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Formatting Standards

Known Name

(Physical description)

XP Spent:

Strength: XX, Dexterity: XX, Stamina: XX
Charisma: XX, Manipulation: XX, Appearance: XX
Perception: XX, Intelligence: XX, Wits: XX

(Caste/Favored) XX, (Ability) XX (Specialty +XX), Craft (Type) XX, Linguistics XX (Native, Learned)

Backgrounds: (Background) XX, (Background) XX

Virtues: Compassion XX, Conviction XX, Temperance XX, Valor XX
Virtue Flaw: "Name" (Main Virtue)
Willpower: XX
Health: -0, -1 X2, -2 X2, -4, Incap.
Permanent Essence: XX
Essence Pool: Personal/Peripheral (Peripheral-Committed)


  • "Base Ability"
    • (Charm)

Comboes: "Name" (charm + charm)

Artifacts: (type), "Name"
Equipment: (Include things usually carried.)

Initiative: XX
Soak: XXB/XXL/XXA (armor type: Mobility -XX, Fatigue XX)
Defense Values: Dodge XX, Parry XX
(Ranged): Spd XX, Rate XX, Acc XX, Dmg XX(ammunition), Range XX
(Weapon/Attack): Spd XX, Rate XX, Acc XX, Dmg XX (piercing), Def XX

Expanded Backgrounds

Background: (Description.)


(Just what it sounds like.)


Minimum (stat):
Minimum Essence:
Prerequisites: (name)

Original Fixes:

  • Enfolded in the Dragon's Wings: This Charm is Simple (Speed 5). It requires Any War Excellency. (In mass combat it may be used on a unit at a cost of 3m/Magnitude, 1wp, to a Maximum magnitude of the user's (Essence-1).
  • Blazing Courageous Swordsman Inspiration: This Charm costs 2m/target or 4m/Magnitude, has the 'War' Keyword, and requires Terrestrial War Reinforcement in addition to its listed prerequisites. To clarify this Charm's effect: it grants a temporary -0 HL to all targets for the scene. The Dragon-Blood may affect a number of allies equal to their Essence, and may use this Charm on themself only if they are affecting others as well. When used on a unit in mass combat this Charm costs 4m per Magnitude of the Unit and adds a temporary -0 HL to the unit's damage track. This Charm cannot be used on a unit with a greater Magnitude than the user's (Essence-1).

