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Re: Know the Prey. Perhaps you should mention something about having to select one target when the Charm is invoked. And maybe any one of the following conditions should be met: 1. The character knows the target personally. 2. The character has access to the personal effects of the target. 3. The character already has a concrete trail left by the target. Otherwise it's like, "Oh I've heard about this guy who may be in the area. He's my target, even though I only know his name; I've never met him; I don't have a trail yet; and I don't even really know if he's in the area. But this is a good way to find out!"

Re: Forest Awareness Method and Cardinal Hunting Mastery. I notice you give the example of "Lintha" as a species. I would think that this wouldn't work - you'd either have to select Humans or Demon-Blooded as your targets. Unless you intended these Charms to work not only on actual species, but on different groups of humans such as "Guild Members" or "Realm Soldiers." -LiOfOrchid

Know the Prey is designed to work specifically along the lines of Unshakeable Bloodhound Technique with privelleges- pretty much how you described it. I can edit it if it's not too clear. Thanks- I hope you don't mind me using your words. :)
Actually, I meant Lintha because they're *really* inbred, virtually a separate species. It's roughly the same as picking a very specific line of Beastman. I suppose what I *should* have said was 'Species, breed, or family'. So done.
Cool. It was just a matter of clarity more than anything. -LiOfOrchidd]]