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Technology, Invention
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  • The Core, Fetich Soul, The Mind of the Great Maker.
    • Phillia'To, The Grandmother Spider, Ministerial Subroutine of the Design Weavers, the Tapestry, and Weaving. (Defining). -- OhJames
      • The Design Weaver
  • Runel, Divine Minister of Order, Smooth Functioning, Productivity, Efficiency, Cities, Commerce, Life, and Heath.
  • Kek'Tungsssha, Divine Minister of Smelting, Craft, Tools, Industry, Mass Production, Fertility, and Reproductive Sex.
  • Debok Moom, Divine Minister of War, War Machines, Violent Paradigm Shifts, Elemental Metal, Privacy, and Wealth.
    • Hermors, The Impeccable Herald, Ministerial Subroutine of Supply Lines, Couriers, and Wartime Communications; Conductor of the Pneumatic Trams. (Messenger). - OhJames
      Hermors is a highly-respected minister, worshipped throughout each of the Eight Nations with relative consistency, thanks to the vital necessity of the pneumatic trams, which he conducts and oversees. In his person, Hermors is a tall man with skin of bright silver. His eyes are large and can project beams of light that cut through even the deepest darkness of the Maker's innards. When the minister desires it, he can move with a speed unmatched by any other construct in Autochthonia and can, when stationed in the lead car of a tram, cause it to move with his own alacrity. Steam occasionally hisses from the nigh-invisible joints of his body, belying the source of his motive force. In addition to his command of the tram system, Hermors is also able to perfectly relay any message between members of a battalion by projecting bolts of memory-lightning out to five miles, though he is empowered to do so only within the context of his martial domain and mortals on the receiving end of such a message are invariably damaged to some degree.
    • Are-Balt, The Zeal-Weapon, Ministerial Subroutine of Violence, Bloodshed, and Expeditions into the Reaches; Patron of the Mirrorblades. (Expressive). - OhJames
    • Ibitho, The Shimmering Methodology, Ministerial Subroutine of Martial Tactics, Strategic Withdrawl, and the Forging of Moonsilver. (Wisdom). - OhJames
    • Sukorjah, The Profuse Oligarch, Ministerial Subroutine of Acquisition, Personal Decoration, and Hoarding; Advocate of Kamak. (Indulgent). - OhJames
    • Floren, The Asylum's Warden, Ministerial Subroutine of Psychology, Neurosis, and Shell-Shock. (Reflective). - OhJames
    • Vimang, The Desperate Ground, Ministerial Subroutine of Holding Actions, Hostage Rescue, and Enclosed Positions; Patron of the Regulators. (Warden). - OhJames
    • Thana Kar, The Machine Warmaster, Ministerial Subroutine of Battle, Weapons Design, Perfection through Strife; Advocate of Estasia. (Defining). - OhJames
      • The Destroyer
  • Noi, Divine Minister of Curiosity, Research, Exploration, Innovation, Rebellion, and Progress.
    • Oi'Felend, The First Maverick, Minsterial Subroutine of Creative Deviance and Defiance of Authority; Patron of the Shining Ones. (Indulgent). - OhJames
      • The Fix Beetle
  • Mog, Divine Minister of Authority, Proper Functioning, Dogma, Righteous Action and Just Punishment; Keeper of the Lightning and Scourge of the Lumpen.
    • Espinoquae, The Omnipresent, Ministerial Subroutine of Surveillance, Light, and Security. (Wisdom).
      • The Crystal Fly
  • Kadmek, Divine Minister of Design, Architecture, Structural Integrity, Biogeomancy, Music, Art, Wisdom, Strategy, and Prophecy.
    • Anamet, The Forethinking Insight, Ministerial Subroutine of Hypothesis, Theorem, and the Manifestation of Knowledge. (Defining). - OhJames
  • Domadamod, Divine Minister of Reuse, Repair, Recycling, and Cannabalism; Enlightened Guardian of the Eternal Cycle.
      • The Fix Beetle
  • Ku, Divine Minister of the Reaches and the Far Reaches, Smoke, Mystery, Seals, Thaumaturgy, and Death.

