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The Twenty Eighth Theme was Costume Jewelry

Hearthstones that make us look absolutely fahbulous, dahling.

Sex Crystal</b> - IanPrice

<b>Manse •, Fire aspect
Trigger: Arousal.

Among Savants and others who consider themselves more cultured, this stone is called "The Crystal Drop of Blissful Union." Practical observers call it the Sex Crystal. If your aim is seduction, look no further than this stone. When properly set, this Hearthstone can constantly project a low-level magical field to affect the emotions of anyone within line of sight. The stone must be set in an item of the Magical Material the bearer can resonate best with, or the bearer must force resonation. This field "pings" those around the bearer, giving him or her a perfect empathic sense with regards to whether anyone within sight is aroused by his or her presence. The difficulty of any Social roll on people known to be attracted because of this effect is reduced by 1, if that arousal is used in the method of convincing the target.

Cubic Infinity - FlowsLikeBits

Manse ••, Earth aspect
Trigger: Touch

In it's natural state,this hearthstone appears to be a rather ugly grayish cube. It is almost never encountered in that state. When touched to a gem or other gem-sided rock, this stone will immediatly split off an almost perfect copy of that stone and reduce it's size accordingly. A maximum of 6 gems may be copied at one time(one per side). The copy will not have any powers associated with the original, but is an almost perfect copy in every other way. Detecting the difference is difficutly 6 using mundane jewlers equipment, and difficulty 2 if some means of seeing essence is available. In all other ways, the copies act like an orginary gem. They also add 4 dice to any attempt to mount them in an apropriate setting. If taken away from the heathstone bearer, copied gems dissipate after 24 hours.

It is rumored that several houses in the Realm use these stones to cover items that have mysteriously gone missing.

Stone of Resplendent Panoply - TheHoverpope

Manse •••, Lunar aspect
Trigger: Touch

This hearthstone is a small crimson perfect sphere, about two inches wide, flecked with little shining pieces of what looks like each of the magical materials with the exception of soulsteel. When touched to any non-living object, that item may take on the appearance of being made of any number of magical materials of the user's choice. It also becomes as difficult to damage as an artifact truly made of that material would be. This power fades over a day of being seperated from the hearthstone. Clothes additionally grant 3L/3B soak when treated in this manner, and weapons get a single +1 to any category.

This power can make any merchant appear to be equipped as the greatest princes of the earth, and can help an anathema hide his mighty artifacts under a veneer of jade. It has been activated on many occasions to provide beautiful costumes of jade and moonsilver far beyond the means of the user.

The Razor Of Flesh and Clay - Scrollreader

Manse ••••, Abyssal Aspect
Trigger: Craft: Moliation Rolls

This flat, sharp edged hearthstone looks like a hard chip of obsidian or perhaps, some darker stone from deep within the labrynith. Though it resembles a potter's edge, the true purpose of this hearthstone is much darker. When used as part of a craft: moliation roll and the shifting ghost-clay path, the hearthstone may be used over a period of five hours to actually carve and shape the flesh of a living being who is willing or restrained. Each hour, the subject suffers a single unsoakable level of lethal damage. Should this process kill the mortal, than the changes made by the hearthstone bearer become permanant, should that mortal become a ghost. When used on ghosts, the hearthstone adds a number of automatic sucesses to the roll equal to the bearer's permanant essence, and the ghost being shaped gains the benefits of the Steeling the Spirit arcanos for the duration of the change (extra hard weapons and very fixed features). This hearthstone may be used to shape the bearer, if he has the nerve. Though many would like to credit the deathlords for the invention of these stones (And indeed, they make frequent use of them) they were originally the idea of a cabal of twilight and eclipse sorcerors in the first age, who had become obsessed with transcending their living state to an ideal half dead, half alive condition.

The Quintessential Truffle of Dreams - Telgar

Manse •••••, Sidereal Aspect
Trigger: Sleeping with the stone in your mouth

A tiny Hearthstone which always takes the shape of a different sort of truffle each time it reforms, this silvery gem is hugely powerful, especially to the inhabitants of Heaven. The Truffle brings to life the dreams of whichever attuned person goes to sleep with the Truffle in his mouth. Whatever objects, creatures or other items the holder of the Truffle dreams of are forged from Quintessence taken from the communal prayer troughs. People or animals created by this Hearthstone are incredibly unintelligent (Int 1, though not sentient) and manifest as appropriately aspected elemental spirits. Items created by the stone are of the normally surpassing quality of items made from Quintessence.
It takes special training to create specific items with dreams but it is possible the use the stone untrained. Doing so runs the risk of bringing to life nightmares which is, quite frankly, a great risk. The dream-creations manifest around the dreamers bed at the moment he awakens and last until destroyed.


That seems a bit more level 2 then level 1. Level 1 might just reduce difficulties in seduction rolls or make you aware of when someone is attracted to you or make people attracted to you that wouldn't normally be. But all three? A bit much for a level 1 stone. - Telgar

Oops. You're right. I fix. - IanPrice

As a level 3 stone, I think the Resplendent Panapoly should do a little bit more. Perhaps, since it does lend some resilience, it can grant a small soak bonus if used on clothing or armor that was not already an Artifact? - IanPrice

That's much better, while still not infringing on the awesomeness of true 5MM Artifacts. - IanPrice

For the Stone of Resplendent Panoply, I'd probably make a limit to the number of items that can be treated at once. I would say that such treated items also count as armor when worn(This affect MA, and some charms). Pretty cool stone otherwise though -FlowsLikeBits

I wouldn't. Not when the significantly better Silken Armor is out there. This is about right to be balanced with that,given the pluses and minuses to it all. - Scrollreader

I agree, such a small soak bonus isn't so much that I would stick a penalty like "considered armor" on it. As to the limit on the number of items that can be treated at once, why? It fades after a day anyway, and only provides a small bonus. Even giving your entire army +1 accuracy or whatever isn't game-breaking, if someone really wants to spend the effort touching all those weapons with the stone, and then somehow get the army into battle fast enough to take advantage of it. - IanPrice

I think a Storyteller can also use their discression. If a 3 dot artifact/hearthstone is being overused/misused at a power that is greater than its funciton, it is in the option of the Storyteller to find a way to destroy/remove the item from the game is it not? -Miles

Seems a bit hard to come up with 4 and 5 dot hearthstones for this one. I know I havn't come up with anything... -Miles