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The Maiden's Blade is a staute found in the middle of a field outside of Melevhil. It is rumored to be the field where the Empress' Own Guard fought and fell to the Seventh Legion Mobile Infantry.

The statue is of a woman standing in long rippled robes. Her hair is down and falling softly down her back. There is no look of malice upon her face, nor is there joy, only apathy. One hand is raised up above her head pointing towards the heavens at an angle. Her hand is slightly cupped as if reaching out to something. In her other hand rests a shield which is cradled against her bossom in a tight defense. The shield is large and ovular with no insignia or engravings upon it. Two feathered wings branch out from her shoulders but remain folded in near her body. The statue stands upon a large block slab that is partial sunk into the earth of the field. The maiden is carved from alabaster and the shield is carved from marbled onyx. The base of the statue is granite and is smoothed around the edges but otherwise rough and unworked. It appears to be growing from the ground itself as a good portion of the base is buried beneath the earth and grass of the field.

Many of the locals have convinced themselves that there is a missing sword to go with the shield that would rest in the hand of the maiden. What she would do once the blade was returned to her is unknown but few think that far ahead. There are small groups of people who believe the statue is reaching towards the stars from which she may have fallen. The true origins of the statue are unknown as well as the artist or its meaning behind the statue.