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Hearthstone Relay

Previous Themes

Hearthstone Relay Archive


  • The first person in each relay archives the old page and decides on a new theme.
  • The second person then comes up with a one-dot hearthstone for that theme.
  • The third, fourth and fifth people then come up with two, three and four dot hearthstones, respectively.
  • The sixth person comes up with a five dot hearthstone, archives the old page, and decides a new theme. Thus, the wheel of wiki life turns afresh.

The Twenty Sixth theme is KUUUUUKKKKKLLLAAAA!

Hearthstones inspired by everyones favorite WMD. (Giant Earth Elemental from Games of Divinity, several miles long, not statted. Essentialy a localized apocalypse)

Pandemonium Pearl</b> - Telgar

<b>Manse •, Fire
Trigger: Yelling
A shining red-swirled pearl the size of a hummingbird's egg, the Pandemonium Pearl is often set in chokers or necklaces. Often favored by petite, attractive females, this Stone offers both warning and information. When the bearer is under attack, they may choose to scream out between 1 and 7 words to describe their plight. These words are understood by everyone who can hear them no matter what language they are spoken in and may contain information the screamer would not normally know. The volume of the scream is increased by a factor of 10 from the normal screaming capacity of the screamer.
Princess Daides is suddenly beset by the Kukla. She, being terribly ignorant (Intelligence 1, Occult 0, Lore 0) has no idea what the Kukla is. But, because she bears the Pandemonium Pearl her screams of terror are not worthless "AAAAAAHHHH!!!"s, but rather somewhat informative "KUUUUUKKKKKLLLAAAA!"s.

Quartz of Earth's Chiming Wrath</b> - Somori

<b>Manse ••, Earth
Trigger: Earthquakes
A round lump of iridescent quartz the size of an adult's thumb, this stone is normally set in armors or bracers. It is used in areas of unsafe geology as it telepathically provides warnings of how the earth will shift during earthquakes, rockfalls and volcanic eruptions. Whenever the bearer is damaged by the environmental effects of falling or moving earth, add 3 to the bearers soak against such attacks. If the effect is unsoakable, instead reduce the damage by 2. There is a special mode in this earthstone, when it feels the wrathful energy of the Kukla approaching, it's terrified warning will reach into the heads of all present with the scream of "KUUUUUKKKKKLLLAAAA!" giving the bearer and all around him just enough time to get out of the way.

Slumbering Siren</b> - DeathBySurfeit

<b>Manse •••, Sidereal
Trigger: Paper

This irregularly shaped stone seems to bear nebulous swirls within its near-black depths, its surface polished to the point of appearing slick. When touched to paper, it leaves a shiny (but perfectly dry) trail behind it, allowing it to be used as a rather gaudy writing implement (several prior possessors of the stone have assumed its purpose is just that). Studious bearers, and their descendants, have realised that when simply placed upon paper, its erratic rocking and tumbling leaves a message in its shiny black wake. The message reads, in Old Realm, the next threat its attuned bearer is likely to experience, although typically in vague terms - 'Betrayal', or 'Financial Ruin'. Graver threats disturb the stone more profoundly, causing the message to be written larger - the return of a first age earth dragon of near primordial status, for example, would be spelt in the old realm equivalent of "KUUUUUKKKKKLLLAAAA!".

Untimed Bomb -Miles

Manse ••••, Earth
Trigger: Special

Usually a small ball of clear glass or crystal, the untimed bomb was used by Solars in the first age in order to expand creation by destroying the Fair Folk and decemating Wyld lands with little or no effort. This stone activates when it is placed in an area and left alone for an undetermined period of time. After the period of time has elapsed it will "attempt" to summon the Kukla to that area. Many of times, the ocupants of the area are unaware as to the palcement of the stone, but sometimes they are found and turned to use in another area. Once the Kukla is summoned, the stone is destroyed in its furry as well as everyone running form the area yelling KUUUUUKKKLLLLAAA!.

Stone of the Untapped Earth Conduit</b> - Ambisinister

<b>Manse •••••, Earth
Trigger: Special
There are some geomantic occurances that are so rare as to be unique throughout all of Creation. These demenses are far more powerful than their standard counterparts, and require extraordinary feats of craft and insight to cap. Should a sorcerer succeed at such a venture, the power granted by such a manse is well worth the cost.
Foundation's Strength is just such a manse. It caps a very strong, very pure confluence of Earth essence. It generates a craggy, milky white stone the size of a man's eye. This stone is known as the Stone of the Untapped Earth Conduit, and it has a number of effects based on the circumstances of its use:
Its most basic effect is that due to the purity of its essence source, it has an increased essence respiration rate. Instead of the normal 10 motes an hour a level five hearthstone provides, the Stone provides 15. Furthermore, by suffering one unsoakable aggravated health level and spending a willpower, an attuned user may absorb the Stone's entire hourly yield of essence in three seconds (i.e. 1 round), restoring 15 motes to the user's pool. This effect may only be used once per hour and requires a diceless action.
If the stone is attuned by non-Earth aspected Terrestrials, it removes the one mote surcharge for Earth aspected charms.
If the stone is attuned by an Earth aspected Terrestrial, it improves their standard essence respiration rate by 50% (i.e. 6 motes while meditating, 12 motes at rest).
If the stone is set into an artifact made of white Jade, it lends the stability of Earth to its user, increasing both bashing and lethal soak by 2. In addition it provides a bonus die to resisting Wyld mutation, Wyld addiction, and the glamour of the Fair Folk.
The manse also has some intrinsic properties: Users regain 50% more essence (from rest, not hearthstones) while staying in the manse. Furthermore, all attempts to summon Earth elementals within the manse have their difficulty reduced by 3. Any summoned Earth elementals have an additional 3 dice to resist being bound by their summoners.
It is worth noting that the most esoteric and erudite of Hearthstone scholars call this stone and its manse by a different name. They call the manse The Beacon, and the stone, The Gem of the Kukla's Savory Delight. These sages claim that the powerful confluence of Earth essence that powers the manse is being siphoned directly from the Kukla. They further postulate that should the Kukla ever wake up, it will first head towards the Manse, which it will promptly consume to free its essence. Once this task is done, the Kukla will home in on the Stone itself and reclaim that as well, in addition to whatever poor soul happens to be holding onto it at the time. Respected occultists and academic instituitions think these few are crazy.
In this case, they are wrong and the eccentrics are right. If the Kukla wakes up, it will destroy Foundation's Strength and probably miles of surrounding countryside. The hearthstone will undergow a metamorphosis when the Kukla reclaims the manse. It will cease providing the above benefits and instead provide a single new effect. That the Kukla always knows exactly where it is.
Rumor has it that Foundation's Strength is located somewhere in or near Gem....


I like your stone, T. It makes me laugh. - willows

Sorry, had to jump the gun to the level five stone. Not sure if that's Bad Practice for a Relay.-Ambisinister

It's rather naughty, but never matter - the level four stone creator can dictate the next theme, this time around...DeathBySurfeit, tut-tutting

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