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Tree split up by general type


Many of these Charms are modifications or direct adaptions of my Melee Charms, and some of their canonical requirements. I didn't just write these all out as an exercise in flavor text, however. One of the purposes of my Charm-writing is to provide mechanical symmetry between the trees. Not to squash out all differences; you'll note that some functions remain unique to every form of combat I put up here. However, I do not feel that in direct, mechanical comparison, an archer should be less than a melee specialist, nor should a brawler be the redheaded stepchild of fighting. Finally, many of the Charms had to be tweaked for the differences between Archery and Melee. -- IsawaBrian

Why is Unrepentant Rebuke so much better than Seven Shadows Evasion? - willows

Okay, trying this again, since save went wonky last time - I don't see that Unrepentant Rebuke is any better than seven shadow at all, personally. Seven shadow has two condition on it's perfection - it only dodges dodgeable attacks you are aware off perfectly - while Unrepentant rebuke has at least four, if not five, since it seems like it should only apply to attacks the archer is aware off as well as only those that are ranged attacks with a solid component that are blockable within range. Am I missing something? Gamlain
Um, this is cheaper than SSE, doesn't seem to require awareness, and doesn't seem to be restricted to only attacks against the Solar. Plus it's cheaper and easier to obtain. - willows
The prereques do seem a bit low. The charm text implies to me that it should require awareness but that isn't explicit in it so I'll grant that too. I was missing that first. So, yeah. Stuff. I still wouldn't call it better than SSE unless it really does not require awareness, because it's apllicability is fairly narrow and SSE is very broad. Thanks Willows! Gamlain
Modified them a bit to make awareness more explicit. The prereqs are low because making a Dipping Swallow style one would tread on DB territory pretty heavily; I decided to just skip that and hit the next level up. The trade offs should be roughly-- must have bow and ammunition (where SSE requires nothing but awareness), only applicable vs. ranged attacks-- but cheaper overall and it can defend for others. It's what I call a "normal" or "stage 1" perfect- only works against applicable attacks, no immaterial blocking, etc. So it's slightly cheaper and easier to get than SSE, which has a broader range of applicability with the same basic capabilities -- IsawaBrian who was worried about the defend for others as a DB schtick, but realized it'd be pretty dumb to have a perfect countershot that couldn't smack down other arrows than those at the intended.

A lot of the conversions are preliminary, since many of these are based on concepts that have not yet been fully introduced into the game.--IsawaBrian

Some of those concepts have still not been introduced; others have been introduced in a manner that caused me to rethink them. A few actual conversions of 1E charms; I hope that official ones will come with Scroll of Heroes, but I'm not sure. I've also gone through old Charm names, like Wise Arrow, that got superceded or collapsed into single Charms and made them into new effects. One of these days I need to make a Charm tree for this mess. Though it'll be more of a Charm mangrove for most of the big ones.--IsawaBrian