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Mela's Tear

Mela's Tear is the only remains of the Immaculate Order that once was present in Thorns. The Mask Of Winters marched to Thorns and drew forth necromantic magic that caused the shadowlands to strike down and swallow the religious center of the city. The Immaculate temple melted around the monks and patrons who were in it within mere minutes of his approach.

At the center of where the Immaculate temple stood is the remains of an Immaculate whose name is unknown. His entire body has been turned to pure blue quartz that has a smoky body to it. There are vague features left on the monk but all of his hair and possessions aparently melted along with the temple during the attack. With his head bowed low and a single fist clenched before his chest he is eternalized. The earth around him had risen up as molten rock and now encases his legs and lower torso in obsidian further afixing him to this sacred spot forever.

Immaculate scholars speculate that this Immaculate used all of his Essence to purify his body and achieve Ultimate Exaltation. Legends say he purified himself to be worthy to hold within his hand the tear of Mela, shed for the loss of the monks and the corruption of the land from the Dragons. It is believed that when the time is right, an Immaculate who has reached Ultimate Exaltation shall be able to retrieve the tear and banish the Deathlord and reclaim the Realm's tributary. This is one of the reasons the Temple of Salt was built so close to Thorns.

The fact that the Immaculates do not make known is why none of the undead will approach the statue. If asked they will most likely tell you that it is due to their fear of the Immaculates power of Ultimate Exaltation. The truth is that when the monk channeled his essence into his final moment he effigy was crafted in the Underworld as well. The only drawback being that his po was trapped and anchored to the very spot where he stood. It thrashes about wildly desperate to escape and quiet enraged at this point. No one will approach the trapped spirit for those who were unfortunate enough to try and help have been slain by the spirit. The Mask of Winters is quite aware of this situation and will use it to his advantage when the timing is right for such a move but for now he is happy watching the creature grow in its hatred and become mad after years of entrapment.

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