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Welcome. You going to post those HearthStones you put up on the WW board? I thought they were pretty good.\\ _Ikselam

Already done! -Q

Quendalon, What web browser do you use?

I use Internet Explorer. At home, I have... hmm... IE version 6.0.2800.1106; not sure which version I have at work, but I can check tomorrow. - Quendalon

Sorry to be abrupt about it. I'm trying to isolate who's part of the wiki-freezing problem, and your name was in a few traces. I know IE6 is cool with UseMod, so you're off the metaphorical hook. :) -- DaveFayram

willows told me to poke you to do the Sapphire Daiklave Style, because I guess we've had converging ideas (because of an artifact idea I put out there.) ^_^ - haren

I poke you about Sapphire Daiklaive as well, because I mean for my character in TenThousandBrokenDreams to have it eventually. :D - LiOfOrchid
That depends on whether Sidereal Styles actually exist in my campaign. You guys wanted changes from canon, remember?  ;) - Quendalon

Hi Haren! Willows has already drafted me to write up Diamond Weave Style after Crimson Thicket, but once that's done, I can get on to Sapphire Daiklave. :) - Quendalon

Well, I think the main reason is because I had the ideas about nasty cutting magic... like cleaving away flaws (wounds?) because the blade could not abide anything less perfect than itself. I mean, there's more, but I hadn't actually looked at that one, I was waiting for more finished ideas, then willows mentioned convergence... weird but cool! ^_^ - haren

Hello, Quendalon - I would like to post the bit of the Hundred Kingdoms I've detailed into the locations section of this wiki. How should I do this so I don't mess up what you've already done? - Snollygoster

Many thanks for putting the LunarCharms through the BestPractices grinder. I would have had no idea of where to begin on that one. - Moxiane

You're welcome. Odd place to say thanks though...Quend was nice enought to make a few changes for me and get started transfering them though. :) - Telgar

Thanks guys! Note, however, that I only did my own Charm pages, since I'm selfish and all that. There's still a lot of work to do! - Quendalon

So, dude, have you ever considered joining the #wod crowd? There have been many times that I have wished for a faster medium in which to toss around ideas with wikizens, and it happens that several are regulars there as well as here. It's turned out well, and it's great fun to run online games too. We'd enjoy your company. - willows

Hey, Quendalon, it'd be great to talk to you at #wod ^_^ Please come and talk? - haren

Hi Haren! That's IRC, right? I don't have IRC set up... - Quendalon
It is indeed IRC; you should, you really really should! ;) Since haren forgot the server, though, I'll add it: gryphon.magicstar.net, channel is #WoD. - Ashande
I just installed mIRC. I can't figure out how to connect to gryphon.magicstar.net, and it is giving me a headache. Help!!! - Quendalon
Never mind, I got it started. :) - Quendalon