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Not every man is brave. Not every man is willing to die for a cause. Not every man will stand up against impossible odds. So has it always been. No mortal can escape this. Even the Dragonblooded accept this fact and it can even apply to them.

In those terrible days when the contagion had struck and decimated the land, the frontiers of Creation fell and were consumed by the Wyld and the Host of the Fair Folk. The 13th Northern Legion of the Dragonblooded Shogunate, Forward Gaurd marched north to stop them. Even as they got closer to the fae forces the troops trembled in their tents. They had heard of what was happening, of lands consumed, of the unstoppable waves and the Legions ruined. They were soldiers though and would obey their general and marched.

Their general however...he knew more of what they marched against then they did and so before they reached their destination he ordered them to move to a new location. Hiding underground, with solid stone over your head can protect one from the wyld, and so he hoped they if they hid deep within a mountain they might escape the fate that would befall creation.

They hid deep underground, in a place cherak and icehome, using ancient tools that were to be used in battle to dig deeper and deeper and hide. They set their sorcerer engineers to altering what they had, and grew a fungi that would sustain them and hid and trembled. When after a year no fae had tried to come down after them they rejoiced. Then they trembled. They had sealed their fate, the Shogunate had won...they could not leave now. They were all traitors. So they remained deep below.

The problem is that like with what has happend in Lookshy, those ancient devices they used are now failing. No longer will they be able to sustain themselves and hide in their dark hole. Now they must return to Creation and risk the judgement of the Shogunate, or starve and die a cowards death in fear and darkness.

The City of Yon

Underneath the Twinpeak mountains, after many long winding tunnels and natural caverns one reaches a great stone doorway, barred from within and covered in carved prayers to the Elemental Dragons. Were one to breach this door and move farther in a second door would be reached, this one though designed with slits for archers and gaurded by pale skined Dragonblooded. There are 3 more such doors that have been installed, each gaurded just as much as the previous one. After that though a great open space is reached, a huge cavern carved out of the mountain depths. The architecture is blocky, and its easy to see what was built first building wise and what came later, the early stuff looks like it was rushed to be put into place, the later stuff showing that time was spent working on it. All of it shows a blocky, straight angled architecture.

That said it is also clearly designed with defense in mind. Wide streets for easy movements of troops, wide plazas where a foe could be isolated and attacked from multiple angles. Underneath the city proper, in an additional chamber which can only be reached from the back of the main chamber is where they use failing technology to grow food for them to eat. By the time an attacker could reach their food supply, they would have taken the city allready. There is no other way out, this is a last stand city.

There are 3 districts to the city. The Back District, the Middle District, and the For District. The For and Back districts are the most heavily defensive of the two, being in place for administrataion and last stand(Back) and first line of defense(For). The Middle District is the residential and economical areas of the city. This is where the soldiers live, and everyone here is a soldier, where the sorcerers are taught, weapons fixed and made, practices done, and people relax.

Appearance and Culture

The average dweller of the city of Yon is very pale in colouration, hair that has gone white from their unique diet and living conditions and who dress in greys. Too many bright colours remind them of the topside world, and so they forsook that for one uniform colour. Being a highly disciplined culture everyone dresses and maintains their looks well.

Theirs is the cultures of the soldier, but with the knowledge that they are all descended of traitors. So they all seek to live the life of a proper soldier, in hopes that this maybe will expunge the guilt of their ancestors and give them back their honour. Everyone serves in some capacity as a soldier, and all are trained to fight. There are no civilians in this city. They speak little, a depressed atmosphere having hung over the city for centuries. Even their performences are done in silence. Most surfaces are have carved murals of either prayer to the Dragons or of past victories and honours the Legion once had.

Crime and Punishment

Crimes are handled in a simple way. If its an act of passion, discipline. If it was a premeditated act, death.


They follow a form of the Immaculate Faith, though different from what is found in Creation or during the Shogunate. Virtuous life and prayer to the dragons come formost.


It is lead by the highest ranking officer and ran like a military unit would be. Additional groups have developed as needed to handle the fact they are now a city with commerce and children and all such details need managing. The three must heavily regulated areas are food supply, sorcery, and children. Only highly trained people are allowed to work in the farm and handle the delicate machines there. Sorcery is highly useful and important to them, and the dangers a single sorcer could pose are many. With limited space and food supply, permission is needed to be permitted to have children. With that in mind the city only numbers about 10,000 people, with 500 of them being Dragonblooded.


This Legion benifited from having several very gifted sorcerer engineers and a generous amount of artifacts meant for battle against the fae. As such this city has all the amenities you expect to find in a normal large city though they are cleaner. The numbers of blooded has grown from what it once was so what resources they have to share has grown thinner in terms of personal artifacts. They still have several operating suits of dragon armor, and even have warstriders which had to be dismantled then reassembled to be brought into the city. The hearthstones to operate these machines have long since been broken as the manses on the surface were claimed by new owners or damaged.


A Dragonblood from this city benifits from dedicated training and a disciplined regimine. They have attributes of 7/6/4 and 35 points of abilities. Of those abilities they must have 2 Melee, 2 Occult, 2 Lore, and 2 Craft(First Age Weapons) to reflect their martial and magitech dependant culture.

They get 7 dots of backgrounds. Backgrounds have several limitations. They must be inwardly focused to start. Allies, connections, backing and reputation must just involve other citizens of Yon. They use the normal Artifact rules as found in the solar book. They may take the Sorcery background from the Outcaste book. They may not take manse. Breeding is done as normal in the Dragonblood book. All other backgrounds are unchanged.


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