Original Righteous Devil Style Fixes

  • Azure Abacus Meditation has the 'Combo-Basic' Keyword, and Blessing of the Righteous Solar Spark and Dance of the Howling Magma Sprites as prerequisites instead of Phoenix Flies on Golden Wings. Use of this Charm still requires an attack roll, however even if the Righteous Devil rolls a botch they still hit the target with zero extra successes. The 'Emotion' effect of this Charm must be overcome before the target may defend themself. The Righteous Devil's weapon need not be loaded to use this Charm.
  • Blazing-Noon Condemnation is a new Charm:
Blazing-Noon Condemnation
Cost: 5m, 1wp; Minimums: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2
Type: Simple [speed 5]
Keywords: Compulsion, Holy, Obvious
Duration: 1 Scene
Prerequisites: Righteous Devil Form
No evil goes unpunished on the Righteous Devil's watch, and without a word he may challenge wickedness and injustice. When this Charm is activated non-combatant extras flee the scene, for the Righteous Devil's justice is not for them or their eyes. The Righteous Devil names a number of targets not greater than his Essence score. These targets are under a supernatural compulsion to be confronted by the Righteous Devil and stand trial (mechanically, to Join Battle). Targets may spend 1wp per action to resist this compulsion, throwing it off completely after spending willpower equal to the Righteous Devil's highest Virtue. Once a target succumbs to the compulsion effect of this Charm they may not flee the subsequent combat (however strategic movement such as seeking cover is allowed). Creatures of Darkness targeted by this Charm suffer a DV penalty equal the Righteous Devil's Essence against the Righteous Devil's attacks, whether or not they succumb to the compulsion effect.
  • Blessing of the Righteous Solar Spark is revised as follows:
Blessing of the Righteous Solar Spark
Cost: 3/5m, 1wp; Minimums: Martial Arts 4, Essence 3
Type: Simple [DV -2]
Keywords: Holy, Obvious
Duration: Special
Prerequisites: Blazing-Noon Condemnation
This Charm does not have special timing rules for activation in combat. Two weapons may be enhanced by this Charm at the same time for 5m. Weapons enhanced with this Charm add the user's Essence to their base damage for one scene. This extra damage counts as normal base damage and is subject to effects that incorporate base damage. Weapons may be prepared with this Charm outside of combat, however the magic of this Charm fades at the end of the next scene that Join Battle is rolled. Instead of inflicting Aggravated damage to Creatures of Darkness, their soak against the Righteous Devil's attacks is reduced by an amount equal to the Righteous Devil's highest Virtue.
  • Blossom of Inevitable Demise costs 2m. It requires Martial Arts 3 and has Phoenix Flies on Golden Wings as a prerequisite instead of Kiss of the Sun Concentration. It doubles the base damage of a Martial Arts attack rather than raw damage, and may be used in conjunction with an unarmed Martial Arts attack.
  • Caress of 1,000 Hells has the 'Combo-Ok' Keyword, and Dance of the Howling Magma Sprites as a prerequisite instead of Phantom Flamebolt Prana. Targets of this Charm suffer the full internal penalty if they FAIL the initial Stamina+Resistance roll. Success reduces the penalty to -1. Targets only roll once to avoid the full penalty.
  • Cloud of Ebon Devils has the 'Combo-OK' Keyword, and Kiss of the Sun Concentration as a Prerequisite instead of Lightning Draw Stance. The cost of this Charm must be paid for each weapon reloaded. It does not require a roll to use, however the 'cloud of ebon devils' around the user automatically occurs if the weapon uses firedust for ammunition. The cloud persists until the user's DV next refreshes and inflicts only half the weapon's base damage (min. 1). Igniting the cloud is a +2 DV called-shot with an appropriate attack. The cloud does not occur if the weapon(s) reloaded take ammunition other than firedust or a similar substance.
  • Dance of the Howling Magma Sprites has Righteous Devil Form as a prerequisite. The 'sprite' of this Charm makes a total number of attacks equal to the user's Essence, including the first.
  • Kiss of the Sun Concentration can be used without a form weapon, however the user cannot perform the 'marking' effect without a form weapon.
  • Lightning Draw Stance has Twin Salamander Fist as a prerequisite instead of Kiss of the Sun Concentration. It does not add automatic successes to a Join Battle roll, but instead adds dice equal to the user's highest Virtue. This Charm negates only the DV penalty for readying a form weapon (whether or not this is part of a flurry). It does not negate flurry-penalties to attack dice-pools for readying a weapon in the same action.
  • Phantom Flamebolt Prana is removed from the style completely (see Righteous Devil Form).
  • Phoenix Flies on Golden Wings costs 3m to use. It requires Martial Arts 3, Essence 2, and has no prerequisite Charms.
  • Righteous Devil Form is a Simple [speed 4] Charm. It has only the 'Form-Type' Keyword, and has Blossom of Inevitable Demise, Cloud of Ebon Devils and Lightning Draw Stance as prerequisites. It does not create any compulsion or supernatural mental influence. For the duration of the Charm the user reduces the speed of all Martial Arts attacks by -1 (excluding Charms) and may spend 2m to create a shot for a flame-discharge weapon (as per Phantom Flamebolt Prana). Firing such a charge is 'Obvious'. If the Righteous Devil stylist has not already drawn form weapons when activating this Charm they may do so as a reflexive action without multiple-action or DV penalties.
  • Twin Salamander Fist requires Martial Arts 2, Essence 2, and has no prerequisite Charms.


Fire-Brand: lvl 2? artifact, red jade with Orichalcum edge and wrist-guard, stats like an excellent Straight Sword, not really any bigger than a Straight Sword, can light things on fire by touching them with it, can make it a flaming long-sword for a scene (that does agg. to water-based things?)

Braydz/SolarRevisions Revisions to Canon Solar Charms. Braydz/FixTheLunarCharmTree Just what it sounds like.