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Melevhil is mentioned on pages 63 and 66 in the Scavenger Sons book. They helped in defeating the Realm for a third and final time of invasion in the Realm year 88. The final battle between the Empress' Own Guard and the Seventh Legion's Mobile unit fought in a field outside of Melevhil. 19 Warstriders were destroyed in that battle.

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Melevhil has carried a lot of proud history with it since its recognition in the defeat of the Realm's advances almost 700 years ago. Though there are no survivors from that time the people carry themselves with a great deal of distinction as if the victory had just been won. Though a few may come across as arrogant the majority of the people feel a great deal of pride in their heritage.

The ruler of the town is Shawn Maddox he has been ruling the town for over a decade now and took control when his father died in a barbarian raid. The Maddox family took power several generations back when the ruler then passed without any heirs so the Maddox family made a bold political and military move and exerted their might over the other opposing families. They now carefully rule trying to keep their heirs strong and plentiful as to avoid having another family usurp their power from them. Read more about the Maddox family here.

City Structure:
The city is rather notable in size but pales in comparison to Great Forks and Nexus who lie not far from here. The city holds around 5,000 inhabitants throughout its divisions. If you were to take the main road from the Dargon Pier you would first enter the Merchant Division. Here you can find, trade, buy and haggle for almost anything the city exports or imports from the smaller neighboring towns. At the north end of the division sits the Main Hall, it separates the political divsion form the merchant division.

The Political Division houses all of the liasons to the larger cities as well as hosting several dignitaries from the more notable surrounding towns. This is the division where the military leaders reside and plan out actions that will be taken. On the east and west sides of the Merchant and Political Divisions are the Greater Eastern and Greater Western Divisions.

These divisions are where the wealthy merchants and upper class inhabitants reside. They enjoy the benefits of constant miliatary presence and are catered to by the merchants, politicians and craftsmen of the city. To the north of the political division and connecting the two Greater division is the Civil Division.

The Civil Division hosts all of the smiths, tailors, coopers, jewelers and any other craftsman the city can support. Outside of the Civil Division lies the Agricultural center, here lie several fields large enough to feed the divisions of Melevhil.

Tending to the argicultural center are the lower class peasants and slaves. They live in small quarters built upon each side of the agricultural fields to cut down on wind erosion. Though their area is but a third of the Greater Divisions they hold almost four times the people.

There is no one area where the religions are focused. Traveling through the city you will find a vast assortment of religions based upon the befliefs of the people or shops in the area. There is a small Immaculate presence in the city but it is merely a mockery. The temple is small and rarely visited, the one person who tends to the grounds does not follow the Immaculate texts at all but knows enough of them to fool and simple inquiry by a passing Dragon-Blooded. Almost any acceptable religion can be found openly in the city, though smaller than the Immaculate temple as to not enrage the few Dragon-Blooded that do pass through. It was one thing to assit the Seventh Legion in the Realms defeat, it is another to publicly snub them on your own. There are most assuredly other underground cults within the city limits but they are not sought out nor spoken of so if they do exist it is in peace.

Siren's Spring is a gentle sloping hill with a fresh pool of spring water at its base. Many claim the waters possess additional qualities.
Maiden's Blade is a statue that remains in the field where the Empress' Own Guard feel to the Seventh Legion.
Phantom's Fog is a unique plague to the Grey River Basin allowing the dead to freely roam Creation.
Walker in Mists is the local demon that is rumored to have been with the town for over three hundred years. NPC, players are not to read!!

Surrounding Towns:

  • Welondun, a small agricultural community 2 days walking to the east of Melevhil. Population: 230.
  • Bierce, a mining community 4 days walking to the northwest of Melevhil. Population: 1200.
  • Redford, a fishing community 3 days walking to the southwest of Melevhil. Population: 873.
  • Dargon's Pier, the main port leading to Melevhil. It lies 2 days walking to the south of the city. Population: 3200.
  • Innisfield, an agricultural community 3 days walking to the west of Melevhil. Population: 1390.


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