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Because each artifact has story to go with it, I am further dividing the sections up and putting in links for each weapon.


The Weeping Blade A golden blade that has drunk of blood and battle for so long, inflicted pain and sorrow so often in so many countless wars it cries blood now, blood infused into the being of the blade now.
Defeat The blade that killed the second Fetich of Malfeas.
Sacred Sword Donanagan
First Light A solars blade that grants a gift of speed to those first in to battle.
The Kukla's Claw A jade weapon inspired by the power of the Kukla.
Honor of Hesiesh A pair of daiklaives crafted for the Dragonblooded prodigy Karal Strident Ember and to honor Hesiesh.
The Molten Blade of Unfettered Sky Sheathed in red jade to contain its heat this blade of molten Orichalcum is fearsome.
Shadow Eater One of the first weapons made of Soulsteel when the Solars were starting to experiment with the dark material in the First Age.
Threshold A moonsilver blade of bounderies and doorways.
BogModWeapons/WarmongersBlade A viscious weapon for leaving ruining wounds on a foe.

Reaper Daiklaives

Horn of Tomorrow's Battles A long and graceful blade of starmetal given as a gift to a lover by Ahlat.
Learning Blade Kari Moonsilver it learns how its foes fights and adapts.
BogModWeapons/PointOfReflection A light blade of White Jade it tempers the mind.

Reaver Daiklaives

Legion's Edge Hest Forged of Green Jade this ancient blade has always been carried at the forefront of any battle.

  • Betrayer's Bane A weapon forged by a mad twilight king of the First Age, its power is both horrible and against all the Sun teaches.

Grand Daiklaives

  • Fire of the Moon Any warrior with this moonsilver blade will not know fear in his life.

BogModWeapons/GrandLightning A orichalcum weapon that can strike with the fury of the heavens.
BogModWeapons/TevinZa A powerful weapon of ancient design that can shatter even the sturdiest object.


BogModWeapons/DarkFang The bane of the Rain Lords.


The Frost Shadow Bow This bow of jade often takes people by surprise when a missed shot hits their shadow instead and they suffer for it.

BogModWeapons/TheEasternGlory A peerless bow from the east!


The Earth Binder A potent weapon that will draw its foes to the ground.
The Star-Catching Fist A powerful armored gauntlet that can grab near anything.

Fate Rings

BogModWeapons/SunsEyeDisks Twin weapons that can burn with the flames of the Unconquered Sun and cast down all those from beyond Creation's limits.


The Divine Ice Spear of Anset Taken from a great 3rd circle demon during the war this massive weapon still somehow saw use by the Exalted.
Shadow Banishing Spear Kursirel One of the forgotten banes of the Ebon Dragon.
BogModWeapons/TheThreadedSpear An old first age that knows no obstacles in cutting down people.
BogModWeapons/TheSunflame A powerful weapon from the first age.
BogModWeapons/Vinestriker A jade weapon that entangles its foes before bringing them down.


The Warrior's Sutra Though powerful this ancient weapon has long been lost in the wyld, half burried in the dry riverbed sands that is the lost corpse of the Primordial Adrian.

Chain Daiklaives

BogModWeapons/TraditionUnbending Soulsteel weapons that bind and trap any who feel their bite.

Typhoon Wheels

BogModWeapons/RadiantShard Jaggedly edged and forged of orichalcum for superior grace and danger.


BogModWeapons/FateSpiderFangs A pair of starmetal daggers connected by a chain. Their touch can deliver a powerful fate poison to the blood, strike at range or help in clinching up a foe. BogModWeapons/GreenSunBlades These twin swords are forged from the Green Light of Malfeas and express his terrible power. BogModWeapons/HungryRepeatingKnife A mechanical soulsteel weapon that can hurl repeated knives.

New Weapons Types

BogModWeapons/Splitklaives A new kind of template weapon. Meant to be the base upon which more enchantments are added just like a daiklaive or reaver daiklaive or the like. BogModWeapons/ThousandPoundBlades A favorite of the Lunar exalted some weapons used special techniques to increase the density of the weapons until they were almost beyond lifting and using even with essence. BogModWeapons/RazorBlizzards A deadly type of shuriken used more to slow down and delay then to kill.

Weapons which don't have Artifact versions allready

BogModWeapons/BalefulPillars Artifact Tonfa.



Weapon Idea: In the Wyld there is a dry riverbed. Sticking out of the dry sands is a weapon. The riverbed is the lost corpse body of Adrian before she became Adorjan. Even dead, the riverbed is not a safe place for anyone to dare.