Non-canonical Souls

Though he was never imprisoned in the Hell of Malfeas, Autochthon is yet a Primordial, a forger of Creation, and titan of elemental power. Tiny as Primordials went, Autochthon was a tinkerer and a builder, and none of the other Primordials rivalled him for talent or skill. But he was lame, for his legs were crippled, and his fellows mocked him. And thus it was when Gaia and the Unconquered Sun came to the Great Maker, speaking honeyed words of rebellion and uprising, the Machine God listened. (Nero's Boot)

Autochthon sleeps, but within his machine-body dwells the Godhead, the brain and central operating system of the Great Maker. It decides what must be done, what cities of humans to absorb, and which to spare. It is neither male nor female, but rather a vast data stack filled with gears, pulleys, and steaming vents. It cannot move, but those Alchemicals that speak to it feel the closeness of their mechanical deity. The Godhead is interested only in the continuation of the slumbering Machine God's good health, and all other considerations fall by the wayside. Though helpless in battle, the Godhead can summon any and all component souls of Autochthon to defend itself from harm.

  • Vulcan the God-Maul, 2nd soul of Autochthon, The Source of All Divinity (Nero's Boot)

Of all the souls of the Machine God, one is known the best in Yu-Shan, for he was the one who constructed the Celestial Incarna: Vulcan the God-Maul, the soul of Autochthon that made the gods at the behest of the other Primordials. He appears as a vast Anklok Dragon King male, with scales made of metal, wielding a massive goremaul made of orichalcum. This goremaul can infuse any being it touches with divinity, and those mortals who hold it will surely have a lineage blessed with many Celestial Exaltations. Indeed, it was Vulcan who taught the other gods to make the Exalted, and he alone holds all the secrets of their transfiguration. Like his father, Vulcan sleeps, hibernating within a vast chamber filled with gold, silver, and the souls of those Autochthonians his dreaming mind favors. It is said the Celestial Incarna fear the God-Maul, for many in Yu-Shan whisper that Vulcan can undo the apotheosis he gave the Incarna. For this reason, many in Yu-Shan claim Autochthon fled to Elsewhere.


This entry has alot of nancanonical opinion in it, which isn't a bad thing, just... it probably ought to be labeled. I don't think the exact nature of Autochthon's 'illness' has ever been explained completely. As a side note note, I suck at the Wiki. Can somebody fix my name so it's a glowing link like the others? I'd super appreciate it!

Just put it in [[double brackets]]--MF

Does anyone else find it interesting that Autobot only has eight, measly souls? Adorjan has twenty, and she's gone through Fetich-death even. I'm thinking that's why he's always described as "sickly;" he's lacking in the souls department. Anyway, I'd really love to see some more Ministerial Subroutines (should Autobot's 2nd Circles be the Indulgent, Expressive, what-have-you's like the Yozis? I'm not sure.) -- OhJames

They might be present, hmmm... second circle might be interesting, even if the 3rd tier seem to be the custodians and gremlins. ~ Haku

Did I miss the bit where they said Autochthon had crippled legs or did soomeone just get him and Hephestus confused again?
And, as far as the number of souls goes, I got the impression that he specifically built those 7 souls before he went to sleep to oversee his nap (the 8th one was built later, I think). So Autochthon might very well have many more than 8 souls, it's just that they are also shut down at the moment.
On the other hand, being trapped in Malpheas for almost 5,000 years might have caused the Yozies to go insane and contract the Primordial equivelent to MPD. After all, the only other Primordial we know of is Gaia and she only has 6 known souls (5 Elemental Dragons and her fetich soul that sits on Luna's lap all the time).

Possible, possible. I mean, sure, Autobot might have more souls. But personally, I think it's more elegant to say "you know how all the other Primordials picked on the Great Maker? Well, it's cuz he only had eight souls and they had like twenty, so they could beat him up and he couldn't do anything about it because they had, like, more guyz." Plus, it makes more sense than saying that he's got gimpy legs. As if Primordials had legs. And the Gaia thing... I mean, I've seen the Elemental Dragons referred to as her greatest souls, but not her only souls. So I assume she has other ones lying around, doin' things. Maybe some of those things we call Behemoths? I don't know.
p.s I can't find a spot where it says he built the Divine Ministers to oversee his nap-time. Do you know something I don't? -- OhJames
Throughout the chapter, in sidelong references, for one. Examples: page 163 "Each of these Divine Ministers is further broken down into ... daemons and ... subgods that take care of important facilities and mechanisms inside the Great Maker". Page 167 "...the eight autonomic deities that regulate his sleeping universe-body...". And I do believe at least one more reference elsewhere in the book, much more direct. But those are two for starters that at least imply... -- GregLink
I don't think so. I mean, Autochthon is sleeping and that's what souls do; they look after their oversoul. I don't see the implication, but it doesn't matter, I guess. -- OhJames

Autochthon seems to be the only Primordial steeped in formulae. Perhaps his 'sickly' label comes not from his lack of souls, but his dependence on active creation rather than genesis. -Paincake