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When detailing Artifacts, the way to do it is in an Artifact Stats Block

  • Include Manse rating and Aspect. Aspect may be omitted if the hearthstones are organized by Aspect.
  • Note the trigger that activates the stone's special power. If necessary, note what sort of action is required for activation (e.g., Simple, Reflexive, normal dice action, etc.).


Breathless Jewel</b>

<b>Manse •, Air
Trigger: Taking one deep breath.

This spherical, milky blue hearthstone is very light, and appears to be hollow. When attuned, it allows its wearer to hold her breath indefinitely. This does not require extraordinary concentration, but it does require the bearer to take a deep breath first. The effect ends if the bearer falls asleep or unconscious, or the air is expelled from her lungs (for example, by speaking).

The Eagle's Eye</b>

<b>Manse 4 
Trigger: None.

A bright yellow mote of light twinkles in the heart of this amber orb. It grants its bearer unsurpassed vision; anything within a hundred miles can be seen just as clearly as if it were a yard away. This magic sight obeys normal line-of-sight restrictions; it can't look through walls, mountains, or other obstacles. It does not allow the character to see invisible things, or to ignore environmental conditions that would normally impair his vision (such as darkness, fog, smoke, and so forth).

Gemstone of the Unseen Trickster</b>

<b>Manse 4, Lunar
Trigger: Concentration (Simple).

This disk-shaped stone is colored dark silver, like a piece of polished magnetite. Once per day, its bearer can cause his body to become completely transparent for a period of up to one hour. This has no effect on his clothes, or anything he might be carrying, although any objects he swallows or otherwise hides inside himself do become invisible, as does the artifact in which the hearthstone is socketed. He is also no harder than normal to detect with senses other than sight.

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