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Okay, I have a lot of divisions for my section of Wiki. I do it because I am horrible anal, you may see it as a navigational nightmare. This is where we have a happy medium. I get to create an index of everything and you get to browse with greater ease. This will be an index of the entire Buji section, some sections will have specialized indexes just for them. So feel free to look about and please comment, I can only improve if I know where it is flawed.


*Abyssal Lion- Creature created by Daybreak Caste.

*Albacorne's Lair- Rumored dwelling of powerful earth elemental.

*Alhambra- a small town near the White Sea.

*Arbani Family- Merchant house in Gem.

*Banded Disc, The- Thieves guild in Nexus.

*Brown Pirate, The- Great Forks bar.

*Burico- Small town in the Scavenger Lands.

*Cathal Cecek Lawes- Wyld Hunt leader, Fire Aspect.

*Chancellor of the Graceful Embrace- Moonshadow Abyssal.

*Circla Family- Merchant house in Gem.

*Cynis Omob- Wyld Hunt member, aspect.

*Despot- Ruler of Gem.

*Disney- Fallen Kingdom in the north now infested by the Wyld.

*Fackler's Valley- Region between Cherak and Icehome.

*Fae Lord- Prisoner within the bowels of Gem.

*Gaia's Root- Ancient willow tree growing near Icehome.

*Garden of Thorns- The former artisan center of Thorns has a new essence, though some of its original beauty remains.

*Gem- Major city in the south.

*Gem Marriage Traditions- The ries and customs of being married or marrying into the families of Gem.

*Great Forks- Major city in the Scavenger Lands.

*Hesiesh's Prayer- Dragon-Blooded bar in Gem.

*House Iblan- Merchant house in Gem.

*House of Sahlak- Merchant house in Gem.

*House Trasti- Merchant house in Gem.

*Iscreps Bracers- Arifact Bracers, Sidereal in nature.

*Iselsi Oukomi- Wyld Hunt member, aspect.

*Jade Talent- Upscale bar in Great Forks.

*Ledaal Orepu- Wyld Hunt member, aspect.

*Maiden's Blade- Statue of unknown origin resting in a former battlefield.

*Mela's Tear- Perhaps the Realm's last hope in retrieving the fallen city of Thorns.

*Melevhil- Small city who helped defeat the third Realm invasion.

*Nellens Ataka- Wyld Hunt member, aspect.

*Order of the Shield- Bar and hang out for mercenaries of Gem.

*Phantom's Fog- A deadly fog that rolls from the Grey River basin to the north.

*Plates of Brantford- Eclipse influence artifact armor.

*Silent Flow- Thieves guild in Gem.

*Siren's Spring- Enchanted srping northeast og Melevhil.

*Strider's Tower- A large ominous tower standing in the north.

*Temple of Salt, The- The closet Immaculate temple to Thorns and a frontline defense to the Mask of Winters.

*Traps- Various traps for random scenarios.

*Valley Strider- Creature found in Fackler's Valley.

*Viper's Venom- Artifact seven-section staff.

*White Sea's Wrath- Section of the River of Tears that is rumored to breed death.