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Artifact •••

More like an oversized hatchet this moonsilver Grimcleaver has its blade seeming to come out of a stylized wolf mouth. Made 300 years ago at the behest of Tamuz for one of his proteges it always seems to manage to find itself in the hands of those who hate the Fair Folk. A century ago the Fair Folk who call themselves the Rain Lords had been starting to give serious thought to risking the Unshaped and making their escape from the south so successful was Ponmaren, the Lunaress who wielded it in service of the Swords of Luna, in fighting and killing them. However they managed to manipulate her into battling the Wyld Hunt and her eventual death. Tamuz himself attacked and slew the Hunt and retrieved the weapon, passing it off in time to another Lunar he was mentoring.

Against the Fair Folk this weapon deals agravated damage and increases all of the Lunar's DVs by two against them. It otherwise has the normal stats of a moonsilver Grimcleaver.