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I say Blessing of Grace does too little. Also, I'd personally increase the mote cost to 5 or 10 and add a willpower and 1 or 2 XP but make it a burned cost rather than a committed cost. Thus, the duration would be instant, but the blessed would feel the effects of it for a year. Just an idea, and maybe your system is better. As for what else it could do, I like what you have so far. Some other ideas include... Never being treated as an extra, one or more merits as might befit a hero of the unconquered sun, like essence awareness/mastery, ability to heal as an Exalt, ability to soak Lethal damage with stamina, Taint's warning, a favored ability, and/or a bonus to XP gained... Granted, I'm acting like this is mostly for mortals, but really, other exalts have the blessings of their gods already. Amo lingua latina tua. Check out my page. I have a DK path I think you'd like, and it could use some criticism as well. -Tardach

Interesting idea. Perhaps in addition to the basic effects, for a mortal, it will give up to the blessing Exalt's Essence in bonus points in a new Merit, typically from either the Heroic Mortal section or the Godblooded section (The target is, in effect, now a minor Godblooded with no Inheritance, of the Unconquered Sun!). Only one blessing may be applied to a character, although a new, more powerful blessing may be applied later. The Storyteller decides what effect is given. - And, sure (that's two tonight!) I'll take a look, once I've had some dinner. Thanks for the C&C. - IsawaBrian

New Charm added, and rules for BoG changed. Now I'm worried it's gone the other way, in terms of power. - IsawaBrian

Just a question, but couldn't these be considered Holy charms. I mean they do reference the power of the Unconquered Sun. -Heru

Technically, no; Holy charms are specifically those that cause more damage/effects to creatures of darkness. These don't, so they're only lower-case h holy. However, two of the defensive Charms, now that I think about it, should probably be Order (my own keyword for Charms that have more effect on Fae/Wyldstuff, and while these don't directly, they DO have a better effect against shaping, so...) -- IsawaBrian

did you intend for the Perfect to negate compulsions too? There has been some dubiousness on whether Compulsions are social attacks. - Azurelight

My personal opinion is that the defenses do work against Compulsions; the keyword text in the main book says that the "special damage" of Compulsion charms is what creates the Compulsion effect. I suppose I might as well re-word them to mention that. -- IsawaBrian