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My twisted brain (with new and improved sections and headings for your viewing pleasure)

My mind is a crazy place. The plots, characters, and anything else that is needed in campaigns seem to enter my brain and fester till my conscious can retrieve it for game time. So my work is going to be that. Mostly interesting character ideas and artifacts since i'm comfortable with those and hopefull venture out into charms and other mechanincs and in game material.

Beings and Entities

Characters - PCs and NPCs that I found interesting or significant that you would all enjoy reading about
Monsters - 'Cause a good fantasy game isn't complete without at least one or two good monsters to terrorize all of Creation
Spirits - They're there, but not all known about. These are the ones I had the pleasure of meeting over tea and cake (unfortunately I was short on death at the time)

Objects and Paraphernalia

Armor - People with their swords and their knives...sheeesh
Artifacts - Bet you'll think twice throwing out grandma's "fake" jewlery
Weapons - When a spork won't cut it and the knife is in someone's temple

Magic and Power

Charms - "By the Power of Grayskull..." and "Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats...HO!" are just a few of the ways the underachieving Exalted try to play up their limited abilities
Hearthstones - ...are an Exalt's best friend
Manses - Phenomenal cosmic power...itty bitty living space

Rules and Regulations

Changed Rules - Everyone has a bad idea now and again, so I fix 'em
New Rules - If Bill Maher can have them, so can I


Past Comments

Gen Con 2004, see you there! --KaleUtterdark