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The Siren's Spring is located north of the city of Melevhil. It is a slow rising mound that towers over the city located to the northeast. A spring runs form the base of this mound and flows throughout parts of the city. The waters from this spring have mystical qualities to them. The locals greatly respect the water and therefore will do nothing that might jeopardize its bounty. It is believed that some of the water flows underground to the crops allowing them to yield vegetables that are fuller in taste than found elsewhere in Creation.

The Guild certainly supports this notion buying small quantities of water from merchants and fresh vegetables during their caravan stops in Dargon's Pier. The Maddox family keeps a stern eye on any out going flasks and vessels to assure that their water supply is not being taken out from underneath them. Most of the city's populace is good at protecting the water under their own initiative. To preserve the spring and the Guild's supply they do not market it to but the highest ranking members of society quoting that it is found form a hidden and dangerously guarded spring. Thus discouraging anyone from finding the source and taking it from the Guild's hands.

Now there are many things that the locals believe about the spring, but they all agree on its beneficial properties. The pool that the spring forms is roughly four feet deep and around 30 feet in diameter. Some people will secretly sneek out at night to bath sickly children in its water hoping to find their child cured. Those that drink from the spring find themselves refreashed and energized, wounds heal faster and plants will flourish. It is truly considered a sacred source for the town.

Rumors as to its origin:

  • Gaia blessed the city for turning back the Realm and preserving the lands from the scars of war.
  • During the rise of the Empress she trapped a Rashka within an earthen tomb and those are its tears.
  • A Rashka lies within the earth and grants the city its blessing so that it may feed off of their joy.
  • A dying soldier of the Seventh Legions Mobile infantry used his Essence to bless the grounds and people for whom he died for.
  • Yu-Shan lies within the hill and the waters that flow out are the path one must walk to enter.


Please feel free to add rumors to the city as to the cause for its splendor, the more the better. -Buji

Storytellers Notes

The Siren's Spring is actually a demense that the residents are unaware of. Well most of the residents are unaware of it. The demesne does feed Essence into the water giving it magical benefits but the reason behind it is no more complex than the fact that raw Essence is channeled through the water.

Just a question: "demanse" = Demesnes, or Manse? -Okensha

Demanse = Typo, sorry. It is to be a demesne, my bad. - Buji
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