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The Eternal Apple (Moxiane)

 Wood Aspected
 ManseTrigger: Special

This Hearthstone looks like nothing more than a particularly tasty apple, down to the feel and texture. If eaten, it provides enough nourishment to last a full day; this Hearthstone has been the difference between mere hunger and starvation for more than one bearer. Once eaten down to the core, six pips will be found that, if planted in an appropriate environment, will grow into adult apple trees in a single year; these trees are otherwise entirely normal. If one pip is kept next to the skin of someone attuned to the Manse, it will regenerate overnight back into the Hearthstone; otherwise, the Hearthstone regenerates back at the Manse as if it had been destroyed. Neither of the abilities of this Hearthstone require it to be set into a normal socket; they are natural properties of the stone itself.

Heartstopping Numinous Grape - FourWillowsWeeping

Water Aspected
Manse ••
Trigger: Pouring Beverages

This crystalline sphere is clear inside, and its surface is coated in a blurry violet patina. It can be crushed effortlessly, to produce a tiny amount of sweet, luminous golden juice; in a matter of minutes the stone restores itself to its normal shape. Its main power is more subtle and difficult to observe; whenever the bearer pours a mundane beverage, the drink is transformed into a bright young wine, whose colour and flavor reflect the bearer's personality.

The wine produced by the normal effect of the stone affects drinkers as the Dragonblooded Charm Sweeten-the-Tap Method does, and it can be aged to produce a precious fluid. A barrel of this wine, kept one year, will have its Resources value increase to 1. Two years later, its Resources value increases to 2. The wine can be aged indefinitely, with the duration of time between increases of value doubling with each iteration. If the original pourer dies, all the wine he has so created instantly sours, turning into undrinkable vinegar.

Mystical elixirs and thaumaturgical preparations are not neutralized by this gem, nor do they gain any new effects, but their flavors are changed to make them more palatable.

Seed of Perfection (Moxiane)

 Solar Aspected
 Manse •••
 Trigger: Being planted

This transparent Hearthstone appears to have golden swirls of light within it, and is an oblate spheroid approximately the same size as a grown man’s thumb. While it grants enhanced Essence regeneration as normal when placed within a Hearthstone socket or when held against the skin, its real power comes to the fore when it is planted in the ground together with an example of mortal craftsmanship of an item that the Exalted wishes to make many of. Over the course of the next year a strange tree grows from the ground where the Hearthstone was planted, a tree that must be carefully nurtured and tended to until it finally bears fruit. When these fruit are picked and peeled, inside each will be found a copy of the item that the Exalted planted a year ago, but the magic of the Hearthstone will have improved them. At the end of the year the Exalt who planted the tree (he need not have looked after it personally), makes an Intelligence + Craft (Arboriculture) or Survival roll. Each success means that the tree produces a crop of 1 perfect and 5 exceptional items of the type planted. The Hearthstone itself will be found when the tree is harvested, in a pool of clear, sticky sap at the top of the trunk. While the Hearthstone is growing the character will still receive Essence, but at half the normal rate.

Gariths’ Vineyard - Jarons20

Wood Aspected
Manse ••••
Trigger: Special

A seemingly unfinished Manse near Great Forks produced this dark, purple gem. The wood substructure grew with vines and sprouted leaves and bore fruit from the influence of the natural demense it was built on and the creation of this Gem. When planted near a wooden structure it will take root and produce vines and grapes, which when harvested and fermented produces a legendary wine no other can match (in reality the wine isn't as great as the Legend of Garith proports, but good none the less, Resources 2). The vines are rampant, growing at a rate of an acre an hour only stopping when no support structure can be found or the gem is removed from the area, these vines having a base soak of 6B/3L against anything but fire before breaking, and can continue to grow as long as the gem is still planted. When used in a socket, the gem sprouts it’s own vines covering the entirety of the warrior adding the soak to an already existing armour or creating its own upon the wearer, but now the armour is covered with grapes and leaves giving the user a +1 bonus to stealth with its camouflage in the wild but not in a cityscape or places the natural growth would seem out of place (STs call). If the gem is removed from the ground of the vineyard, the vines stop growing and lose most of their strength, dieing within a week. If removed from a socket the grapevines die immediately. The Gem is not to be used lightly, if the wearer has strength lower then 3 the vines are likely to root the wearer to the ground, or if worn to sleep near supporting structures the PC may become the basis of a new Vineyard.

Corruption's Seminule (Moxiane)

 Abyssal Aspect
 Manse: •••••
 Trigger: Concentration (1 minute)

This dark, dank stone looks like nothing more than a piece of ancient rotted fruit (most commonly an orange or apple), and a slight but noticeable stench of putrefaction emanates constantly from it (Perception + Awareness at difficulty 3 to notice if within 10' of the Hearthstone). Apart from granting its deathknight wearer the ability to regain Essence while within Creation (even if the Manse is constructed in the Underworld - an exception to the normal rule), it allows the character to seed the ground he is standing on with a deadly and long-lasting poison.

By placing his hand on any fruit-bearing plant and concentrating for a full minute the Abyssal floods it with death-Essence. The plant rots and dies within a matter of seconds, transforming into a terrible black liquid redolent with corruption that seeps into the land itself. An area of Creation centred on the plant and radiating out for a half-mile becomes terrifyingly and insidiously toxic, but not to plant life. All crops harvested or fruit picked in this area for the next 100 years and a day is treated as if dosed with court poison. This poison cannot be removed from the food by any mundane means, and the land itself can only be purified by sorcery of the Celestial Circle or higher. The Exalted can only perform this action once per month, at midnight on the night of the full moon (although Calibration is an exception to this).


My go. Useful and, I think, not particularly overpowered. - Moxiane

Nice effect, but wouldn't the pip be the hearthstone - Jarons20

This is a *really* nifty rock! And, to Jarons, not really. It's more of a hearthstone-seed. - Telgar

Thanks for that. *grin* And increased the effect slightly, in response to intimations of underpoweredness. - Moxiane

Very nice! That is an interesting an useful effect. ^_^ -Suzume (Now I suppose I have to try and come up with something. Hmmm... Fruit...)

Interesting stone, Willows! I'd only recommend that it specifically affects mundane beverages; it should not transform elixirs already infused with Essence. - Quendalon

Good point. Thanks, man. - w

Does the liquid produced by crushing the stone do anything interesting?
-- Darloth

No. -w
Oh. Oh well... Pity. I wonder if you can survive on it if it's the only source of moisture you have...
-- Darloth

A third 'Stone for the relay. Slightly wierder, this one. Moxiane

Slightly Animal Crossing, that one. Two thumbs up if that is the inspiration. _JW
Nope. Sprouted, fully formed, from my twisted imagination. - gleeful Moxiane
Reminds me of Harvest Moon- Jarons20