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Paging FluffySquirrel... you wanted some nice multiple-heal medicine charms... Here are some, and very nice they are too. I know they're not a scene-long, but this is cool too, and you should look at them... IsawaBrian, you make nice charms, I shall be examining the rest of them later today, good work and such, thanks, I/we will be using some methinks!
-- Darloth

Thanks! I hope your friend uses them. Give me a note sometime later about how they work in play if he does? --IsawaBrian
We don't like the circle-drawing sort of thing, so we may well have them just as an unsettable radius... drawing circles sounds too sorcerous. He's also considering a few scenelong versions of current charms, but they'll be more expensive than area, so I think he might get these first.
-- Darloth
Hey, whatever works for you. :) The only reason that I haven't made scene-longs is that they smack, to me, of regeneration, which is more of a Lunar or Wood-blood thing. Of course, a high-enough Essence Solar can just take the 'Nyah! I'm HEALED!' charms here and be done with it. :) --IsawaBrian
Actually, he's planning a scene-long once-per-person Contagion Curing Touch, I think. Basically, he wants to be able to walk through a city touching people left right and centre, and It's a Miracle! They're Healed!, etc.
-- Darloth
You mean something like... this? (New charm added) --IsawaBrian
Heh, amusingly.. that's near identical to the one we cooked up ;) The only difference is my Resplendant Hands of Heavenly Respite require you to touch someone to heal them, whereas yours has that nice area effect.. which makes it much more useful.. .. but then, mine is a willpower point cheaper :) But other than that.. identical.. it's uncanny :) I am going to be using therapeutic healing hands however.. I'll tell you how it goes :) Transcendant prowess is also on my list of things to get.. .. and I might have to write up some of the ones I'm making myself.. FluffySquirrel
Hee. Yeah, I kind of figured it'd be something along those lines. It's the logical progression of the Charm. Can't wait to see what you write up! -- IsawaBrian