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The Nineteenth theme is Leaps of Faith

The Crusaders' Stone (Jarons20)

 Earth Aspected
 Manse ••
 Trigger: Use

"Only in the leap from the lion's head will he prove his worth..."

This opaque, light-gray stone allows the bearer's belief in what he is doing as right to overcome his weaknesses in the face of adversity. The bearer may choose to roll his Conviction in place of a Valor roll.

Golden Planet Lens (Quendalon)

 Sidereal Aspected
 Manse ••
 Trigger: Use

This stone appears as a clear lens threaded with a labyrinth of pale fractures and inclusions, flecked with golden motes. When held above a map when Mercury is in the sky, it casts a beam of golden light that traces a route across the map. If the bearer follows that route to its conclusion, not knowing where it shall take her or what she shall meet along the way, she entrusts herself to the blessings of the Maiden of Journeys. Once per scene, the bearer may add three dice to any single roll; this only applies as long as she continues to follow her route, and all benefits are lost if she strays from the path or attempts to determine what lies ahead of her. The encounters along the route are left entirely up to the Storyteller.

Sphere of Favourable Sacrifice (LeumasWhite)

 Solar Aspected
 Manse •••
 Trigger: Use

This perfect, crystal sphere is filled with slow-moving golden flames, beautiful and reassuring to watch. When attuned, it allows the user to take items that were once precious to him and reforge them into items useful for a cause he believes in. If the character applies it to an object that holds some sentimental value for him and spends a point of Conviction, the item will melt into a puddle of gold and immediately reform, taking the shape of an object that will aid him. The final result cannot be determined until it is finished, but the item is invariably of exceptional quality, and will always be in some way helpful to him, though he may not immediately realize it.

White Eye Stone (Telgar)

 Air Aspected
 Manse ••••
 Trigger: The ground ending

Should a character bearing this stone choose to walk where there is nothing capable of supporting his weight, he may do so on a single condition: he must not look down or back until he is once again safely supported. For as long as the character looks only up, left, right or forward, he may continue to walk as if on solid ground. Looking down or backwards will end this effect instantly, dropping the character to whatever result lays below. This stone protects the character from any environmental effects that would harm him in the course of his walking such as boiling heat from lava or asyphxiation.

Unending Lens (Telgar)

 Solar  Aspected
 Manse •••••
 Trigger: Making a roll

An eye-sized orb of perfectly transparent gold, the Unending Lens shows and infinite continuation of whatever is seen through it. The bearer of this Stone can draw on his assurance that he will succeed in whatever task he sets himself. Whenever the character attuned to the Unending Lens attempts a roll, they can make a reflexive Willpower roll. The successes on this roll are then added to whatever action the character is attempting. This ability can only be used 3 times a day.


Enjoy kiddies! -Suzume (This would be a good theme for anyone just itching to make Siddy 'Stones...)

Feh, and for the moment, I thought the topic was going to be "Sounds of trumpets in the background". Ah well. I shall shelve my ideas for silly stones for a while then.
-- Darloth

Maybe next time! ^^; (Although I admit to being intrigued. If one of us gets the next one, let's set it for that. ^_^ ) -Suzume
Oh! Another thought. What about "Sound of Strumpets in the Background"! Enjoy! ^.^ -Suzume

Change in direction from the feedback, I felt I had to go back and fix this last one. -Jarons20

Much better. Now, just change the trigger to "Use", and it's perfect. ^_^ -Suzume

Quendalon, I LIKE, I LIKE, I LIKE! ^_^ This is just the sort of thing I wanted to see with this theme! ^_^ -Suzume

Glad you like it! I think it came out of some GPS ideas I've been mulling over for Paranoia. Strange how creativity works, eh?  :) - Quendalon
Man, you could base a whole Campaign around this, nice effect - Jarons20

Thought I'd give the Relay a kick and see if we couldn't get things moving. I'm not sure this is Leaps of Faith anymore, though; my thought process sort of wandered as I was pondering ideas. - LeumasWhite

Hmm... Not exactly a leap of faith, you're right. Also, I'm a little leery of the mechanic I think you're proposing. Expending Virtues? As in one of the (current rating) number of uses per story? Or are you suggesting an outright expenditure of a permanent virtue point? If the latter, it definitely treads on one of the key limiters on solars (or anyone else) in the game. The jump out of that constraint is one leap that I just don't have the faith in the rules set to make. ^^; If the first, I guess it could work, although. -Suzume

It'd be the former; that's what I've always taken spending Virtue points to mean. Anyone should feel free to change it; I just wanted to start up the Relay again. - LeumasWhite

What about a roll, successes adding to how useful the item created is. I think it works as a leap because the item sacrificed is lost to the change without any idea if anything useful being created, the hearthstone is a prophet as to what will be needed, and it is a lot to put trust in an inanimate object. Would this work on artifacts if a PC gave up his artifact background item? - Jarons20
Maybe an explicit proviso that the storyteller determines the nature of the item produced. It's always useful, even relevant to the situation at hand, but ultimately up to the workings of fate.
Some amount of script immunity-type protection seems appropriate, as well. Maybe no more than one dot's worth of loss, though such a guideline might fall better under ST common-sense and avoiding cheesing the players.
I don't want to add a roll to it, since there's the possibility that you could end up with a heap of crap. Admittedly, it would make it more leap of faith-y... but meh. As for the ST determining the item; yeah, that was the idea, since no player could tell if the item will become useful. - LeumasWhite
I think it's perfect. Great leap of faith, great idea, etc. I think spending a channel-point of Conviction works particularly well -- much better than, say, Willpower -- although I would personally say that they could spend a channel-point of any Virtue at 3+.
~ Shataina mm, tasty two cents

Telgar! ^_^ 素晴らしい!! I love them! You beat me to the punch on your "White Eye Stone". I wanted to do something like that, but I hadn't gotten to it. Thank you! I eagerly await the new theme. -Suzume

I must learn to read (japanese) one of these days -- Darloth

そうですね. I wrote "Subarashii", meaning "wonderful". -Suzume

I think the Unending Lens should have its ability limited to much less than 3 times per day. 1 per day is the max to which I would personally put it. I also think it would be cool (and a good limit, since it's too powerful) if it had a nasty side-effect to the tune of "due to his assurance of success, the character is incapable of believing that he will fail at things he considers his specialty / things that are important to him" or something.
~ Shataina

I dunno; it's just a strongish dice-adder. I'd just set the ability as 2 Willpower, useable anytime. - willows
That would be fine with me, too. Having it as reflexive, free and useable that often is a bit much, though.
~ Shataina
Yet again, though, it IS a 5 dot stone. Maybe some sliding limiter on usage would work. For example, (Willpower/3, rounded down)/per day. I do like the hubris idea, however. -Suzume

I love the white eye stone, exactly what this theme was waiting for, if only Willie Coyote were an Exalted - Jarons20

Telgar, what's the next theme? -TedPro