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Martial Arts

With Snake, Monkey and Tiger style already part of the Exalted world I decided it might be fun to add a martial art form for each of the other signs in the Chinese zodiac. These are what I have done so far.

[[[Veet/Celestial]] Rat Style]] : A martial art that teaches its students to do anything to win, no mater how devious.
[[[Veet/Celestial]] Ox Style]] : A martial art for the solid and strong, focuses on absorbing blows rather than avoiding.
[[[Veet/Celestial]] Rabbit Style]] : A pasive martial art that focuses on movement and defence.
[[[Veet/Celestial]] Dragon Style]] : A mystic martial art that draws the power of creation itself.
[[[Veet/Celestial]] Horse Style]] : A martial art form that focuses on teamwork and coordination.
[[[Veet/Celestial]] Ram Style]] : A martial art that focuses on using the surounding environment to your advantage and your enemies disadvantage.
[[[Veet/Celestial]] Rooster Style]] : A hot headed agresive style that favors flashy moves and full bore attacks.