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In construction.

Coming attractions: LorienFeanturi/Charms LorienFeanturi/Microeconomy


Dance with us, Grr. Dance with us into oblivion.\\ You have been assimilated.\\ ~ Shataina

Leave comments for me on my page at the bottom.\\ I've seen all the versions of the combat rules there are yet, though. No need to notify me of them.\\ Other than that welcome to the Wiki.\\ ~*~Braydz~*~

RecentChanges says you added Microeconomy? And yet you haven't? You shouldn't confuse me like this. It's like kicking a kitten.\\ ~ Shataina

For the love of Simon, woman. Have patience. \\ ~LorienFeanturi~

Well, if it's for the love of Simon, then it seems I must specifically be impatient.\\ <whine whine whine whine whine> <pathetic mewing>\\ ~ Shataina\\ PS: UDON-sketches of Taina in "Blood&Salt"!

OOh oooh....you must send me copies! ~LorienFeanturi

BOO!!! --KaleUtterdark

Okay, so I figure I should try every possible method of getting in touch with you since it's always such a dice-roll ... :)\\ A few of us (names available upon request) wish to attend the upcoming April 25 Women's March, and we were hoping that perhaps you, in the great and beneficient kindness of your heart, might be willing to provide us with free housing in exchange for:\\ 1) Love and companionship.\\ 2) Meeting new cool friends.\\ 3) Cigarettes for you to bum.\\ We need to know pretty soon if this is okay, though, since we'll have to make other arrangements if it's not, and I'm sure the hostels are already getting booked like mad ...\\ So, you are a great and wondrous man, right? Right? <gaze>\\ ~ Shataina

Remeber this is the Mime your talking to Shataina. He is about as bad as an eclipse when it comes to the agreements of a deal. --KaleUtterdark
More like a Moonshadow. - EJGRgunner

Ignore these doubting fools - give me some time back at school, give me some numbers and I'll see what earth I can shake and move.\\ ~LorienFeanturi~

Shake it, baby,, yeah!\\ ~*~Braydz~*~

Lorien, my dear dear friend who I love, you should check your LJ.\\ I lost your cell number because I suck, but I'll call later when I have it again.\\ ~ Shataina