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Hearthstone Relay

The Forty-Sixth theme is That which lies Beyond

Otherworldly Manses, or stones that may effect that which is not.

Gatekeeper's Gem by Haku

Rating •
Trigger: Constant

The Gatekeeper's Gem is formed by a sidereal manse, one that is oddly quite common in the threshold. Such manses are typically owned by Sidereals or those with a vested interest in knowing where things not of Creation are; such as shadowlands, the bordermarches of the Wyld or even the advent of a wyld storm.

Appearing as ornate watch-towers, the manses do not have a trace of starmetal in them, they do however appear to be conventional manses build with jade and quarried granite. The heartstone chamber is located at the top-most chamber of the tower, and is a slight depression in a bonfire pit.

The Hearthstone's power in question is strong in terms of what it does. Which is to alert its bearer should he or she approach a region where the static laws of Creation are weak; such as a wyld region or a shadowland. It also alerts its bearer should said region be approaching him or her in the form of a wyld storm. If left in the bonfire pit, it maintains a prismatic flame that harms not those who are attuned to the manse, only flaring larger if a wyld storm approaches. The range of said detection effect is 100 yards.

Please note that while it aids in pointing out the presense of otherworldly energies, it does not point which direction they're in, nor the distance, or even the size of the region affected.

Name-Mansion Jewel - willows

Manse? ••
Trigger: Sleep

Name-Mansion Jewels occur as Hearthstones of Wyld Demesnes or as Cysts. They take the form of sheets of crystal- or metal-infused paper, constantly folding and unfolding themselves into shapes reflecting their Aspect. Stones from sources with especially Charismatic rulers sometimes perform a sort of origami puppet play retelling his acts.

The bearer of a Name-Mansion Jewel finds that, when he sleeps, he always dreams of the same place, a sleepily beautiful home and its grounds, which seems like an amalgam of all the places he loved. Hanging above it is a crumpled paper sky.

This dream-mansion is in fact a waypoint space, with 5 × his Essence in waypoints. Its layout is more or less constant; the players should work together to map it out. In this space, the bearer may Ring-shape and Cup-shape even without those Graces, using the corresponding Virtues (I'm AFB). As a Ring-shaping action, he may create a new journey linking two waypoints in the space, or destroy a journey that already exists.

All those that have died bearing any Name-Mansion Jewel appear as denizens of the waypoint space or its ill-defined environs. They retain their consciousness, Traits and Shaping abilities. If there are sufficient numbers of name-ghosts in the mansion, all its denizens, including the current bearer, may Staff-shape as well. It's impossible to Sword-shape in the jewel's space without a Sword Grace.

Finally, any created being that touches the sleeper must roll his Willpower against the sleeper's Essence + Presence; if he loses, then he falls asleep and is sucked into the dream. He does not gain any shaping ability hereby.

Veil-Piercing Eye by Telgar

Rating •••
Aspect: Air
Trigger: Concentration

A cat's eye sapphire no larger then a fingernail, the Eye comes from one of the strangest Manses in Creation. An ancient, decrepit-looking spire set atop a mountain ringed with constant thunderstorms in the middle of a Shadowland in the middle of a Wyld Zone. Under the mountain the Manse is built atop, a doorway to Malfeas is burried and guarded by bound demons. Within the Manse itself is one of the unmapped Gates of Heaven. The combination of all the warring forces near the Manse lead to the creation of this extremely strange stone. Its owners are able to see any layer of existece or any other world, whenever they want. By concentrating on Creation, the Underworld, Yu-Shan, Malfeas, the Wyld or Elsewhere the owner of this Stone can see the closest part of that world to them as if they were standing there. When viewing another place, the stone user becomes blind to their own surroundings and must change their viewpoint back to see their own surroundings. Changing view points is a reflexive action with no cost.

Gem of Forced Exile - Paincake

Sidereal Manse ••••
Trigger: Standing in Creation

The Astaretatum was a Sidereal Manse-Institute in the First Age that was the target of retaliatory Twilight sorcery after the Usurpation. It stands as a crystal obelisk on some days, as a dimly lit pleasure dome others, and on some it is a glade of flowers. Only one thing is constant; a thin tear at the center, about an arm's length wide and two men long that flickers with a dull light. Suspended in this light is a small hovering stone with a color reminiscent of the viewer's favorite shade, yet different; this is the Gem of Forced Exile. The Astaretatum has become unstable and fluctuates on its dragon-lines, and its gem's powers have become unpredictable and erratic as a result. When properly functioning the stone provided a small area where creatures outside of fate became woven into fate, and the bearer left his fate behind at will. Its power now that it is unstable is to create a small(owner's essence in miles) wyld zone around itself and its owner as it seeks to drive them from fate the only way it now can; to remove stable creation from around them. If carried in one place long enough it corrupts the area over a few days; if transported it cuts a thin ugly scar across the land like a maggot boring through flesh. If a creature from outside fate is within this radius for too long they begin to be incorporated into the loom gradually. The bearer of the stone is not immune to wyld addiction.

Curious Cat's Blind Eye - Ikselam

Lunar Manse 5
Trigger: Jumping

This milky-white gem shivers restlessly, and is perfectly elastic; it can bounce forever if nothing stops it. If the gem's bearer closes his eyes and jumps, he may land at any location of his choosing, as long as it is one he has never before visited. In addition, he enjoys a target number reduction of 1 on any roll concerning the unknown; however, on such rolls, all 2s count as 1s for purposes of determining a botch.


willows, that is an awesome concept. For everyone's reference, Ring = Temperance, Cup = Compassion, Staff = Conviction, which leaves Valor for Sword but that doesn't matter so much since this stone doesn't let you Sword-Shape in the space it creates. I also have two questions, and a comment:

  • Question - does this waypoint space exist contiguously with the Wyld? That is, can you reach it any way except by possessing the jewel, being a dead former owner, or being a created entity sucked into the dream?
  • Question 2 - Can you use Wyld-Shaping Technique inside this? What about that Lunar charm that takes things from the Wyld and makes them real?
  • Comment - simply due to the scope of this stone, I think it should be bumped to •••. I want to post a stone, but I'll wait until you reply to see whether I want to make it •• if you bump yours up or ••• if you don't want to.

- IanPrice

I have a manse N/A entry which I will append after someone else makes a 5dot stone and chooses the next theme.
-- Darloth