows, I just wanted to say thank you kindly for reorganising the Discussions page. Its a vast improvement; the page is actually usable now! Thanks a bunch! ^_^ -- BrokenShade

The Elemental Bolt picture is pretty neat. Nice tie-in with Wood's Archery schtick. Both pictures obscurely remind me of Rider-Waite tarot illustrations.\\ _Ikselam

Cool, Tarot! Thanks for the thoughts. - willows

Hey Willows. Umm ... I don't really know how to say this ... and I really don't want to be rude ... and I have read your disclaimer on top of this page. But I was just wondering if maybe you could try to be a little nicer when you're commenting around the Wiki. This isn't meant as an insult, it's just that you're frequently uncivil (to say the least), and although you do have a disclaimer, it doesn't seem as though you try very hard not to be. It's upsetting to read even when I'm completely outside the argument, and I was just hoping you could try to tone it down.
~ Shataina

Hey, Shataina, don't worry about being rude. You're consistently one of the most polite and constructve posters on the Wiki, and we notice and appreciate it. I'll give it a shot! Still don't like it when people misread me to try and make their points, though. Just feels incredibly insulting and dishonest to me. - willows

Thank you. I'm so glad I didn't offend you. Also, wasn't trying to make direct points about specific arguments, although I can see why it would look that way.  :) Thanks again.
~ Shataina

I wasn't certain if you were, but I am certain that it's precisely that thing that sets me off. Cheers! - w

Thanks for the shoutout (yay!) ... although I'm sort of confused ... you think we don't always see eye to eye? Is this a hint about me being too inoffensive and failing to articulate my points? <grin>
~ Shataina

There are few people who I always, unreservedly, agree with. - w

Fair enough. By the way, that was the fastest response I've ever seen to a wiki comment, ever.
~ Shataina


You are so cool for actually writing a Lexicon entry! And after all this time, too. Yours were always particularly awesome and this is no exception.  :) <gratuitous flattery> If I knew you at all I'd send you a cookie or something, but take this happy note as a mark of my excitement.
~ Shataina

Thanks! I saw the note on your UserPage and thought, "Hey, Lexicon was fun back then." So, I'm going to try and write up an entry every now and then(: - w

Question: at some point I came under the impression that you started the Lexicon over here, but I can't remember how. Did you? People ask me about it sometimes and I'm not sure if I'm giving them false information or not. I told this interesting new Lexicon group called Ghyll that you did and updated their description of ExaltedWiki's Lexicon, so I figured I could kill two birds with one stone -- informing you so that you can change the description if you want and finding out if I'm lying to everyone. :)
~ Shataina

Yeah, I did. It caught my attention at one of the Nobilis Wikis...the one that did the 500 Lost Years (read this Lexicon! It is awesome) and thought it'd be great to do the same thing over here. I'm really glad it's been as successful as it has. - willows

Check your math. Assuming the numbers are correct, you've written four hundred eighty charms. ^_^ Give yourself full credit for an incredible body of work! (One that still leaves me stunned every time I think about it, despite occasional disagreements) -Suzume

Hehe. I have to recount sometime, becaue I have not been tallying the various CrunchRelay contributions well. - willows

Ha, I was thinking, "Shouldn't it be Tepet Christ Jesus"? but then I remembered Christ is just a title of sorts, not an actual surname, so the way you wrote it is all good! :) --UncleChu

Is it? Maybe it should be Christ Tepet Jesus, like Daimyo Otori Shigeru... but I don't think that titles are properly used with full-names in the Japanese style. Anyway, hi! - willows
I'd say it Tepet Jesus Christ. it's Tepet Raging Skunk, isn't it? It's not Tepet Skunk Raging.--Telgar
Phew, I'm glad we got that cleared up. Now, how does Resurrection affect stats?--UncleChu
It took the place of the need to meditate for months/years to gain more Essence, so he bought a point of Essence and some new charms. I don't think he actually raised his Attributes, except maybe Charisma.