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WelcomeToExaltedWiki! This is a WikiWikiWebsite devoted to WhiteWolf Games' excellent game, Exalted. (Don't know what Exalted is? Check out WhatIsExalted). It's easy to walk around the site and read, but the real fun of a wiki comes when you contribute. If you need help, QuickStartGuide and WhatIsAWiki both have valuable information and links to get you on the right track, and BestPractices will tell you how best to observe Wikiquette. Once you feel comfortable and have a UserPage, feel free to contribute! If you see an unwritten link, write it! If you have some material or a cool campaign to publish, hang it off your UserPage! Heck, if you catch a spelling mistake, fix it! Everything is fair game, that's the beauty of wiki.

Most importantly, have fun.

Wiki News

  • 12/27/04 I fixed a weird glitch with the lockfiles. The usemod people thought they had that bug under control, but I guess not. Anyways, on the subject of WikiSpam, this is the price of freedom. I'm sorry, but there is only so much banning can do. Anyways, sorry about the downtime. Happy wiki-ing.
Just out of curiosity, what happens if most of the wiki agrees that they would prefer forced login to freedom? (This is what I assume you were referring to, sorry if it's not the case.) I'm not certain that's true, but I'm interested to know what you would do if the wiki consensus definitely was that we should force login / the equivalent.
~ Shataina

Happy wiki-ing!

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  • An index to much of the game content on this site can be found at WikiContent.
  • If you have no idea what this thing is, visit WhatIsAWiki and QuickStartGuide. Then check out TextFormattingRules and play about in the SandBox. Before you make your page, visit BestPractices to get a feel for how best to do so. If you still have questions, visit WikiQuestions for WikiAnswers.
  • View our ever-growing roster of contributors at UserPages, and add your own to the list!
  • FormatStandards sets forth best practices for user-contributed content of various sorts.
  • Visit Discussions to talk about ships, shoes, sealing wax and all that good stuff.
  • Introducing the fledgling InCharacter page, what will soon become a repository of in character bits (hopefully).
  • And also a Campaigns page, so everyone's campaigns can be indexed through the same page, and a HouseRules page likewise.
  • ExaltedLinks contains the URLs of various Exalted sites. So far the categories are: forums, character sheets, misc resources and campaign sites. Got any more to add?

I hope you all enjoy this site!

User Updates

<i>Anyone is allowed to mention a cool wiki node they find here, or a new one they are making. However, in the interests of page loading and server load, let's not have more than 30, okay?

Featuring a Featured Feature OR Self-Important Ramblings

10-Nov-04: I have begun a Charm Reduction program at Exalted Lite and am soliciting comments and general advice, for it is a big job and my mind is small. - Xeriar

(If you wish to feature a node in this space, please move the existing nodes to the next section first.)

Pages of Note

  • Just tossed up Miedvied/Vines, an Exalted sport. Full write-up, including description, quick-resolution rules, extended resolution rules, et al.
  • 24-Dec-04: I just had an idea for a game while trying to get my head around FairFolk and am seeking comments. It's at TedPro/Mobstergame. With sufficient interest, maybe it could even be a Play By Email or Play By Wiki. Otherwise I'll probably run it tabletop. Comments and advice please, either way. -TedPro
  • 17-Dec-04: Joined just today and I've posted the workings of a campaign and my intro page. Comments appreciated. -Tyren
  • 09-Dec-04: Joined a few days back, finally got some things to show. It's not much right now, but I could still use feedback. So, anyone, feel free to drop in. - Doorman

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