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The forty-third theme is Elephants

Elephants are also called pachyderms, which means "thick skin" in Greek. Their noteworthy features include their prehensile noses, enormous ears, and males' large tusks. It is said that "an elephant never forgets." Elephants are also said to be frightened of mice. In some cultures, albino elephants are held to be sacred -- but since the cost of caring for a holy elephant is prohibitively high, the term "white elephant" has come to mean a valued possession whose upkeep exceeds its usefulness.


Seeing-the-Elephant Stone (Moxiane)

Earth Manse •
Trigger: Always on

This round grey stone appears to be little more than a cobblestone worn smooth by the footsteps of millions. As long as an Exalt is attuned the artefact into which it is socketed he will remain conscious up until the point of death; Incapacitated and Dying health levels are treated as -4 health levels for the purpose of dice-pool penalties.

Champagne Pachyderm Pebble (Ikselam)

Lunar Manse ••
Trigger: drunkenness

This pink orb appears to have many bubbles trapped inside it. When its owner becomes drunk, the bubbles burst forth into the air and coalesce into a wondrous pink spirit-elephant. The pink elephant has the statistics of a normal pachyderm, plus level 5 Familiar qualities; as soon as the character sobers up, it dissolves into a cloud of alcohol-scented bubbles. It takes a full day for the stone's bubbles to recharge enough to form another elephant.

Tusk of Ivory Bones (Telgar)

Lunar Manse •••
Trigger: Contact with bone

Despite forming in a Manse instead of upon the face of an elephant this Hearthstone takes the form of an ivory tusk 6 inches in length. The owner of the Tusk is able to use it to transform any bone into lovely, valuable ivory. Simply by touching the bone with the Tusk and concentrating will cause the transformation. It is possible for the owner to transform his own bones and teeth but doing so has little effect.

Long Memory Elephant Stone (IanPrice)

Earth Manse ••••
Trigger: Constant

This Hearthstone appears to be an Elephant statue carved from Jade, though held up to the light it is slightly more translucent than true Jade. The creature is curled up around itself in a stylized fashion; of course, the iconographic nature means that Immaculates consider this Hearthstone heretical. As the Elephant is supposed never to forget, neither does the attuned bearer of this stone. She gains eidetic memory of all her senses - and this extends even to times when she was not carrying the stone.

White Elephant Talisman (ArabianNinja)

Earth Manse •••••
Trigger: Constant

The Hearthstone is shaped like an Elephants' head facing downward, eyes lowered in anger, the stone is said to often be found in Earth Manses where there has been a great number of deaths. It has the appearance of Ivory, but feels of glass to the touch. These stones are said to be a boon and a curse where ever they are found, but some are more than willing to risk the consequences for the power the stone grants.
The White Elephant Talisman Grants the wearer 3 dots of Permanent Essence aslong as the stone is placed in an attuned artifact. This boon is countered by the stones price. Instead of the blessed benefit of increased Essence respiration, it instead Drains 10 Motes per hour from the user. Any effects which would increase the Essence respiration rate from the White Elephant Talisman will increase the drain of Essence.


I like the idea of the White elephant stone in theory, but I dont know if giving 3 dots of essence is too much, but another part of me feels that 2 isnt enough either. I'd love some input. -ArabianNinja

It would personally please me if you included the appropriate text on how to attune and un-attune a hearthstone. Most particularly, the 'best' way to use that thing is only attune it when necessary. Does the mote-drain start at the beginning of attunement, or at the end? These things will really help tell if it should be 2 or 3. -- GreenLantern

The Drain effect is always on when set into an attuned artifact weapon, which I have corrected above. The 'best' way to use the stone varies, such as attaching it on a needed basis, as you've mentioned, or having multiple hearthstones in order to counter the draining effect. - ArabianNinja

If that's the case, I note that the wording is ambiguous and confusing, as my belief (from reading the text) was that additional hearthstones would not counter the drain - no, they'd increase it. Since those hearthstones would normally increase the character's essence respiration, and "Any effects which would increase the Essence respiration rate will only increase the drain". Clarifying that should help quite a bit. -- GreenLantern

My error, I have corrected it and hopefully it makes more sense. - ArabianNinja

Oh man, Ikselam, I've said it before but I'll say it again. You're so awesome. Will you marry me? Or something? I'd totally trade cooking and cleaning to have your delicious Exaltedy excellence in my home.
~ Shataina