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Hearthstone Relay

The fifth theme is Primordials.

Unimetric Compass (Quendalon)

 Alchemical Aspected
 Manse •

This orb of notched, interlocking jade and starmetal wheels always guides its bearer towards the nearest metropolis or patropolis. It only functions within the confines of Autochthon.

Jewel of Protean Nomenclature (Ikselam)

 Earth Aspected
 Manse •

This small, crystal sphere appears to have a pure white flame burning inside it. Besides casting about as much light as a bright torch, when attuned it begins to whisper. One who listens closely will hear that it is speaking many names, never saying the same one twice. If the bearer wishes, he may spend a permanent Willpower point to discard his current name, and take on a name spoken by the stone. The new name becomes his true name; the old one becomes nothing more than a nickname. Changing names in this fashion also allows the character to change his Nature.

Demons of the Second and Third Circles cannot utilize the power of this stone. If an Abyssal Exalted uses the stone to gain a new name, he automatically gains a point of Resonance every scene until he renounces the new name to his Malfean master. His Deathlord will very likely interpret use of this stone's power as an act of rebellion, and take action accordingly.

Black Path Stone (LiOfOrchid)

 Infernal Aspected
 Manse ••
 Trigger: Concentration

A jagged, irregular lump of glittering black rock, the Black Path Stone is drawn to the unique Essence of the Primordials and their children. By holding the Stone and concentrating, the user can immediately divine the location of the nearest demon. The approximate strength of the pull reveals the strength of the demon; the Stone is drawn more strongly to demons of the Second Circle than demons of the First, more strongly to the Third Circle than the Second, and more strongly to a Yozi's fetich soul than a normal Third Circle demon. The Black Path Stone does not discriminate between demons free or bound and reveals no information as to the demon's name, type, or details of the actual location. It only provides direction and distance.

Adrián's Tear (FourWillowsWeeping)

Infernal Aspected
Manse •••
Trigger: Constant

The River of All Torment suffered all the pains she delivered to the world, for pain was what she was composed of. The tears that she shed over Malfeas bear a special power; they are drops of distilled agony that give their bearer a certain weight of authority over the denizens of the demon realm. This stone doubles the dice pool of all demon binding attempts.

Stone of Gaia's Welcome (Quendalon)

 Any Elemental Aspect
 Manse ••••

Each of these stones appears as a warm, round gemstone of a color suitable to its elemental aspect. They symbolize the love and compassion of Gaia for the least of her imprisoned siblings' children. To invoke the power of such a stone, the bearer must touch a First Circle demon and spend a point of temporary Willpower. This may require a successful unarmed attack roll. The bearer then rolls her Compassion + Essence in a contested roll against the demon’s Conviction + Essence. If the bearer rolls more successes, Gaia embraces the demon as one of her own children. This severs all bonds between the demon and its superiors in the infernal hierarchy, replacing them with bonds to Gaia and her souls. The once-demon is stunned for the rest of the scene, giving it a –2 penalty to all dice pools. Henceforth it becomes something akin to an elemental of the Hearthstone’s aspect. It becomes a part of fate, may non be called by spells that summon demons, takes on cosmetic changes appropriate to its new element, and may even change its Nature.

Voice of Oblivion (Ikselam)

 Abyssal Aspect
 Manse •••••

This onyx-black stone emits strange, unsettling noises just beyond the range of normal hearing. When attuned, it begins to speak in its owner's mind, filling her dreams with disturbingly compelling gibberish and eldritch visions of doom. These voices are often upsetting, but also informative; listening to the words, and letting them guide her actions, allows its bearer to draw upon the ancient wisdom of the Underworld, and the dead gods who reside there.

A character attuned to the Voice of Oblivion gains five dots of the Whispers Background. This can increase her Whispers above five.


If memory serves, there are no Manses, or Demesnes to build them on top of, in Autochthonia. _Ikselam

Savant & Sorcerer has a reference to Alchemical Demesnes. It provides no additional information, however, which may well mean that they only appear in Creation rather than Autochthonia. In any case, I'll gladly pull the entry if you think it's inappropriate. - Quendalon trusts your judgement in these matters.
ToT says that there are no manses per se, but that Ess 8+ Alchemicals basically serve as Manses. It's unclear from the description whether that means things like "produce hearthstones" or not.

The Jewel of Protean Nomenclature is incredibly cool, but it also seems very powerful for a level one stone. - szilard

I don't think it's particularly powerful, since it costs permanent willpower to use, and its effect won't impact the game in any meaningful way outside of a few very special cases. _Ikselam notes that JPN wasn't intended to replace the Unimetric Compass. The "big Alchemicals are Manses" argument seems good enough for government work.
I'm thinking more in terms of its potential use by Gods and Demons... - szilard
I'm pretty sure that names have no huge mystical significance to anyone except fairies. In any case, gods and demons are not player-character types. _Ikselam
What about Abyssals? Could they claim a new name from it, or does no longer possessing the rights to their own prevent that? - Translucidity

I don't know if you can have Infernal Manses but I went with it. If anyone has a different suggestion, let me know. -LiOfOrchid

S&S apparently provides for the existence of Infernal and Alchemical Demesnes, which means Infernal and Alchemical Manses. I'm writing several up on my Manses page. - Telgar

Hmmmm... I'm not sure how I feel about the Stone of Gaia's Welcome. If demons are the souls of more powerful demons/yozi - are essentially part of those other (more powerful) demons - then this doesn't just sever all bonds between the demon and its superiors, but it actually changes the nature of a Yozi. Does this work on any demon? Even a Yozi's fetich? Also, I don't know why such a thing would be summonable as an elemental. It pretty clearly wouldn't be an elemental and, as such, wouldn't follow the same rules in the celestial hierarchy that bind elementals to be summoned. - szilard

Ya, it's a wacky one, and could probably use some work. First Circle demons aren't Yozi souls and are in no way part of the higher souls / Yozis, so they're fine. Higher circle demons are Yozi souls, so removing them forces the growth of a new soul. If people think this is a problem, it can be easily solved by limiting the stone's effects to First Circle demons only. As to elemental summoning, these aren't technically elementals according to canon, but they're close enough for the spell's purposes. Again, if people think this is a problem, that aspect of the stone can be removed. - Quendalon